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I had a severe allergic reaction to this drug that sent me to er last night. I started it we'd night that night I hurt all over, sweating alot, couldn't eat. Thur am felt run down and I slept about 3 hours not in a row. At work that day still felt sick had a fever which I never get, throat started feeling scratchy and sore and it just went down hill even worse fri when I woke up. I got to work fri, started coughing, the kind that just scrapes your throat raw, lost all of my voice having a hard time breathing, severe cold sweats and a high fever needless to say I went home. My throat wouldn't let me take asip of anything it hurt so bad.  I had sores in my mouth and tongue was feeling to big for my mouth at times. I called Dr and she told me to go to er where they treated me for it my throat and mouth don't feel swollen anymore but my body still hurts and I have the cold sweats and chills. My question is how long before the rest of reaction symptoms go away?

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