Reproductive and Urinary Physiological Phenomena: Physiology of the human and animal body, male or female, in the processes and characteristics of REPRODUCTION and the URINARY TRACT.Dental Physiological Phenomena: Physiological processes and properties of the DENTITION.Digestive System and Oral Physiological Phenomena: Properties and processes of the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM and DENTITION as a whole or of any of its parts.Musculoskeletal and Neural Physiological Phenomena: Properties, and processes of the MUSCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM and the NERVOUS SYSTEM or their parts.Circulatory and Respiratory Physiological Phenomena: Functional processes and properties characteristic of the BLOOD; CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM; and RESPIRATORY SYSTEM.Integumentary System Physiological Phenomena: The properties and relationships and biological processes that characterize the nature and function of the SKIN and its appendages.Sports Nutritional Physiological Phenomena: Nutritional physiology related to EXERCISE or ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE.Reproductive Physiological Phenomena: Physiological processes, factors, properties and characteristics pertaining to REPRODUCTION.Physiological Phenomena: The functions and properties of living organisms, including both the physical and chemical factors and processes, supporting life in single- or multi-cell organisms from their origin through the progression of life.Elder Nutritional Physiological Phenomena: Nutritional physiology of adults aged 65 years of age and older.Urinary Tract Physiological Phenomena: Properties, functions, and processes of the URINARY TRACT as a whole or of any of its parts.

