*  rock permeability - это... Что такое rock permeability?
Studies on coupling mechanism between pore pressure variation and rock deformation are thus… Подробнее Купить за 4479 грн ( ... Studies on Mechanical and Poromechanical Behaviors of Brittle Rocks, Dawei Hu. Underground engineerings often encounter ground ... in order for better description of the flowing fluids behaviors and rock fluid interaction, the concept of… Подробнее Купить за ...
*  http://ufdc.ufl.edu/UFE0024957/00001
... making it difficult to discern mechanisms responsible for this behavior. Argiba y et al. [54] observed higher contact ... The combination of a mechanical shearing wear mechanism and an el ectrical-based wear mechanism likely accounted for the ... mechanisms and trends for water adsorption on a Cu2O surface (Figure 4-2) suggested by Salmeron were applicable to copper ... However, mechanical mechanis ms failed to account for the polarity dependence of brush wear. Electrically induced wear, such as
*  Motivational Factors in Accession and Retention Behavior,
Better measurement of these kinds of variables should result in improved predictions and policy control mechanisms. (Author)(* ... and personal history variables were found to be of joint importance in predicting enlistment and reenlistment behavior. ... Motivational factors in accession and retention behavior of Navy men were identified in a reanalysis of 3 past surveys. ... Title : Motivational Factors in Accession and Retention Behavior,. Corporate Author : CENTER FOR NAVAL ANALYSES ARLINGTON VA ...
*  Intensity, duration, and frequency of precipitation extremes under 21st-century...
... conceptual physical mechanisms that generate heavy precipitation or rigorous statistical methods that extrapolate tail behavior ... However, regional and decadal analyses reveal specific discrepancies in the physical mechanisms governing precipitation ...
*  Chromosomal Addresses of the Cohesin Component Mcd1p | JCB
Do these regional differences reflect multiple distinct mechanisms of cohesion or differential regulation of a common cohesin- ... differences have been observed in the behavior of cohesion at centromeres, telomeres, and arms. ... based mechanism? If the latter is true, then cohesin-binding sites should be present at centromeres, telomeres, and along arms. ...
*  Shaping loyalty: Experiences from design research practice | ACM Interactions
Our desk research informed us of the mechanisms that shape peoples' behaviors in the context of loyalty. We thus extended our ... However, as the mechanisms of shaping loyalty presented in our cards were not specific to the food-ordering context, we ... What was known about the application end users was mainly based on stereotypes; it did not show the actual behaviors and ... For example, we asked users to define loyalty, and then requested that they give examples of their behaviors or qualities that
*  Your Personality Type Can Be Measured According to Your Social Media Presence
Traditionally, personality has been measured according to self-reported info, through mechanisms like questionnaires. But ... one that uses people's behavior on social media sites as a proxy for personality. Shuotian Bai and Tingshao Zhu, of Beijing's ... "an automatic and objective personality prediction system based on user's behaviors on Social Network Sites." They asked more ...
*  Seminar | Business School | University of Exeter
Auction Mechanisms and Bidder Collusion: Bribes, Signals and Selection. Economics Speaker:. Aniol Llorente-Saguer, Queen Mary ... In such contingencies, information revealed in the negotiation process is likely to affect the bidding behavior in first-price ... The theoretical literature on collusion in auctions suggest that the first-price mechanism can deter the formation of bidding ... The existing theoretical analysis of our setup predicts that the first-price mechanism deters collusion. In contrast,
*  Do hormonal control systems produce evolutionary inertia? | Philosophical...
... the importance of genetic variation in neuroendocrine mechanisms. In Hormones, brain and behavior Pfaff D.W, Arnold A.P, Etgen ... Sexual differentiation of brain and behavior in birds. In Hormones, brain and behavior Pfaff D.W, Arnold A.P, Etgen A.M, ... In Hormones, brain and behavior Pfaff D.W, Arnold A, Etgen A.M, Fahrbach S.E, Moss R.T, Rubin R vol. 4 2002pp. 589-660. Eds. ... In Hormones, brain and behavior Pfaff D.W, Arnold A.P, Etgen A.M, Fahrbach S.E, Rubin R.T vol. 4 2002pp. 137-192. ...
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