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VoIP Benefits For The Hospitality Industry

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP for short, allows for the real-time transmission of voices over the Internet, and has been rising in popularity over the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PTSN). VoIP’s versatility and cost-effectiveness make it an attractive solution for an increasing number of industries.

As a rule, many hotel customers avoid using hotel room phones due to the prohibitive cost. Many are the customers who have experienced sticker shock when they received their bill and saw how they were being nickel and dimed simply by using the room’s phone a few times. That’s the sort of lesson that sticks with guests, and they make sure that they don’t repeat that mistake again. However, by using a cheaper VoIP system, the hotel can pass those savings on to the guests, making the hotel phones a more attractive option again.

Any hotel worth its salt wants to cater not only to vacationing guests, but to professionals on business trips. It’s all part of being all things to all people. VoIP Wi-Fi provides business guests with perks like video conferencing and call bridging, but without the hotel making a huge financial investment. Such an arrangement can turn a modest little hotel into a competitive, world-class facility with minimal monetary outlay.

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