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I heard turmeric is good for our health. Is it true? What's the best way to absorb it? Thanks

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The main aim while performing cosmetic rhinoplasty is that the nose appears in balance with the eyes, mouth, forehead and other parts of the face and their angle is also more relative to each other. The Plastic Surgery in Dubai depends upon the type of surgery, the severity of the nose deformity, the techniques adopted during the procedure, the experience of the surgeon, etc. A rhinoplasty procedure can be life-changing, but it must be carried out by an experienced plastic surgeon as the results obtained are permanent. However, one can opt for revision rhinoplasty after a period of six months to make any corrections or modifications after the procedure. At Mezyad Medical Centre, expert rhinoplasty surgeon in Dubai performs various cosmetic, functional as well as revision rhinoplasty procedures to deliver satisfactory and natural results to the patients.

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Some people tend to ignore skin problems like acne, pimples, and pigmentation assuming that the problem might resolve on its own over time. Sometimes if the problem persists for a longer time then it can lead to serious skin concerns that are more stubborn to treat. Dr. Rohit Batra is the best skin specialist in Delhi who uses advanced methods to treat all mild to major skin concerns, like laser toning, chemical peel, and different types of laser technology. Skin problems must not be ignored and consultation is a must to get it treated at the initial phase to prevent its worsening.