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I'm soon to have open heart surgery to replace my aortic valve (born with defect). I still get a cough from my small airways disease/type of asthma, which is tons, tons better through using Qvar, but I still cough a few times everyday. I'm concerned about the imapct of this cough postoperatively as my sternum will have been cut open and been sewn together, you can imagine coughing and how that might cause problems. The surgeon said they'd give me a ""nebuliser"". Can anyone tell me what that is ?

Please help. 

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Hi Spade,

Surgery can and should be avoided at all costs!

few natural therapies that you should definately try:

1. Tulsi (Herbal Supplement)

2. Hydrogen Therapy (Beats any nebulaizer)

check hydrogenmedicine.info for good info from Dr. Sircus

3. PEMF Therapy

Lastly you can also try PEMF therapy, which works wonders in many cases. Good comparison site for PEMF is PEMF-Devices.com and a great brand in EarthPulse. Read EarthPulse Reviews.

4. Organic Sulfur

It's very promising for almost everything and everyone should have some:


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