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Search Results for Good, John Mason, 1764-1827 Physiological Phenomena. Skip Navigation Digital Collections - National Library of Medicine. Search... Search. Subjects Physiological Phenomena 7. Classification 5. Disease 5. Therapeutics 5. Authors Good, John Mason, 1764-1827 7. Titles Book of nature 2. Study of medicine 1. Study of medicine. Volume 1 1. Study of medicine. Volume 2 1. Study of medicine. Volume 3 1. Authors Good, John Mason, 1764-1827 Remove constraint Authors: Good, John Mason, 1764-1827 Subjects Physiological Phenomena Remove constraint Subjects: Physiological Phenomena Start Over 1 - 7 of 7 Sort by relevance. Search Results 1. The book of nature. Author s : Good, John Mason, 1764-1827 Publisher: Hartford : Belknap and Hamersley, 1837 Subject s : Physiological Phenomena. The book of nature. Author s : Good, John Mason, 1764-1827 Publisher: Hartford : Hamersley, 1855 Subject s : Physiological Phenomena. The study of medicine. Volume 1. Author s : Good, John Mason, 1764-1827 Publisher: Boston : ...[drep2.authorAggregateDisplay][]=Good, John Mason, 1764-1827&f[drep2.subjectAggregateDisplay][]=Physiological Phenomena
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... {{Infobox person name = Ellen Albertini Dow birth name = Ellen Rose Albertini image =Ellen Albertini Dow.jpg caption = Ellen Albertini Dow in ' The Wedding Singer ' birth date =. 'Ellen Rose Albertini Dow' November 16, 1913 – May 4, 2015 was an American character actress. Dow's other film roles include the elderly lady who "outs" her grandson in ' Wedding Crashers ', Disco Dottie in ' 54 ', the recipient of Christopher Lloyd 's character's slapstick in ' Radioland Murders ' and a choir member in ' Sister Act '. Career Personal life Death. Filmography Film. Television. See also References External links. Albertini was born on November 26, 1913 in Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania,,; accessed November 17, 2014. 4 Filmography. American comedy film. American drama film written and directed by Mark Christopher director. 7 ' The Wedding Singer '. American romantic comedy film written by Tim Herlihy and directed by Frank Coraci. American comedy film directed by David Dobkin director. 9 Television. ...
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Calcio Greats / Classic Calcio. By Kevin Pogorzelski. Legend of Calcio: Demetrio Albertini. Join the team at Forza Italian Football. While Andrea Pirlo is currently the epitome of the modern midfield creator, people often forget that fellow Italian international Demetrio Albertini was delivering equally exceptional performances over two decades ago as AC Milan were brushing teams aside in Serie A and Europe. However, over the next three years the young midfielder would make just one further league appearance. He made 28 appearances as they captured the Serie A title in 1991-92 and became a fixture in the first team. Albertini went on to help the Rossoneri win two more Scudetti and reach three consecutive Champions League finals. That they won just one of those three finals, against Barcelona in 1994, unfortunately does not do justice to how strong that Milan side were. A fixture in the Azzurri side, Albertini was closely connected to failures during a decade with Italy. Coincidentally, that year his heir appa...
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BioMed Central journals in the news Charlotte Webber 23 Sep 2008 BioMed Central’s journals have dominated the media in the last two months. Research ranging from glowing fish to a comparison of commercial weight loss programmes all proved to be popular stories in the news around the world. In August, a. BMC Psychiatry article about the link between severe acute maternal stress and the development of schizophrenia captured the media’s attention with coverage in the Jerusalem Post, Scientific American and New Scientist. Then. Respiratory Research’s. article about early life environment and snoring gained considerable interest including Nursing in Practice, Channel 4 News and The Scotsman. Research published in. BMC Cancer exploring adverse life events as a contributing factor in the development of breast cancer also attracted the media’s attention, including stories on the BBC, The Washington Post and Reuters. . An article from. Genome Biology detailing new software called Proteopedia made news in the c...
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'Neocyema erythrosoma' is a species of pelagic fish, a deep-water bobtail snipe eel in the family 'Cyematidae'. It was first described by Peter Castle in 1978 after two specimens were caught at great depths in the south Atlantic Ocean in 1971. Further specimens have since been caught in the North Atlantic. 2 Description Distribution Larval form References. Description. 'Neocyema erythrosoma' has an elongated arrow-shaped body and grows to a maximum length of 16cm}}. It is laterally compressed and has a long narrow snout with delicate, fine-boned jaws and small teeth. Distribution. At first 'Neocyema erythrosoma' was only known from the southeast Atlantic Ocean near South Africa where, in 1971, the first two specimens were caught at depths of between 2000and. Two years later a Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans research vessel caught another specimen in the [[The Gully Atlantic. Larval form. In 1909, Schmidt described a larval form of an eel that had been found in the northeast Atlantic and named it '...
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Environment biophysical. Environment biophysical. The 'biophysical environment' is the biotic and abiotic surrounding of an organism or population, and consequently includes the factors that have an influence in their survival, development and evolution. 1 The biophysical environment can vary in scale from microscopic to global in extent. The expression "'the environment'" often refers to a singular global environment in relation to humanity. Life/environment interaction Related studies See also References Bibliography. Life/environment interaction. This process consisted in the breakdown of carbon dioxide by anaerobic microorganisms that used the carbon in their metabolism and released the oxygen to the atmosphere. 3 Related studies. Environmental science is the study of the interactions within the biophysical environment. Part of this scientific discipline is the investigation of the effect of human activity on the environment. Ecology, a sub-discipline of biology and a part of environmental sciences, is ...
