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These findings point to a fundamental neuronal mechanism through which oxytocin influences how we adapt our social behavior, in ... Yet, to date, the neurophysiological mechanism by which oxytocin may do this remains largely unknown. This study addresses this ... Oxytocin is a neuromodulator thought to influence human social and affiliative behavior. ...
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Mechanism Experiments-studies to determine the biological mechanisms that lead certain genes to influence types of behavior ... Therefore, if a behavior is genetic the person should resemble its biological parent but if a behavior is more environmentally ... Genetic Behavior Correlation Studies-studies that use scientific data and attempt to correlate it with actual human behavior. ... Biological mechanisms of aggression. Edit. In exploring how aggression is influenced by genetics, experiments designed
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... and proneness for monogamous behavior in males of this species. It is not yet known whether similar mechanisms are important ... Hughes, whose new study is detailed in the June 2008 edition of the Journal of Nonverbal Behavior, cautions that an attractive ... These results suggest an association between a single gene and pair-bonding behavior in humans, and indicate that the well ... The brain neuropeptide arginine vasopressin (AVP) exerts an important influence on pair-bonding behavior in voles.
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In analytical approaches to human behaviors, the same Latin word, ratio, is at the root of two intellectual traditions that are ... 4 Th e operation of mechanisms of deference is complex. For the moment, let it suffice to say that their effect is sometimes to ... specific behaviors. The assessment of the actor and that of the observer need not coincide. ... a principle concerning normative political philosophy with another that concerns the explanation of individual behavior is ...
This led to all sorts of theories spun about exotic thermostat mechanisms and strange lapse rate behavior. In the end, it ... In explaining the mechanism for a "celestial climate driver," the professor says cosmic rays hit gas molecules in the ... Tests of the collective behavior of the Earth's climate system are somewhat harder to come by, but there has been substantial ... In this regard, the statement regarding the presumed behavior of water vapor amounts to a statement that the models capture the
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European Brain and Behavior Society. Conducts research into the relationship between brain mechanisms and behavior and offers ... "The aim of Research Grants of the Fyssen Foundation is to encourage all forms of scientific inquiry into cognitive mechanisms ... including thought and reasoning, which underlie animal and human behavior, their biological and cultural bases, and ...
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... hysteresis behavior, and insight into failure mechanisms. Open-hole testing was used to assess the vulnerability of the ... and temperature-independent behaviors. In contrast, the sliding-friction mechanism controls the energy dissipation between ... Open AccessArticle Mechanical Behavior of Hybrid Glass/Steel Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites by Amanda K. McBride, Samuel L. ... This review aims to enlighten readers on the role of pH sensitive hydrogels in drug delivery, their mechanism of action,
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Studies on coupling mechanism between pore pressure variation and rock deformation are thus… Подробнее Купить за 4479 грн ( ... Studies on Mechanical and Poromechanical Behaviors of Brittle Rocks, Dawei Hu. Underground engineerings often encounter ground ... in order for better description of the flowing fluids behaviors and rock fluid interaction, the concept of… Подробнее Купить за ...
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... making it difficult to discern mechanisms responsible for this behavior. Argiba y et al. [54] observed higher contact ... The combination of a mechanical shearing wear mechanism and an el ectrical-based wear mechanism likely accounted for the ... mechanisms and trends for water adsorption on a Cu2O surface (Figure 4-2) suggested by Salmeron were applicable to copper ... However, mechanical mechanis ms failed to account for the polarity dependence of brush wear. Electrically induced wear, such as
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Better measurement of these kinds of variables should result in improved predictions and policy control mechanisms. (Author)(* ... and personal history variables were found to be of joint importance in predicting enlistment and reenlistment behavior. ... Motivational factors in accession and retention behavior of Navy men were identified in a reanalysis of 3 past surveys. ... Title : Motivational Factors in Accession and Retention Behavior,. Corporate Author : CENTER FOR NAVAL ANALYSES ARLINGTON VA ...
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