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You will only see 500k in rewards if you collect all the pieces of dragon and guard. Because you cannot get doubles for items from OSRS Gold the same set, you have an increased chance of getting god and divine swords. Would you suggest? No. It will cost you between 1300 and 1600 for 99. Not worth it.

Just a quick poll. I'm aware that the buying spins on the Yelp of Irritation annoys pretty much anyone who has played But do you think it will annoy new players? Will they view it as part and parcel of the game? It could cause a lot of confusion for those who have played but it will not make life easier for those who know the way things work.

Does skill seem less or be accepted as part of the game? It's not something I would say is important to novice players. Maybe it's an advantage that they can grind every once in a while to earn a bit more money. After all the money has been spent, will that make skills less valuable?

It would be a huge advantage for me to be totally honest. This is probably a rather sad reference. However, when I was an Neopets member I was able to receive a certain number every day. These were all free to play, and had the possibility of a huge amount of money. For years, I practiced them daily. They are still an activity I engage in from time to time. There is free stuff that's slightly more interesting and may even be rewarded.

You've made an excellent point. It's something that I haven't considered. On the one hand, I believe it's a nebulous method of Buy RuneScape Gold giving people the opportunity to purchase experience with real world munny...which isn't fair for the rest of us who've been playing for years and have earned our levels by doing it the hard way.

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