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There can definately  be a case for occupational diseases.  There are people working in the asbestos industry that are exposed to chemicals all day every day.  This exposure can lead to some serious illness' if correct protective clothing and equipment is not used. 

In the case of asbestos removal, workers are required to wear special protective clothing. Hazardous materials removal workers (or Hazmat removal workers) are employed to identify and dispose of materials like asbestos, lead, radioactive and nuclear wastes and arsenic.

They also dispose of any other flammable, reactive or toxic materials. Depending on what he/she specializes in, a hazmat removal worker may face an extremely dangerous situation, or it could only be mildly dangerous. Some of these workers are required to wear fully protective body suits when working to ensure their safety.

There have been multiple cases of mesothelioma and lung cancer from workers who deal with this type of material on a daily basis.  There are currently 3000 cases of mesothelioma diagnoses each year in the united states, and 2-10% of people with heavy, prolonged exposure (such as an asbestos removal worker) to asbestos will develop pleural mesothelioma which is the most common kind.  Asbestos exposure can lead to other serious, potentially fatal diseases. 

While this type of hazardous material should be handled by professionals, it also puts them at risk for potential serious diseases.  This also explains the high cost of asbestos removal and abatement.  These workers need specific training to undergo this type of job. 

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