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Request what she believes they might be running out of and rs07 fire cape service she suggests you see Larry the Zookeeper relating to it. Go to Larry at Ardougne Zoo and inquire about the birds. Larry says he doesn't know much about bird behaviour, other than penguins, and suggests that you visit his great friend, who happens to be a bird expert.

He will provide you a map to his buddy's home, which is in Varrock, near the general store. Request about the birds and Ronald claims that if they're going South, then you need to follow them. Ask him how to understand where the birds are going and he proposes checking the ground for shadows.

Step outside and in town square are some shadows. Follow them and they'll direct you to the lumber yard. They'll go to the back, where there's a fence you are able to jump over. Continue to follow along till you reach a river. There's a ruined raft close to the water. Use two ordinary planks onto it, one at a time, and then use your hammer . Be sure you have 10 steel nails with you. Now push the raft to the water and then get on it. It'll take you safely across the river where you are able to continue to follow the birds. Follow them directly until you get to a cave that the birds are flying into.

Light a candle and then mind inside the cave. Walk right for a little and you will get into a small river. Use your rope on the branch overhead and then swing it across on the other side. Now crawl through the crack in the wall into a room with a giant hawk. It is a simple battle, therefore after its dead take its own feathers.

Proceed through the cave until you reach an area with a small crack. Listen at the crack and all you'll hear is a lot of squawking. Choose to look through the gap and fire cape buy osrs you'll see what looks like a council of birds.

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