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Hope you can help? Im a 56 women, who has had a long history of back pain.Prior to the back issues, had always maintain a  very active lifestyle, Hard working,physically fit,etc... Recently had a MRI. Diagnoised Chronic Degerative Disc Disease with Degenerative Listhesis, Formaminal narrowing at both L4-5 with disc abuttin and impinging on the exiting roots. Suspected small left synovial cyst.Mild to moderate encroachment on the spinal canal. Also encroachment on the intervertebral foramen. Disc abuts the undersurface of exiting rt L5root. Slightly more on the rt.There,s is much more to this report. Additional disc bulging in other areas etc...From what You have read so far,do you feel epidural or surgery may help? The pain has taken over my life. Im starting to live a very depressing lifestyle.Please help if you can. Thankyou for your time. Its greatly appreciated. My Family Doctor doesnt seem to interested? I mention the injections to Family Dr.. She was quoted as"just a bandage" I continue with Physio. Not much help there. I take 90mg of Cymbalta(for Fibro) Tylenol 3,s(2 at a time) not much help.Also 500mg of Naproxen. All this playing on the stomach.Also my daily sythroid for Hasimoto.If you need any aditional info, Im free to share. Another 2am and cant sleep. Help!


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