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Recently, I have read an article and it says Vitamin C can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and early death, new study shows. Do you believe this? You can view the whole article here: http://www.creativebiomart.net/blog/vitamin-c-can-reduce-the-risk-of-cardiovascular-disease-and-early-death-new-study-shows/

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I do not know if the Vitamin C can used to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease or early death, but according to the food and beverage analysis made by many scientists, we can conclude that it is really good for us. by the way I have visited the site you post, it is really fantastic. 

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Vitamin C, vitamin b12 and vitamin b6 increase the level of antioxidants (homocysteine) in the blood these good antioxidants in blood reduce the risk of Cardiovascular problem. You can buy good vitamins and supplements product that can help to reduce the heart-related problem

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