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It's difficult to fire cape osrs pinpoint exactly when I noticed this however it's been around for at minimum 30 days. Sometimes, when you right click to withdraw-x or any other number, and then move your mouse right after rightclicking the rightclick menu appears where you click. But the item you withdraw depends on the location of your mouse.

For instance I'm trying to withdraw 1k Nature Runes. I click on it, right-click, move my mouse down to click the withdraw-1000 button. However, I somehow end in withdrawing the item beneath it (soul runes in this instance) that I do not have more than 1k of. This results in me having to withdraw the whole stack, wasting time necessary to transfer the stack of soul runes back and position it in the same spot it was. This is often the case when I try to withdraw all but-1 coins. Instead, I will withdraw all items, excluding the one that is 2 spots below it. It happened just recently.

It is the same when you left-click to withdraw items. You click something, then move your mouse to the next item you'd like to click however, the first click is registered when your mouse moves, causing you to withdraw whatever the mouse pointer lands on.

I noticed this especially when using mousekeys to withdraw items. To make it easier for spellbook swaps, I keep my Astral (Cosmic), and Law runes organized in a straight line. I've tried withdrawing runes a number of times. Usually, I end up with three astral, one cosmic and three law.

This update is the most significant impact on overloading. It's difficult to describe this in writing. You will most likely discover that clicking quickly allows you to drag elements onto the screen, instead of  buy rs 3 gold the ones you clicked on.

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spell book info..
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