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When I get bored, I get weird ideas in my mind... my last one lasted awhile (anti-dragonfire defense ) and osrs fire cape service like this one, if anyone wishes to contribute ANYTHING, please feel free, and of course, CC only /no flaming. (this includes complaining about other flamers or moving on and on about other people's suggestions. Thank you.) Additionally, as long as you've got something different to say, don't hesitate to point out grammar/ punctuation errors. THANKS!

I think that Runescape must make a brand new f2p pursuit but not just that. If folks start to get randomly killed in Misthalin King Roald the Third asks you to learn what is happening to his people. You conclude that it happens mostly along the road. In addition you here about a new man who just moved into Varrock that mutters alot and doesn't talk to others that often.

So you choose to go and talk with him although he gets mad and kicks you from the residence. On your way out you odd words that aren't stated in any areas you've been in. You then walk along the paths that there is not any house near along with your armor and you see something move. You catch a glimpse of something red and big with strange markings. You start to get scared in order to run the very first time. You go to find information about large red creatures.

There's just one that you about most and it's named Legion and is a fanatic. He's four demons that are appear when required. Legion along with his fellow demon are weak when they're near a ruby necklace that is enchanted and Blessed. For this reason, you need to make the necklace and is taught a new spell bracelets to your typical spell publication to enchant ruby bracelets by Gypsy Aris.

In addition you learn a prayer from Father Urhney to emphasise that the enchanted bead necklace. *After you proceed and proceed fish 15 swordfish then you want to cook them. Then you see Legion come get the swordfish and you are teleported by him. You end up in a dungeon and see only one door. You go through it and find stairs and you go up them. If you come out that you appear in a single battle area using four smaller versions of Legion and buy rs07 fire cape detect you are in the middle of Lumbridge Swamp.

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