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Invisible braces are less painful than braces as there no brackets and metal braces that can create sores in the mouth. Invisible braces are replaced every 1-2 weeks where traditional braces are manually adjusted throughout treatment.

Invisible braces are easy to put, comfortable to use and it is removable when you engage in certain activities like sports. Regular Traditional Braces are fixed with braces and brackets, it is not removable till the treatment is completed. Invisible braces are better for oral health, this makes you feel less disrupted because of no wires or brackets.

Invisible braces are removable thus making regular brushing easier. But the downside of Traditional Metal braces has higher chances of tooth decay due to the limitation of brushing the teeth.

By having Regular braces, it is not possible to eat hard foods such as nuts, raw vegetables, Burgers, Meat, etc. Invisible aligners fit easily to allow any form of food to be eaten easily.

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This is really down to personal choice and comfort....firstly invisalign is composed of clear acrylic aligners and have become very popular due to the fact that they are virtually invisible....

Fastbraces uses a triangular bracket and square wire to get the desired results....they are faster and cheaper than regular braces.

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Invisible braces have superior aesthetics, comfortable and convenient, removable, no diet restrictions, with total control on tooth movement than Fast braces. invisible braces is the best innovations in the field of orthodontics in providing patients with the best set of straightened teeth in the form of clear aligners. No more wires and braces, this is clear and invisible.

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