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About a year ago I started expierence weight gain for no apparent reason with extreme effort to try to lose it with no success and more weight gain. Along with it I also had symptoms of tiredness, weakness, confussion, headaches, tingling and numbness of my left arm, both legs and fingers with no reason of onset. I have always been a very active person. Being a 32 year old female and a single mother of a 3yr old. Slow has never been in my vocabulary. Upon going to the doctor I had blood work done and a ultra sound on my thyroid. The ultra sound showed an enlarged thyroid in the form of hoshimoto with a 4mm hypochoic nodule. My lab work come back showing MCH at 32.7. Neutrophils 47.0. My anion gap was a 3. Gfr 83. I also had my iron and b12, 6, etc checked but they were normal. I was sent to a Nuerologist and had an EMG done and was diagnosed with carpel tunnel, fibromyalgia, and peripheral nerve damage of unknown neuropathy. Recently I had more blood work and beta 2 immunoglobulin was 2.66, MCh 31.6, neutrophil 39, lymphocytes 52.4, free t4 .47, and thyroperoxidase antibody less than .3. I have not been sick or had any infection either I'm not on any medication not even for my thyroid bc I have still not been seen by an endrocenolygist. I am very concerned because everything I have been able to research points to two possibilities multiple myleoma or lymphoma. Someone please help point me in the direction I need to be to figure out what is going on with me. Thanks!!

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