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Hi everyone! On thursday I was drinking some instant soup. There was a large dried vegetable in it that wasn't cooked well. I accidentally swallowed it. Then I panicked. What if it got stuck?! So I drenched a piece of bread in olive oil and started to eat it. However I swallowed the piece of bread too hard, as I felt a sharp shooting pain in my throat for a few seconds. Anyway I went to bed later on, and had no complaints further. The following morning I was having breakfast. While swallowing the food I heard my throat click. It did not hurt, but was so annoying and scared me. I panicked again and called my doctor. The assistant answered my call and assured me not to worry, she thought that the inside of my throat might have swollen or gotten damaged, but this will heal on it's own, and the click will dissapear within 48 hours. She adviced me to cool my throat by eating popsicles. So I did. It's been 96 hours and the click is still there every time I swallow a piece of food. I also developed an additional click on the left side of my throat, most likely tensed musles, because this situation has me stressed out. The additional click I developed bothers me whenever I eat, drink, or just swallow dry or saliva. I also developed globus sensation because of this all. The additional click I developed myself by being tensed, will obviously go away once I relax. But how will the other click sound/sensation get fixed? Will I have to be operated inside my throat? I'm terrified, hopefully someone has an idea how damage inside a throat can get fixed?

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The click is probably caused by a small amount of mucus that has formed inside the opening of your eustachian tube. You can try holding your nose and mouth closed, then gently blowing air in and out of your nose (as you would if you were trying to pop your ears). This could help clear the mucus away. I prefer https://masterbundles.com/stock-content/vector/animal-svg/deer-svg/ source to download SVGs Files. The other click sound/sensation are probably caused by some damage to the throat muscles, or possibly by scar tissue that has formed after surgery.

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When I experienced this type of throat click, I went to the hospital and they used an X-ray machine to check my stomach and intestines, but there was nothing wrong with me. Two days later, the food had been digested so much that it wasn't even visible on the X-ray anymore. I am writing a thread on this topic and will share it at https://grab-my-paper.com/ link. I think it got digested normally and didn't get stuck in my throat or esophagus.

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