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Drawing on Preston's importance in establishing the discursive terrain of contemporary contagion narratives, in this essay I focus attention on Preston's most famous and widely read book, The Hot Zone , and the film that it unofficially inspired, Wolfgang Petersen's Outbreak 1995 ; as two of the most widely experienced global contagion narratives in the 1990s a period that saw the explosion of these such texts and the concretizing of contagion rhetoric they act as Ur- texts structuring the discourse of global contagion that remains influential today. The imagined pricking of Monet's finger begins the obsessive focus on abjection, specifically abject bodies and fluids but also, as above, abject spaces that structure the representation of illness in The Hot Zone and most contagion narratives. At the contagious moment the pricking of Monet's thumb the body begins the process of becoming disease, of transforming from the human into the viral, into the "Not me" by which Kristeva characterizes the abject. Such an a...
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... The 'physiome' of an individual's or species ' physiological state is the description of its functional behavior. The physiome describes the physiological dynamics of the normal intact organism and is built upon information and structure genome, proteome, and morphome. The term comes from "physio-" nature and "-ome" as a whole. In its broadest terms, it should define relationships from genome to organism and from functional behavior to gene regulation. In the context of the 'IUPS Physiome Project', it includes integrated models of components of organisms, such as particular organ s or cell systems, biochemical, or endocrine systems. The IUPS Physiome Project is a worldwide effort to define the physiome through the development of databases and models which will facilitate the understanding of the integrative function of cells, organs, and organisms. The project is focused on compiling and providing a central repository of databases, linking experimental information and computational models from many labor...
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Biology-Online View topic - How Genes/expression Determine Organism Shape. Login Welcome to Biology-Online. General Biology. How Genes/expression Determine Organism Shape. Genetics as it applies to evolution, molecular biology, and medical aspects. Reply with quote. How Genes/expression Determine Organism Shape by Apophenia. Fri May 17, 2013 5:22 am Can anyone give a relatively general account on how DNA and gene expression determine an organism's physical shape, i.e., size, skeletal structure, body shape, etc. How is it that their physical shape comes about. Garter Posts: 1 Joined: Fri May 17, 2013 4:52 am. Reply with quote. Re: How Genes/expression Determine Organism Shape by Cat. Mon May 20, 2013 1:41 pm Organism's shape is determined through cell to cell interactions leading to cell differentiation and/or cell death. Cells in layer 1 and 3 sense another cell layer on one side only and environment on the other side. Any defects in cell to cell signaling sensing neighboring cells results...
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... The Journal of Physiology. Journal Home. FIND ISSUES. Current Issue. All Issues. Virtual Issues. ABOUT THIS JOURNAL. Society Information. Symposium Issues. Special Issues. The Journal of Physiology. The Physiological Society. Published by The Journal of Physiology. Catterall 2012, Voltage-gated sodium channels at 60: structure, function and pathophysiology. 'Biophysics and Beyond' Virtual Issue, we are pleased to publish another collection of high-impact biophysics and cell physiology papers in this 'Biophysics and Discovery' Virtual Issue. The articles have been selected by Deputy Editor-in-Chief Yoshihiro Kubo and show the broad scope of biophysics papers published in The Journal of Physiology in the last 12 months. themed issue celebrating 60 years since Hodgkin and Huxley published their seminal 1952 papers on voltage-gated ion channels, and we have also included biophysically related papers that formed a. computational physiology issue on the cardiac physiome. Peter Hunter discusses his computationa...
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... Guyton, Volume Receptors, 2008 /. Description of Guyton volume receptors module. Description of Guyton volume receptors module. Description of Guyton volume receptors module. This may effect the transient behaviour of the model, however the steady-state behaviour would remain the same. The equations in this file and the steady-state output from the model conform to the results from the MODSIM program. Arthur Guyton 1919-2003 was an American physiologist who became famous for his 1950s experiments in which he studied the physiology of cardiac output and its relationship with the peripheral circulation. The results of these experiments challenged the conventional wisdom that it was the heart itself that controlled cardiac output. The "Guyton Curves" describe the relationship between right atrial pressures and cardiac output, and they form a foundation for understanding the physiology of circulation. The Guyton model of fluid, electrolyte, and circulatory regulation is an extensive mathematical model of hum...
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Project abstract for group reichpb. Minnesota Supercomputing Institute. Main navigation. University of Minnesota 612-625-5000. Search Search. Minnesota Supercomputing Institute. Getting Started Help & Documentation Services Proposal Support Systems News & Events Research @ MSI About. Getting Started Services Systems Research Help & Documentation News & Events About Proposal Support System Status. Get Access to MSI Quick Start Guides MSI Tutorials Help & Documentation. HPC Interactive HPC Consultation Portals and Databases Data Storage Proposal Support Systems. HPC Interactive HPC Data Storage Specialized Hardware News & Events. MSI News Events Research @ MSI. Project abstract for group reichpb. Global Land Model Development: Time to Shift From Plant Functional Types to Plant Functional Traits. This project will advance global land models by shifting from the current plant functional type PFT approach to one that better utilizes the variability of plant traits, including how they vary with ... Forest Warming at an Ecotone in Danger – B4WARMED
