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MRI lumbar spine,compared to prior 08/23/08                                                                                                                                                Technique  Sagittal T1,SAGITTALt2, axial and axialT2 IMAGES WERE ACQUIRED                                                                            SAGITTAL T1,sagittal,T2,axialT1 and axial T2 images were acquired                                                                                     findings: Lumbar alignment ic normal. Vertebral body heights are extends maintaained. The conus extends  To L2. Paraspinal      soft tissues demonstrate no significant abnormality.There is disk  desiccation L2 to L4 and at L5-S1.            as well is moderate height loss greatest at L3-4  and L5-S1.                                                                                                                   aT l3-4  there is mild facet arthropathy and moderate thicking of ligamentum flavum                                                               There is annular disk bulge and ednplate spurring with mild Modic II ENDPLATE degenerative signal change dorsally.     There is mildforaminal stenosis bilaterally and mild central stenosis.                                                                                                       At L4-5 there is moderate facet arthropathy and thicking of ligamentum flavum.There is marginal disk osteophyte facet anthropathy and thicking  of ligamentum flavum.THERE is marginal disk osteophyte complex with mild foraminal stenosis bilaterally.                                                                                                      At L5-S1 THERE IS ANNULAR disk osteophyte complex as well is mild facet arthropathy.There is moderate foramial stenosis on the left,mild forminal stenosis on the right. There is mild Modic II ENDPLATE degenerative signal change.Impression:  Moderate lumbar degenerative disk and facet disease with associated forminal stenoses as above.no acute abnormality or malalignment.

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