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<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->https://medium.com/healthcareindia/5-ways-you-might-be-causing-damage-to-your-spine-on-a-daily-basis-b40ac6dfadff

its about 5 Ways You Might Be Causing Damage to Your Spine on a Daily Basis!

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Obviously, if you are having back pain then you are really going to damage your spine. 

According to the orthopedic doctor in Pune, following daily life activities should be focused upon:

1. Postures

Sleeping on your back or left side is considered healthy. However, sleeping on your stomach can put stress on your spinal cord. Wrong postures can lead to back pains and hunchbacks that will only get worse with age.

2. Unsupervised exercise

It is important to know the correct method of doing various exercises like lifting or sit-ups, otherwise, it can stress the back muscles and cause damage to the spine over the course of time.

3. Unhealthy diet routine

An overweight person is more at risk of damaging his or her spinal cord.  

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