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AMAR Home’s expert team of psychiatrists, therapists, psychologists, clinical staff, highly trained and experienced mental health treatment professionals led individual treatment programs. Our treatments are backed by scientific experimentations and we do a thorough research on the individual’s behavior which enables us to provide the highest standards of care to you. With the both psychological and physical treatment, we make sure your motivation to get cured remains profoundly high so you can be benefited from a proclaimed package of care in order to produce the best possible outcomes as an individual patients and allows to overcome any relapses of any addictive behavior.

There are no quick fixes for drug addiction treatment. The process of recovery is usually lengthy. To ensure a comfortable journey to your recovery, we encourage you to consult with one of our professional experts prior to the treatment at AMAR Home so you can discuss your concerns in confidence, receive guidance and acquire a thorough understanding of the required treatment in recovering from the individual’s addiction problem. We will also gather information in patient’s medical history to prescribe advice on future treatment.

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