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I often suffer back pain due to sitting in long time. Because I'm an officer, I must sit for 8 hours per day. Now, the situation seems more serious torrents Anyone can give me an advice? 

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If you are suffering from severe back pain or any kind. Buy Nucynta 100 mg online and it is available at safegenericrx.com online pharmacy.

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What is treatment of pack pain
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1. Do light exercises and yoga. 

2. Acupuncture which involves tapping of the skin at specific points with the help of needles is the latest invention in the field of lower back pain treatment.

3. Undergoing massage therapy is also one of the effective ways to reduce lower back pain

4. For temporary pain relief, use a heating pad on the affected area. You may also take a warm bath.

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Lower back pain is a very common and pervasive health complaint. Ayurveda is one of the ancient ways to treat health-related problems.

The solutions below have works wonders because they address the root causes of pain, which Ayurveda would attribute to an excess of a fundamental constituent of the body called vata dosha.

The following solutions by ayurvedic doctors to reduce vata dosha, and thereby work wonders in reducing pain, particularly lower back pain. Here they are:

1. Stay warm.

2. Reduce your intake of very pungent spices.

3. Eat warm foods.

4. Practice Padahastasana.

5. Oil your body.

6. Drink Bishop's weed seed tea.

7. Practice alternate nostril breathing.

You can also try to use an ice pack and an over-the-counter pain reliever such as acetaminophen, aspirin, ibuprofen, or naproxen. After the inflammation calms down, a heating pad or pack can help soothe muscles and connective tissue. If you have chronic back pain, sleep on a medium-firm mattress
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