*  Research Undertaken To Unravel the Baby Mind ( Psychologists at the University...
But these ideas do not describe about the mechanisms behind them, which are of fundamental importance. The researcher said that ... behavior to the cortex. Then when the baby grows a lot happens between five and six months of age. In this period they want to ...
*  Minsky - Matter, Mind and Models
Older, when told that our behavior is "controlled" by such and such a set of laws, we insert this fact in our model ( ... We must envision W** as including an interpretative mechanism that can make references to W*, using it as a sort of computer- ... For, his answer to the question must be an encoded description of the behavior (inside the creature) of some sub-machine or " ... In my view the key to any really advanced problem-solving technique must exploit some mechanism for planning for breaking the
*  Optimization of material damping and stiffness of laminated fiber-reinforced...
The major damping mechanism of. such composites is the viscoelastic behavior of the poly-. mer and fibers. The analysis is ... 2.2 Damping Mechanism. There are many mathematical models representing damp-. ing. The mechanism of damping can take any of ... account all possible damping mechanisms; fortunately, in. most practical cases, one or two mechanisms predominate so. that one ... While the viscoelastic behavior of epoxy is considered,. E' + E". m m. K =. m 3(1 2v' i 2v"). m m. The complex form of vm
*  A Nuclear Export Signal in Kap95p Is Required for Both Recycling the Import...
1995) Mechanisms of nuclear protein import. Curr Opin Cell Biol 7:310-318, pmid:7662359.. ... Indirect immunofluorescence microscopy was used to analyze the behavior of Srp1p in the kap95-L63A cells. Srp1p localization in ... The mechanism for recycling nuclear import factors is unknown. Return to the cytoplasm may be based on both diffusive and ... The mechanism for recycling nuclear import factors is poorly defined. We report here the first characterization of components ...
*  CQT Events
An exciting challenge of modern physics is to investigate the quantum behavior of a bulk "material" object - for instance a ... A particularly appealing coupling mechanism between resonator and "atom" is based on material strain. Here, the oscillator is a ... One major difficulty relies in interacting with the mechanical object without perturbing with its quantum behavior. An approach ... whose behavior takes place invariably in the macroscopic non-equilibrium quantum regime. I will discuss the concept
*  Facile fabrication and growth mechanism of 3D flower-like Fe3O4 nanostructures...
The reaction mechanism and the self-assembly evolution process were studied, and it was found that the synthetic conditions for ... the precursor in Ar gas exhibit superparamagnetic behavior and show relative high saturation magnetization at room temperature ... Facile fabrication and growth mechanism of 3D flower-like Fe3O4 nanostructures. and their application as SERS. substrates Q. ... Facile fabrication and growth mechanism of 3D flower-like Fe3O4 nanostructures. and their application as ...
*  Browse by Committee Member - CaltechTHESIS
Carvalho, Gil Bastos de (2010) Drosophila feeding behavior and demographic mechanisms of lifespan extension. Dissertation (Ph.D ... Garrity, Paul Allen (1993) The in vivo examination of transcriptional control mechanisms in mammalian cells. Dissertation (Ph.D ... Inagaki, Hidehiko K. (2014) Neuronal mechanism of state control in Drosophila melanogaster. Dissertation (Ph.D.), California ... Liu, Katharine S. (1995) Male mating behavior in Caenorhabditis elegans. Dissertation (Ph.D.), California Institute
*  AmphibiaWeb - Gastrophryne carolinensis
N. Feeding Behavior. Although this small frog will consume a wide variety of prey, ants, termites, and small beetles are the ... P. Anti-Predator Mechanisms. Eastern narrow-mouthed toads avoid predators by burrowing and seeking cover, and by nocturnal ... Male mating calls and calling behavior have been described by Wright (1932), Wright and Wright (1949), Anderson (1954), Nelson ... is reinforced by isolating mechanisms (Nelson, 1972c). Volpe (1956) reported finding two mating pairs of male squirrel
*  Fluvial terrace history, Kings Creek, Manhattan, Kansas
... which reinforces the hypothesis that regional climate changes caused the changes in stream behavior, but the exact mechanisms ... In a fluvial system, extrinsic factors, such as climate, tectonics, or land use, can lead to changes in stream behavior. For ... Why did Kings Creek change its behavior and shift back and forth between periods of aggradation and downcutting? Climate change ... when the stream changed its behavior and began downcutting to leave its former floodplain stranded as a terrace
*  Effects of crystallization and dopant concentration on the emission behavior of...
a) Before and (b) after thermal annealing (left). Schematic illustration of the possible mechanism of energy transfer from the ... This behavior is very similar to the previously reported results [30], where the authors observed a blueshift in the bandgap of ... Effects of crystallization and dopant concentration on the emission behavior of TiO2:Eu nanophosphors. Mou Pal,. 1 Umapada Pal, ... on doping TiO2 nanotubes with Fe+3 ions [31]. Such an opposite behavior has been explained through the creation of
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