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Falador is a gorgeous and well-maintained town (the so-called "Falador Massacre" is a long time ago). Being walled in RuneScape Gold and well guarded gives you a sense of safety (maybe a false sense of security? ), as well. If you're not a dwarf miner, there's not much to do. Yes, there is the party room however, I've never seen any parties there .

Edgeville is a blend of rural life and urban excitement. Although Edgeville is quiet during the week it becomes an exciting place during weekends.

Bring a picnic basket and sit down on the hill to observe the PvPers battle it out just beyond Wilderness Wall. You are safe as long as you are on the "civilized side" is not in danger. Even if they are safely behind the wall, I would be frightened to see dead skeletons just a few feet from my bedroom windows.

Ardongue is a thriving town. It has a huge market in the village square. It even has a zoo. It is not a good idea to live in such a close-knit plague city despite the fact it is believed to be a hoax. And if you venture beyond the town wall, you run the risk of being kidnapped and required to fight for your life in the Fight Arena (seriously, why do authorities not step in and stop that operation? Read more.

Al Kharid or Pollnivneach are great for those who like a hot, arrid climate. Extremely hot climates don't appeal to me, but hey! Whatever warps you spaceship :) Port Sarim can be described as a tiny fishing village. It's a great place to Buy RS3 Gold visit if you are a boaty person.

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