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Combat is now easier to RuneScape Gold access. You've probably read regarding the action bar and how you can build your own buttons to use key combat features. Importantly, you'll also be able to assign every button on the screen to the keyboard.

Equipment, drag spells and prayers (including the quick prayer button )...) will all be feasible. The action bar can remove any food you have consumed from your inventory as well. The same is true for potions. We're also undergoing a complete overhaul of our spell book, making it more user-friendly and including combat-specific abilities to their ability book.

We've also improved the way we display weapon stats. When you mouse-over an item will show an info tooltip telling you its stats, and will colour-code any increases or decreases to your combat statistics - very useful when working with the latest equipment.

We are also changing how the levels of combat are calculated. We're replacing the design of 138 maximum with a simpler calculation: X + Defence Level +2 = your Combat Level. (X is your highest stat level of Magic, Ranged and Attack, Strength). This makes the new maximum combat level 200

This change was made to simplify the process of determining the Combat level for beginners and veterans. We're eliminating any influence of the Summoning, Prayer, Constitution and Constitution levels on your Combat Level. They have a clear and desirable impact. But, trying to reflect that in 2007 RS Items Combat level calculations is complicated and not really necessary.

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