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Verifying Account. I tried every step to RuneScape Gold verify my accounts but was told that my account could not be verified. After trying over 10 times, I called my dad, who also tried numerous times but it didn't work. Payments by country. Luxembourg has Paypal as well as a Credit Card. But, I cannot pay per Credit Card as my father isn't willing to. 

Germany allows you to pay by phone or sms. I've experienced this issue every single time I played in my entire life. Due to my country that is a part of Luxembourg, the majority of games I played couldn't be bought. Luxembourg is the home of RuneScape. I was under the impression that it was possible to make a payment via phone.

Game card. Jagex claims to offer Game Cards in their shops and you can get a membership code. I went to the US shop (Europe is closed). There were no game cards!! Anybody know how I could pay? UltimateGameCard isn't yet available in the US!

"... Today, Azzanadra can communicate with Zaros once more, thanks to the restored communication channel! "Finally, the order shifts towards balance once again. As you all know, Zamorak can only be described as a god-like figure. The mortal has the ability to assume such power and it isn't beneficial to the balance. The Mahjarrat's next storyline, "The Temple at Senntisten" is available. Who's returning?

It's true - Zaros, the Lord of Empty will be revived! But, what are his true motives and intentions? He wants to come back. It is possible that you are not aware that Zaros was betrayed by Zamorak and his soldiers during the second century. Through a series of events, Zamorak was able to acquire the Staff of Buy RS3 Gold Armadyl. This weapon was one that Zaros wanted to own to make him stronger than anything. 

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