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I have recently read an article and it said laying on one's side when sleeping is helpful to prevent certain diseases. Do you believe it?

You can read the whole article here: http://www.creativebiomart.net/blog/whats-your-body-posture-during-sleep/

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Your spinalcard should  be straight and   overall  spinal card   touch  with  surface of bed
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Sleeping Positions - How They Affect Your Health?

1. On your back, arms at sides

2. On your back, arms up

3. On your stomach, face down

4. Fetal position

5. Arms at sides

6. Pillow-supplemented

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Dr Urkesh Shah

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I prefer flat stomach sleeping position with pillow on my hug position with with which i  hide my face completely. Body posture can be anything after sleep, we do not have control on body movement during sleep.
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I don't know my exact sleeping posture... its funny to say but yes when i sleep and awake i see my self into very opposite direction next morning.