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An abstract is an essential element of any dissertation paper as it provides a comprehensive overview of what the dissertation is about, what research it focuses on, and what findings it has obtained. Normally, many students view abstract writing as an easy part of working on any large research project. However, it may actually require more skills than most of the other writing types of academic papers as it has to be succinct and meaningful. According to the academic standards, an abstract is provided at the beginning of the dissertation even before the introduction. When you write a dissertation abstract example, make sure it is brief, concise, and appealing in content for the target audience. It should provide a succinct description of the work to the reader and make it clear what the research is about and what it entails. The abstract should provide all the important information about your paper for people who do not have enough time or willingness to read the whole of your paper. Therefore, it is really important to provide a logical and effective abstract.

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