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My mother is 77 years old and this recent complete blood picture .she takes medical treatment for lumbar disks and osteoporosis for about 3 years

Hemoglobin                                                                14

PCV                                                                                43.2

RBCs count                                                                  5.55

MCV                                                                              77.8

MCH                                                                              25.2

MCHC                                                                           32.4

RDW-CV                                                                       15.1

PLATELET COUNT                                                      279

TOTAL LEUCOCYTIC CONT                                6.8

Diffrential leucocytic count      % value                          absolute values

Neutrofiles                                     33.7 %                                     2.28

Lymphocytes                                  51.9%                                      3.52

Monocytes                                      10.5%                                      0.71

Eosinophils                                     2.9%                                         0.20

Basophils                                         1%                                            0.07


RBCs show hypochromia and microcytosis .Relative lymphocytosis .Relative monocytosis

What is the diagnosis  and does she need other tests like liver and kidney function tests?

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