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had a rare auto immune disease for 10years wegners von granulosis w poly sis something which required me to live w a trache since. it had to be maintained w z bun compressor which delivered vapor from the liquid through my trache holethe past 2years I've had a lot of issues.attributed to everything from Ms to mouth cancer larygerical cancers rhematoid arthritis lupus etc. (none of which I or my numerous drs thought of attributing to the sodium chloride solution I was using in my bun compressor. I had been complaining over and over for 2 years that my compressor kept getting clogged and was emitting white dust all over my room.  white dust fur behind the machine, white chalky residue all over my curtains pictures and walls in my room. Even the clothes in my closet were covered w it and had to all be washed to remove it. I've had to  make sure I always shut the closet doors since to prevent it.the warehouse guy finally realized that the dust issue wasn't coming from myachinebit was coming from the sodium chloride solution.when I looked up on Google the side effects of  using the wrong solution I discovered a lidtvog all the complications and issues I've been suffering were sold caused by the wrong solution.will the problems go away w change of t

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