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single viable intrauterine fetus is seen, showing active somatic movement & regular cardiac pulsation

liqour amnii is of mild polyhydramnios,AFI 22-23.

plancenta is fundal anterior , no previa.

cephalic presentation at time of examination.

fetal biometry

BPD=8.0 cm, corresponding to (32 weeks + 2 days )

FL = 6.2 cm, corresponding to (32 weeks + 2 days )

FAC=37.5 cm, corresponding to (41 weeks + 3 days )

gestational age based on USG measurements =  (32 weeks + 2 days )

EDD = 25/04/2016

Fetal body weight is about 3307 gms.

Marked bilateral pleural effusion seen in fetus with collapse of lung & normal lung

tissues are almost invisible.

marked ascites seen in fetus.

subcutaneous edema of body and scalp  also seen

finding are suggestive of hydrops fatalis & follow up is suggetsed.

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