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The mother might used some medications during pregnency, I.e. tetracycline ....or exposed to high doses of floine either from florinated water or tooth-paste
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  • Ailment or conditions, for example, high fever at the hour of getting teeth, wrong sustenance and any sort of disease at the hour of getting teeth, Down disorder or intrinsic syphilis can prompt staining in your infant's teeth. 
  • A pregnant or nursing mother is directed antibiotic medication for certain medicinal reasons. At times, it is likewise regulated to newborn children or extremely youthful infants. This can prompt hypoplasia, which is where the lacquer of your infant's teeth is unpredictable or inadequate. 
  • The polish of your child's tooth may not be of good quality. This condition is known as hypo calcification. This could be because of different components like hereditary reasons, because of broad stores of plaque or due to over sucking on citrus organic product
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