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can I have sex using coconut oil. is it affects child birth. because my penis hurts lot while having sex with out condom

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Lubrication is important when your manhood skin in sensitive. Use a medicated lubricating oil, because it is difficult to find pure coconut oil these days. It is advised to avoid alcohol based lubricating oils if you are making with a tpe doll.

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If still need required more depth information please consult the doctor for best advice.
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During sexual intercourse activities dryness of private organs occurs disturbance between couples. For the smooth move at least some lubricant is required for longer duration.

Organic Coconut oil, Mustard oil, Almond oil, Organic Ghee, can be preferred to maintain the wetness, stickiness of the private organs. All the above mentions natural lubes does not affect child birth, or even during pregnancy first stage men can use this oil during intimacy.

For Long lasting session lubricant and Viagra generic plays very satisfaction, smooth and memorable moments together. Male enhancement pill does work very well on sticky, wet private organs.

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