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Second note: I am able to provide proof that RS gold I can cover the costs with not only over 6M in cash and nature runes, but also a Santa Hat on my head that, up to now, I have been lending for 24 hours at no cost to people in Sals CC while I wasn't playing RuneScape. Sals! Why are we so quick to accept but so reluctant to give back?

Runescape contains many undiscovered places, which many people ought to be aware of. It could be because it hasn’t had a graphical update in a while or it could be because it doesn't involve anything with it. The other problem is cities and places simply not being large enough to be worth a lot of attention or even things that seem a bit odd.

This entry is intended to spark thought and generate ideas about how to fix it. Let's begin with Burthorpe. It is one of the most important Asgarnia town that was neglected and left alone for many years.

Burthorpe was once Asgarnia's capital. The King passed away in the capital. I've got a surprise in store for you. It isn't very grand. There is no wall apart from the castle. This makes it vulnerable to a troll attack. Additionally, the castle wall that is on the side where they would attack is damaged. The scaffolding is there, but it isn't being fixed or secured by guards. It is mad! In addition the city has not been painted, making it really look boring, dull and unimportant.

Imagine a city that is bigger than Falador. There are huge walls surrounding the gates and rooms for guards who can make tea or sleep in these tiny rooms. The castle would be tall and thick with a, strong tower in every corner, and each would be packed with rooms of importance.

To ensure safety for everyone There would be a lot of houses constructed in a similar fashion as Falador however, with black. Each one would be adequate in size and include things for living, including bathrooms, a double bed and a bedroom for a child, and a downstairs with kitchen and dining room.

A small museum and library could be found within the walls of Burthorpe. Because Burthorpe is a capital city Burthorpe, the school could be nearby.

Another problem that is a problem with Burthorpe is that it's the only bank in Burthorpe (I'm not including the Warriors Guild as part of Burthorpe) which is situated in the Thieves den, not good for buy OSRS gold a capital city, eh? There would be two banks: North and South.

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