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I am wondering if in time you need to up your Nuvigil Generic dose because your body no longer responds to the lower dose. I am also wondering how well it works for someone with chronic fatigue issues.

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Well, Nuvigil Is good medicine with no side effects on the body. The generic version tablet of Nuvigil is the best prescribed by many users too.
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Nuvigil is good medicine to keep you awake during working hours or during wrong schedules.
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Generic Nuvigil 150mg is a Nootropic that functions on the human brain. It targets the hypothalamus region of the brain that helps in secretion of dopamine and histamine. This hormones helps to achieve better brain activity in addition to several other benefits. Some of the Nuvigil product information that one should be aware of are-

Nuvigil helps in fighting excessive daytime sleepiness caused from narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnea by promoting wakefulness in the user

It is very effective in boosting the brain activity of the person and helps to achieve better memory, creativity and focus. It also enhances the attention span of the person along with achieving thinking and decision making ability.

The use of the Nootropic is effective in helping night shift workers function better

The facts on the intake of the Nuvigil 150mg are-

It should not be taken with other medications

Avoid the use of alcohol

Take one time a day in the morning

Do not overdose

Pregnant and lactating women should refrain the use of the Nootropic

People with a history of kidney and liver issues should avoid the use of Nuvigil 150mg without talking to a doctor.

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