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... skip to main. skip to sidebar. Addiction Inbox. The Science of Substance Abuse Dirk Hanson Articles and health studies about drugs, addiction and alcoholism, including the most recent scientific and medical findings. Friday, May 30, 2008. Epigenetics and Addiction. Turning off the genes for substance abuse. If psychiatric disorders, including depression and addiction, are rooted in nature, but modified by nurture, some better way of viewing the interaction between genes and the environment is desperately needed. Enter "epigenetics," defined as the study of how gene expression can be modified without making direct changes to the DNA. Writing in Science News, Tina Hesman Saey explains that "epigenetic mechanisms alter how cells use genes but don't change the DNA code in the genes themselves.... The ultimate effect is to finely tune to what degree a gene is turned on or off. Often the fine tuning is long-lasting, setting the level of a gene's activity for the lifetime of the cell." A common form of epigenet...
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tyson physiome model repository search models models home exposures documentation log in you are here home exposures tyson info tyson model status this cellml version of the model has been checked in cor and opencell and the model runs to replicate the results in the original published paper the units have been checked and are consistent model structure abstract the proteins cdc and cyclin form a heterodimer maturation promoting factor that controls the major events of the cell cycle a mathematical model for the interactions of cdc and cyclin is constructed simulation and analysis of the model show that the control system can operate in three modes as a steady state with high maturation promoting factor activity as a spontaneous oscillator or as an excitable switch we associate the steady state with metaphase arrest in unfertilized eggs the spontaneous oscillations with rapid division cycles in early embryos and the excitable switch with growth controlled division cycles typical of nonembryonic cells the orig...
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... Search Models. Models Home. Exposures. Exposures /. Corrias, Buist, 2007. Corrias, Buist, 2007. Model Status. This CellML version of the model has been encoded by the model author, Alberto Corrias, and is known to produce correct results in JSim and CellMLSimulator. It also passes the online PyCml validation tests with no errors or warnings. This model includes the specification of four pseudo ICC stimulus pulses with a 20s period. The coordinated activity of the enteric nervous system ENS, interstitial cells of Cajal ICC, and smooth muscle SM cells is required to generate gastric motility. While the ICC provide a constant source of electrical activity, and can be regarded as the pacemaker of the gastrointestinal GI system, the ENS adds an extra level of control. In combination the ICC and ENS act as a stimulus, causing the SM cells to contract and generate slow wave activity in the GI. SM cells themselves are unable to generate or propagate slow waves autonomously. Instead they response to the electrica...
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... Adjust Text Size: A. History. Newsroom. Community Benefits. Programs. Brain Injury. Neuromuscular. Orthopedic/Musculoskeletal. Pediatrics. Stroke. Outpatient Services. Physicians. Find a Physican. Referrals. Marianjoy Medical Group. Locations. Inpatient Hospital. Day Rehabilitation. Outpatient Services. Physician Clinics. Careers. Clinical Student Site. Contact Us. Patients & Visitors. Community Benefits. Continuing Education. Marianjoy Foundation. Marianjoy Medical Library. Nutritional Services Good nutrition is an important part of your rehabilitation. As part of your care team, our nutritional services staff will create a dietary plan that takes into consideration your nutritional needs, personal preferences and physician recommendations. A registered dietitian will evaluate each patient s nutritional status; a nutritional care plan for those patients at nutritional risk is then developed. A patient s need for a special diet, need for total or supplemental nutrition support and food preferences are am...
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khn morning briefing summaries of health policy coverage from major news organizations may email twitter facebook linkedin print email twitter facebook linkedin print for family caregivers older americans act provides help pbs newshour looking to the past in caring for aging americans in the future it s been nearly years since president lyndon johnson signed the older americans act oaa in the white house rose garden so why look back to the past this week the pbs newshour is airing the first report in series on long term care in america we follow rebecca wyant a small business owner from tucson ariz and full time caregiver for her mother mary who suffers from alzheimer s her story illustrates how the oaa has remained relevant for communities across the country as the population ages brown this is part of the khn morning briefing a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations sign up for an email subscription email twitter facebook linkedin print we want to hear from you contact khn previous ...
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... Employer Login. Post A Job. Rates. Search Jobs. Jobs By Company. Search Jobs. Keyword or Job ID. City, State. Advanced Search. Kerber Companies. Box 96 1901 Main St. Emmetsburg, IA 50536 Phone: 712-852-8550 Web: Kerber Companies is comprised of several divisions that are dedicated to providing a complete solution to the animal agriculture industry with a focus on the swine industry. We have a long history beginning in 1922 when Fred Kerber purchased a small flour mill in Emmetsburg, Iowa providing products to bakeries and livestock producers as North Iowa Wholesale Co. The passion for feeding livestock lives on through every part of our growing business. Kerber Companies is truly unique, existing today as an independent, regional, family-owned and operated feed manufacturer serving livestock producers in four states. Kerber Milling Company, our parent company, provides complete nutritional services to livestock producers, both cattle and swine, in a 4 state area. Kerber Milling i...
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... news store discography live shows help. email password. Register. Contact. Livevil All Artists Scrap.edx Sorehead. Scrap.edx / Sorehead - Camo Cuts - pic. 12" Livevil EV 1 - 10.50 € outside of the e.u. / 12.50 € e.u., incl. v.a.t Will this be the long awaited break to recognition for Scrap.edx. With this split camo-picture 12", this american act sets... add to cart. 1 Browse the store New items Ad Noiseam releases. Print catalog. Conditions of use. Shipping & returns. Imprint & Privacy notice. Wholesale inquiries. Bandcamp. Discogs. Twitter. Facebook. Ello. Diaspora. Vimeo. Youtube. Soundcloud. Mixcloud. HearThis. Tumblr. Flickr. Pinterest worsening a bavarian ulcer since 2001....



