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Don’t be panic. With good care, and treatment you can overcome this problem. This article going to tell you how a spider bite during pregnancy, symptoms, and treatments. 

Spider Bite During Pregnancy? 

Are there all the spider bites are dangerous during pregnancy? Not all the spider bites are dangerous. Most of the spiders are harmless. But, some like ‘brown recluse’ will cause a serious issue. So, the better thing is to try to identify the spider which has bitten you. This will help you to seek better treatment at a fitter time. 

How to Identify A Spider Bite? 

The better way to identify the spider bite is by the recognition of the changes in the bitten area. Swelling the bitten part, itching, showing redness, and sweating are the main changes. But these symptoms are common in many insect bites. If you felt only these symptoms then it might be non-poisonous spider bites. 

How to Identify Poisonous Spider Bite? 

Most of the insect bites will disappear in one hour. But if you feel the symptoms are getting increased and feeling more illness then, there will be a chance venomous spider bite.

Identifying Widow Spider Bites: 

These spiders will do not come out unless provoked. It’s usually seen in the dark and quiet places such as basements and other closed places. The bite will appear like an ‘hourglass’ shape with a reddish-orange color. If the spider bite while pregnant immediately you have to go for better treatment. 

Identifying Recluse Spider Bites: 

They are also found in dark places and they usually come out during the night time. The recluse spider’s bites will appear in orange, pale brown, gray, or reddish-brown color. You can recognize the spider with its violin-shaped markings on their upper body. Recluse spider bite during pregnancy will cause major illness so take it as very serious and go for quick treatment. 

How to Identify Spider Bites During Pregnancy?

The symptoms of spider bites during pregnancy are quite different. 

See what happens if you get bit by a spider during pregnancy.

  • You will feel mild pain. 
  • Burning sensation over the area. 
  • Itching 
  • Appearance of rashes 
  • Abdominal cramps 
  • Sweating 
  • Headache
  • Muscle pain 
  • Vomiting and nausea 
  • Some cases show fever. 
  • Joints pain. 

Can A Spider Bite Affect Pregnancy

Its a frequently asked question and doubts for every pregnant ladies. Can a spider bite affect an unborn baby? The black widow spider bites have the potential to affect the pregnant lady seriously. So, be careful and try to avoid such situations during pregnancy. 

Treatment For Spider Bites In Pregnancy. 

Early treatment may help to control the effects of spider bites during pregnancy. 

1. Apply Cold Packs:

This method you can try for most of the insect bites cases. Clean the surface of the bitten area and apply the cold pack over there. This will help you to reduce inflammation and pain. 

2. Ayurvedic Remedies For Spider bites:

A tourniquet should be done the bitten body part. Clean the area then, apply the Triphala and trivrit to control the inflammation and pain. 

3. Use Bandage: 

This will helps you to treat the big black spider bite. Clean the affected area of the body and place the bandage immediately before seeking medical treatment. 

4. Take the Counter Medicine

It’s good for pain relief but have a word with your doctor before taking medicine. 

Keep in mind that immediate medical attention is needed when the poisonous spider bites while pregnant. 

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