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### Breast cancer surgery 
Breast cancer surgery is a surgical procedure which is used for the treatment of **breast cancer or breast tumour**.  There are various kinds of breast cancer surgeries and the exact procedure given may depend upon a number of factors including the **size of the cancer, size of the breasts,** where the cancer is in the breast and the personal choice of the patient. The surgery used just to remove the area of the cancer is called wide local excision or lumpectomy whereas the process used to remove the entire breast is called mastectomy.  Sometimes a [surgery](https://www.rxoom.com/topic/lasik-eye-surgery) is also done to restore the shape of the breast and relieve symptoms of an advanced cancer. To know more about breast cancer surgery you can go through the following given information. 
 **Symptoms which suggest that you need Breast cancer surgery:** 
There are a number of tests which are done to find out whether a patient has breast cancer and the kinds of treatments needed to remove the tumor and they include breast exam, imaging tests like mammography and [MRI](https://www.ihealthmantra.com/diagnostics/Radiology/labs/Pune/Express-Clinics-FC-Road/1909/MRI-Scan/511208), and biopsy. 
- Some of the symptoms and signs that suggest that you may go for these 
tests include **pain in armpits or breast** that does not go away.Pitting 
or redness on the breast is another sign or symptom.one may also 
experience a rash around the nipple. 
- Discharge from the nipple which can be blood is also a sign that you 
may have cancer and that it needs to be removed through [surgery](https://www.rxoom.com/topic/coronary-angioplasty). 
- Change is appearance of nipple or breast is also a possible sign 
along with a sunken or inverted nipple. 
**Pre procedure and preparation** 
The following are some steps of preparation that you may have to undergo before the surgery: 
**1**. A number of tests including **mammography** will be performed before the 
surgical procedure can be done. 
**2**. You will be asked to stop taking certain **medications** before the 
surgical procedure. 
**3**. You may need to be accompanied with someone when you come in for the 
[surgery](https://www.rxoom.com/topic/knee-replacement-surgery) as you may need someone to drive you back and stay with you. 
[Doctors](https://www.drstories.com/) may suggest you not to eat anything few hours before the surgery. 
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