What systems in the body besides the urinary system works with the reproductive system or testis?

I have a project over "The Human Body Corporation" we are supposed to say why we shouldn't be fired and tell what systems in the body work with our organ. I got the testis and therefore have to find things that relate with the reproductive system.

Why you shouldn't be fired?  Whaaa? 

Well, the urinary system doesn't "work with" the reproductive system or testis.  They interact, but don't work together per se.  It is even less true in the female body.  In the male body, you have the epididymis that produces the sperm, the prostate provides the seminal fluid which mixes with the sperm, and then exits through the urethra, which is also where the urine from your kidney exits.  

If anything I would say your circulatory system works with the testis.  Blood flow is very important in reproduction.  It engorges the penis for one.  And the circulatory system provides blood flow, feeding the cells nutrients in the testicles.  

Definitely the endocrine system: communication within the body using hormones made by endocrine glands such as the hypothalamus, pituitary or pituitary gland, pineal body or pineal gland, thyroid, parathyroids and adrenals, i.e., adrenal glands. Gets the heart pumping and hormones flowing, affecting, or initiating the orgasm.  

And in general I guess the nervous system: collecting, transferring and processing information with brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and nerves. I guess to process what is going on, getting turned on, having intercourse, and the movements, etc, that will affect the testis indirectly.  

I guess even the respiratory system interacts with the testis indirectly, if you say that the lungs provide oxygen to the blood, which flows via the circulatory system to provide nutrients to the testis.  It's a pretty broad question.

If your urinary system and your reproductive system aren't connected...?

then why do you have more fluid come out when you urinate during menstruation than normally?

Because hormones cause you to retain water ( fluid ) in the pre-menstrual phase then hormones ( which have an effect on everything  in the body ) cause you to release when your period starts

Can you see the inside reproductive system of your baby in a sonogram?

