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*  Tribune Publishing | New York Post
Tribune Publishing renames itself - try not to laugh June 2, 2016 , 9:57pm ... In one of the more questionable corporate rebrandings in recent memory, Tribune Publishing said Thursday it is changing its ... Tronc - the former Tribune Publishing - is on the prowl for digital acquisitions in the sports, lifestyle, entertainment, ... but one source close to Gannett said the company might sweeten its offer for Tribune Publishing above the $15 a share now... ...
*  Publishing and social media advertising | Adobe Social
Create all your posts within a sophisticated content calendar, route for internal approvals, and schedule to publish your ... Adobe Social features efficient social media advertising and publishing to multiple platforms. ... Efficient publishing. Save time and effort by publishing to multiple platforms and audiences at once across all social networks ... Publishing your posts to dozens or hundreds of social pages is easier than ever. Create all your posts within a sophisticated ...
*  25 years of Electronic Publishing
This is a brief sketch of the work of the Electronic Publishing Group at the MIT Media Lab (including collaborations with the ... 25+ Years of the Electronic Publishing Group. 1978-1983 (at the Architecture Machine Group) ...
*  Publishing: How Green Was My <I...
But now comes the news that on January 9, Heilemann will publish a book about the Microsoft trial that came out of a Wired ... Here's a familiar publishing fairy tale: Bright young writer puts out a few impressive magazine pieces on a buzzworthy topic; ... "Fortunately," says HarperBusiness publisher Adrian Zackheim, "we don't have to publish the book about the Valley this week." So ...
*  Singlet Oxygen (RSC Publishing)
Meeting the desire for a comprehensive book that collects and curates the vast amount of knowledge gained in the field of singlet oxygen, this title covers the physical, chemical and biological properties of this reactive oxygen species and also its increasingly important applications across chemical, environmental and biomedical areas.The editors have a long and distinguished background in the field of singlet oxygen chemistry and biomedical applications, giving them a unique insight and ensuring the
*  Digital Publishing Suite Tips App | Adobe Experience Manager Mobile
The new app, Digital Publishing Suite Tips, is free in the App Store and covers the basics of publishing in the .folio file ... Yesterday, my colleague Bob Bringhurst published a new app that is chock-full of info on how to use Digital Publishing Suite. ... Download the free Digital Publishing Suite Tips app from the App Store and let me know your comments below. ... The app also includes a detailed look at the different interactivity types available in Digital Publishing Suite, including ...
*  Stephen Hawking and Thomas Hertog are publishing
Stephen Hawking and Thomas Hertog are publishing a paper that argues that the universe "began in just about every way ... Stephen Hawking and Thomas Hertog are publishing. posted by Jason Kottke Jun 21, 2006 ...
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*  Chelsea Green Publishing
Dr Ken Thompson recently retired as Senior Research Fellow and Honorary Senior Lecturer of the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences at the University of Sheffield. He is author of several books, including The Book of Weeds, An Ear to the Ground: Understanding Your Garden and No Nettles Required: The Reassuring Truth about Wildlife Gardening, and co-author of The Ecology of Seeds ...

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(1/1217) Do case studies mislead about the nature of reality?

This paper attempts a partial, critical look at the construction and use of case studies in ethics education. It argues that the authors and users of case studies are often insufficiently aware of the literary nature of these artefacts: this may lead to some confusion between fiction and reality. Issues of the nature of the genre, the fictional, story-constructing aspect of case studies, the nature of authorship, and the purposes and uses of case studies as "texts" are outlined and discussed. The paper concludes with some critical questions that can be applied to the construction and use of case studies in the light of the foregoing analysis.  (+info)

(2/1217) The impact of Alcohol and Alcoholism among substance abuse journals.

