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Hello everyone, I have had some light brown spots on my upper right foot for 3 months and I am afraid of it being a sign of diabetes....Also, in the same foot, 7 days ago I suddenly started to have a sole pain, accompanied by pain but not enormous pain but enough to make me feel worried about it. Some time later this light pain appeared occasionally on my left foot as well ( to mention here that the brown spots on the right one seem to have started to grow on the left one as well ). I truly hope these are not signs of diabetes, since my whole life I've been sedentary and overweight, until 2 weeks ago, when I realized the danger of this and started to avoid sitting on a chair or in the bed during the day, just walk or stand or stretch, accompanied by some treadmill running/brisk walking and pedalling at an electric bicycle at the gym and have lost 5 kgs through a very sane diet and avoiding sedentary lifestyle as much as I could. Also drank enough water. I truly hope it isn't diabetes since I've run 2 blood and urine tests , with glucose levels being 77 each time so very good, have adequate cholesterol levels, no glucose in urine samples, and an H1AC of 5.2%. Also the rest of the blood test values came out good. I have to mention I don't have excessive thirst or hunger, have not lost weight unintetionally or much without wanting to, I am not tired as a diabetic usually is, but slightly more tired than I usually am tho. Rarely, during the last 7-8 days, I experienced some numbness at the bottom of my arms, as well as a lil bit of pain but not much in my right calf. My family doctor told me these foot pains could be from some worsened ereditary circulation since my mom has had bad circulation since he was 16 and my father doesnt't have the best blood circulation through calf and foot either   he is an experienced smoker.

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Quit smoking
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