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Long lasting sex duration with partner can be done if you start your session with mutual sweat talking about sharing soft feelings for each other, keep talking with each other and assure your partner that he/she is very important in your life, soft kissing to soft body parts like behind the neck, hands, chicks,  hand, etc....

Begin your session with orgasm, oral activities as much as you can.

Intimate session plays important role which work as a bonding tool into each other. During love making session loosing erection, or early ejaculation disturb the romantic moment into seconds. Therefor at that time sexual enhancement medication brings extra confident during close session.  Tadalafil is the one of the famous medicine to sustain the erection for longer duration and which also helps to improve sexual duration for long lasting.

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Long sexual duration depends upon how early you begin your sessions and early you end up..!

Intimacy could be more enjoyful if it is done to express love not for the relaxation purpose. As per the reviews it is found that couple enjoy their sexual session more for long duration as compare to one night stand or for just fun purpose people end up early within few minutes.

Kamagra is the medication which has found more common pill used by men's to stay for long lasting during sexual activity.

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