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I've had kidney stones for over 5yrs, started in left kidney and now in both. I have multiple ones the size of grands of sand. why do I keep making these kidney stones and why can't I pass them? and it's starting to burn when I go pee. i'v even had to leave work 2 times cause I was in so much pain to where I can barley walk. should I be worried?

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​​​​​Try to follow these tips to avoid Stone problem:

  1. Water is the best friend for your excretory system.
  2. A high sodium diet increases the chance of formation of stones in the kidneys
  3. Consuming calcium-rich foods will lessen your chances of kidney stones formation.
  4. The animal protein has a tendency to form uric acids lead to kidney stones.
Still, you face the problem then you urologists and Nephrologist, because at last, you need to go for surgery. 
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You should try to get rid of kidney stones and for that you can try the following methods.

- Stay hydrated. 

- Increase your citric acid intake. 

- Limit foods high in oxalates. 

- Don't take high doses of vitamin C. 

- Get enough calcium. 

- Cut back on salt. 

- Increase your magnesium intake. 

- Eat less animal protein.

For more help, you can consult a urologist

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