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I would like to know which is better in terms of price and do they do the same job?

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Both are great appliances used to straighten teeth if you have a malloclusion. ( teeth that are not aligned straight when your teeth a clenched) , both have different price points and both do the same thing. invisalign is FDA-approved, BPA, BPS, latex and gluten-free. Clear Correct is Polyurethane resin, FDA-approved, BPA and phthalate-free. The main difference is that Clear Correct is thinner than Invisalign. Many people cite this as being an advantage, some say it is a dis-advantage. Read more here at our discuss on Invisalign versus clear correct

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Invisible braces have superior aesthetics, comfortable and convenient, removable, no diet restrictions, with total control on tooth movement. 

Some Benefits of Invisible Braces

  • Aesthetics: no braces no wires
  • Removable: you can remove it for your special day/occasions even though its nearly invisible.
  • Oral hygiene: ease of brushing like normal, unlike the difficulty in brushing and maintaining cleanliness with braces.
  • Faster: it is two times faster compared to normal braces, so you can finish your treatment much sooner.
  • Material: made out of 70000 layers, it’s detailing helps the system overcome any hurdles along the way of treatment.

    Invisible braces cost in bangalore is ranges from 80000 to 3.5 Lacs

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It can be a  matter of personal preference for many dentists. It can also be a matter of which is the more economical application for the patient. In some instances it may be that the individual getting the treatment many only want to wear INVISALIGN for a number of months (6 or less) due to the fact that they may be getting married. If this is the case then INVISALIGN has a better system with an application that can speed up the process. If you want to learn more or a looking for an INVISALIGN dentist in NYC then search the internet listings on google for an invisalign provider..