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No runecrafter with RuneScape gold use the abyss of danger as there is a perfectly safe one to use one hop away. You can easily run on a safe planet and jump over to a world that is more hazardous once you're out of the wild, and this could be applicable to any planet. This is an appeal to not promote the notion of "safe" worlds.

Wilderness and free trade are currently being discussed. What happens to things that were intended to replace it? Quick history lesson: GE- was founded around a month prior to the notorious updates that substituted free trade.

The original design of ancient warriors equipment was to look like statuettes. However, because the PvP drops of the time were not that good, they made the luck drop of ancient warriors equipments so that you could obtain them and make some money (the economy was extremely low at that time).

Statuettes- Introduced as part of the new bounty hunter system these statuettes offered a chance for good loots and decent money for pkers. Estimated potential- Introduced with the new bounty hunter system, it gave people a sense of the likelihood of a good chance to get loot. Pvp realms-They were created to replace an older bounty hunter. Originally, there were many realms. However, now they are extremely small.

Hotspots are places in which loot can be more "kinder to the player. Clan WarsMinigames - These were replaced by big wilderness battles in clan wars. New Bounty Hunter - Jagex introduced an entirely new method of buy RS gold pk after months of PVP.

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