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What is Breast Cancer Screening Exams?


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Breast Cancer Screening by which a woman's breast can be checked at a regular interval for cancer before she has any symptoms. This testing method is known as Mammogram, it is nothing but an x-ray picture of the breast. Till date it is the best way to find out early and if it is detected early then it is easier to cure before it is turns out big. Self examination & Clinical examination is an alternative way of screening but we prescribed to check the condition of breast through Mammogram only.

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Breast cancer is a malignant tumor, which grows in the breast cells and can spread throughout the body. Screening is the way to identify the breast cancer’s symptoms in early stage. Array of screening tests have been employed such as mammography, genetic screening, ultrasound, MRI etc. however, mammography is the most widely used. Though conventional mammogram has flaws, but now as you can read at http://www.recnac.org/view-post/3D-Mammograms-Improves-Detection-By-41-Percent-And-Drastically-Lowers-False-Positives, they overcome it by 3D Mammography machine.

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