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Sports and health science provides the breadth and depth of working knowledge that can be shaped only by the implementation of appropriate learning theories. One of these theories is experimental learning, according to which, knowledge is generated through the combination of transforming and grasping experience. This memo assignment help observes how this theory can prepare me as a Master’s degree student to take advantage of practical experience in the field of sports and health.

Having read the articles on experimental learning theories (ELT), I learned that students obtain knowledge through the diversity of experience. The ELT model consists of two dialectically related types of transforming experiences, such as Active Experimentation (AE) and Reflective Observation (RO). As a Master’s degree student, I will choose reflective observation since it gives a possibility to watch others and reflect on their activities. After making this choice, I will be able to analyze others’ behavior and intentions. Thus, I can resolve a conflict between abstract and concrete, using my previous and present life experience. According to Kolb et al., during the learning process, all individuals are prone to acquire the learning style inventory that helps identify individual learning styles. What attracted me most are two types of basic learning styles, specifically diverging and converging.

A Diverging Learning Style

This style is based on reflective observation and concrete experience. I realize that it is close to my mode of viewing life situations from different angles. Vaugeois and Maher believe that diverging style suits best those who perform perfectly in the events that require the generation of new ideas. For example, brainstorming allows participants to move into new areas of thought. Obviously, individuals who follow this learning style should have a wide range of interests and adore gathering any kind of information that can be useful for their research. The findings reveal that diverging learners are emotional and imaginative people who are interested in others. Therefore, they prefer collaboration and group work where they can share their ideas, listen with an open mind, and receive feedback from their colleagues.

A Converging Learning Style

Converging learning style is based on active experimentation and abstract conceptualization. The scientists reveal that active experimentation developed in ancient times and has acquired new significance today, especially in sports and health science . Adherents of this style are perfect at finding better solutions to different problems, combining practical experience with theories and ideas, as well as designing strategies based on their observations. These individuals often have a mathematical mind and, for this reason, they prefer to resolve technical tasks rather than interpersonal or social issues. Thus, they are great innovators and experimenters. They tend to feel comfortable with producing new ideas, practical applications, laboratory assignments, and simulations.

My Advantage from Obtaining New Learning

While working for my Master’s level study, I have gained a valuable experience from the articles on experimental learning theories. Thus, I have reached an understanding of my personal learning styles. My new awareness will allow me to apply them in my future research work. My major in sports and health science encourages me to shape my individual learning style wisely and adhere to it entirely because those students who are good at various scientific approaches can only succeed. Indeed, I may use the information about my learning preferences to gather and analyze data or to choose research methods.

A Master’s degree student needs a decent education that he or she can apply in his or her future work. It is necessary to know different theories and techniques on how to make a learning process more fruitful. For example, one of these theories is based on experimental learning that will surely help me better understand my mind and interests.

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