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I believe that students will not forget the great pressure that mathematics brings to themselves. https://lunwenzhushou.net/shu-xue-dai-xie/ Although mathematics was studied from the beginning of school, the final math scores were always poor,which also greatly affected the students ' future computer learning. So what is the connection between mathematics and computers?

When it comes to the connection between mathematics and computers, we have to mention Von Neumann, the“Father of computers,”who was a high-level mathematician before he became the“Father of computers.”It can be said that his mathematical theory foundation to a large extent helped him in the field of computers to save a lot of time to study mathematics-related knowledge.Therefore, to master the knowledge of mathematics for learning the computer has a very important meaning, and want to learn mathematics well, it is necessary to cultivate their own mathematical thinking, gradually let it systematize, and finally let their mathematical achievements to the next level.