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My friend recently often looks sad for no reason. She don't wanna meet anybody. She just want to stay alone in her room. I don't know what to do? Is that the symtoms of depression gmail sign up Please answer me quickly. I'm really worried now. I told her mother, and their family will bring her to the hospital tommorrow. However, she don't want to come there. 

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What is the symptoms of depression
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What is the symptoms of depression?
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The symptoms of depression are:

  1. Feeling of emptiness and sadness.
  2. Violent outbursts of anger.
  3. Disturbances in sleep patterns, resulting in insomnia in a few cases.
  4. Constant tiredness and fatigue.
  5. Constantly agitated and anxious.
  6. Drastic changes in your appetite (usually appetite decreases).
  7. Physical problems such as headache and back pain.
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Depression is a very common issue in people these days. There are many factors that can cause the issue of depression. When a person faces depression, they are seen to be suffering from the following issues-

  • Being in tension state 

  • Staying up being worried all the time 

  • Facing up with trouble in falling asleep 

  • Facing up with low mood 

  • Low energy left out in the body 

  • Low interaction interest 

  • Upset stomach 

  • Troubling up with breathing 

  • Chest pain

Armodafinil dosage is very effective in helping a person fight the issue of depression. Amodafinil dosage acts on the brain of the person thus helping to stimulate the brain and fight depression effectively.
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