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Lets you cast a spell just like a wand. Similar to rs07 fire cape service the dragon dagger speical, you swipe twice left and right20 percent used. You yell and raise your stamina by 20percent 75 percent. You crush your weapon on the enemy and that he becomes paralyzed for a couple seconds unable to strike. 50percent utilized for each use.

You provide more damage depending on your harm. Always in effect. Use an elemantal charge to increase damage, but may be nullified by certain monsters. If you apply the sets, they get instead shoulder pads. The coulering still stands, but you get two component peices, And the stats are devided evenly. When a stat is left after being dispersed, they go to the plate.

Ok here is my latest effort to bring us back the joys of killing people. Anyways... Ever need to play to your great friends in clanwars but note that you can create ABSOLUTELY no more MONEY BACK. Here's the proposal for you. Basically Jagex will have to re-vamp the clan combat window. It will need to contain Both clan chats being current, the arrangers of every side (Leader or whomever ask for the war), And The duel arena rules display.

Both clan talks being present:This is to observe the ranks of the other clan + to see your competition. Just incase a clan tries to sneak in a ringer. The arrangers of every side:: To see who'll be contributing your clan to victory, or who's a little war-happy. The duel arena principles display:Here rules for this war can be arranged. Tired of hybrids at a melee only warfare? Check no mage or range. You might also see how much the minimal entry fee is for you to enter this war, and also just how much each clan is staking. Of course this will be governed by that adoring balanced-trade-sytem.

Every clan stakes a set amount of money. Lets make an example. There is going to be a 35v35 war. The clan leaders will place an entrance fee for their clan members. Once agreed on an invatation will be sent to members rank high enough at the clan chats. It would look something like this:"You have been invited to buy fire cape osrs some 35v35 war. Do you desire to enter?

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