I just had a 37 week sonogram to make sure our baby is doing well...My husband doesn't want to find out the sex of the baby, but I sort of do.  the radiologist pointed out the baby's kidneys and I saw inbetween them what looked like a female reproductive system...(like the fallopian tubes ect...)Is that possible or is it just the urinary system that I thought I saw?  The radiologist said that I wouldn't be able to tell anything unless she told me, but it really looked like uterus.  Can you tell from a cross section or is the only way you can looking at outer genitalia?

you typically cannot see reproductive organs on a fetus via ultrasound. It's even difficult to measure  and identifiy uterus and ovaries on an infant younger than 6 months. ...however , that being said , I have on several ocasions  seen fetal ovarian cysts. Even in those cases  though , the ovary itself was never identified sonographically ..just a cyst situated in the fetal pelvis. Ovarian involvemnt was confired via CT SCAN post delivery.

Hope this helps :-)


Cystitis is one problem that can occur in the male reproductive system?

Cystitis is one problem that can occur in the male reproductive system. Which of the following describes cystitis?

A.A bulging of a portion of the intestines or other structure through a weakness on the abdominal wall
B.Failure of one or both of the testes to move from the abdomen to the scrotum during fetal development
C.Abnormal division of cells in the testes
D.Inflammation of the urinary bladder

D.. final answer
A. is a hernia
B. is cryptochidism
c. is testical cancer or dysplasia

My mom wants to know why the middle of her back has been hurting and her reproductive sytem and her bladder?

shes not on her period she already had it. and she keeps having to go to the bathroom to do #1, more than usual. also she said that sometimes she doesnt make it ontime or she will be leaking without knowing it. maybe its urinary tract infection, wat do u think? and if it is, wat can she do to get well faster, im talking natural things to heal it, i know cranberry juice does it !

Could be bladder infection.  I believe that cranberry juice only really helps for a UTI, so it's possible for her to try drinking a lot to see how that works for her.  But, if it continues she should always go to a doctor.  It will be safer for her to be seen by a doctor and get an antibiotic if she needs one and she can get checked for other things too.

type of membrane that lines digestive, respiratoryy, urinary and reproductive tracts?

Mucus membranes...

I'm confused with some of the female reproductive organs?

I am a mature high school student heading into university next year, and I am just curious how the vagina and urinary tracks work in women. I know there is an urethra from the bladder, and the vagina connects to the cervix, but are both of these organs connected to the clitoris? Thanks.

The urethra goes from the bladder to the outside opening where the urine comes out.
The vagina comes from the cervix (opening of the uterus) to the outside where your period comes out or baby is born.
The clitoris is not actually connected to either.  It is a small protrusion where most of the nerve endings are that produce sexual pleasure, or orgasm.
Please check out the link provided.  Its important that you know your own body and how it works.

Which lactic acid producing bacteria cross the digestive tract into the urinary and reproductive tracts?

Oddly enough this came up at dinner tonight, and I could only think of two that would actually colonize...

Figured since there are so many folks on here that are into probiotics, there had to be something that I'm not thinking of, and that someone here might know it...

And since someone might wonder, we were having kimchee at dinner, someone said it was good for girlie infections, and someone asked how can anything you put in your mouth and excrete through the bowels benefit the reproductive tract. You put an ER nurse, pregnant paramedic, and a dharma teacher at a table, and strange things come up at dinner....
I take that back - I could only think of two that would...but they WOULDN'T colonize - sorry, I only realized the error after I submitted it.
L.Rhamnosos was one, L.Plantarum was the other....but neither colonizes...

So I'm rather stumped as to why ingested probiotics would have any effect on UTI or Vaginal Yeast...

You would have to have GOBS of the stuff then to change the pH for any kind of therapeutic effect then....

Hm. Gotta make ya wonder...

Streptococcus spp. and Lactobacillus spp and L. acidophilus are three lactic acid producing bacteria. 

One way that ingested probiotics would have an effect on vaginal yeast is that they change the balance of bacterias/yeast in the digestive tract and prevent a woman from re-infecting herself. It is the same theory that causes doctors to prescribe oral anti-fungal drugs to cure vaginal yeast infections. As you know, many times the yeast infection is coming from fecal matter  that manages to get into nearby areas and cause problems. UTIs are also caused many times by e coli that gets into the urethra from improper wiping.