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I've been having this problem with my Cateye wireless computer since Christmas and I thought I would share the solution just in case anybody has been having the same problem. On my commute the computer speed etc. has been intermittent, working sometimes and most times not. So I replaced the batteries on the fork transmitter and the computer itself but to no avail. So then I start troubleshooting this weekend... but it worked fine with no problems. I ask myself what is different, perhaps temperature? Then it clicks, I haven't got my lights on. I switch my new Cateye light on flash mode, and there it goes, speed to zero. Turn it on solid beam and the computer works fine. It is basically the switch on the LED flasher that seems to be interfering with the wireless RF frequency. I always have my little light on flash mode for my ride to and from to work at the moment so hence why it was always bad. 

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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