This article concerns the question of journal impact factor and other bibliometric indicators made available by the Institute for Scientific Information in their Journal Citation Report for 1996. The impact factors of journals within the subject category 'substance abuse' are listed along with total citations, immediacy indices, and cited half-lives. The relationship between cited and citing journals is discussed with the main focus on the data available for Alcohol and Alcoholism. Some of the problems and limitations of bibliometric measures of productivity are dealt with, especially when these are used to evaluate the work of individual scientists. Although bibliometric measures are easy to compute, they become difficult to interpret, such as when dealing with collaborative research and the problem posed by multiple authorship. The need to adjust impact factors and citation counts for the number of co-authors in a paper becomes important when credit has to be attributed to one individual from a multi-author paper. This is often necessary in connection with grant applications and when making decisions about academic promotion and tenure. The impact factor of Alcohol and Alcoholism has increased steadily over the past 5 years, even after adjusting for the number of self-citations, which resulted in an even greater increase in impact. However, the impact factors of substance abuse journals are generally low, compared with disciplines such as immunology, genetics, and biochemistry. Some suggestions are made for increasing the impact factors of substance abuse journals if this is considered necessary. But instead of paying attention to the impact factor of a journal, scientists should give more consideration to the speed and efficiency of the editorial handling of their manuscripts and particularly to the quality and timeliness of the peer review.  (+info)

(3/1217) Lessons from a review of publications in three health promotion journals from 1989 to 1994.

A thematic analysis was undertaken of 72 editorials in three leading health promotion journals, Health Education Research: Theory & Practice, Health Education Quarterly and Health Promotion International, from 1989 to 1994. The three main themes which emerged were (1) the need to broaden health promotion interventions, (2) the need to promote rigour and professionalism in the discipline of health promotion, and (3) the need to respond to the information requirements of practitioners. Against this context, we conducted a content analysis of the journals, examining the nature of the 649 peer-reviewed publications in the same time period. Categories from the traditional bio-medical 'stages of research' models had to be adapted before full classification of articles published was feasible. The largest number of articles published could be termed descriptive research, followed by studies developing and validating health promotion measurement tools and health promotion theory. The proportion of program evaluations was small and the proportion of randomized controlled trials ('highest quality evidence' of effectiveness) decreased over time. Dissemination studies were also poorly represented in spite of this being identified in editorials as an important professional need. Ways to redress some of the imbalances observed are discussed.  (+info)

(4/1217) Gastroenterology research in the United Kingdom: funding sources and impact.

AIMS: To determine the sources of founding for UK gastroenterology research papers and the relative impact of papers funded by different groups and of unfunded ones. METHODS: UK gastroenterology papers from 1988-94 were selectively retrieved from the Science Citation Index by means of a specially constructed filter based on their title keywords and journal names. They were looked up in libraries to determine their funding sources and these, together with their numbers of authors, numbers of addresses, and research category (clinical/basic) were considered as input parameters to the research. Output parameters analysed were mean journal impact category, citation counts by papers, and the frequency of citation by a US patient. RESULTS: Gastroenterology papers comprise about 7% of all UK biomedical research and 46% of them have no acknowledged funding source. One quarter of the papers acknowledged government support, and a similar fraction a private, non-profit source; 11% were funded by the pharmaceutical industry. The papers acknowledging funding had significantly more impact than the others on all three measures. The citing patents had six times more UK inventors than the average for all US Patent and Trademark Office patents in the relevant classes and were mostly generic in application. CONCLUSION: The variation in impact of papers funded by different sources can mostly be explained by a simple model based on the input factors (numbers of funding bodies, numbers of authors, numbers of addresses, and research type). The national science base in gastroenterology is important for the underpinning of UK invented patents citing to it.  (+info)

(5/1217) Trends in antihypertensive drug advertising, 1985-1996.

BACKGROUND: Over the past decade, calcium channel blockers (CCBs) and ACE inhibitors have been used increasingly in the treatment of hypertension. In contrast, beta-blocker and diuretic use has decreased. It has been suggested that pharmaceutical marketing has influenced these prescribing patterns. No objective analysis of advertising for antihypertensive therapies exists, however. METHODS AND RESULTS: We reviewed the January, April, July, and October issues of the New England Journal of Medicine from 1985 to 1996 (210 issues). The intensity of drug promotion was measured as the proportion of advertising pages used to promote a given medication. Statistical analyses used the chi2 test for trend. Advertising for CCBs increased from 4.6% of advertising pages in 1985 to 26.9% in 1996, while advertising for beta-blockers (12.4% in 1985 to 0% in 1996) and diuretics (4.2% to 0%) decreased (all P<0.0001). A nonsignificant increase was observed in advertising for ACE inhibitors (3.5% to 4.3%, P=0.17). Although the total number of drug advertising pages per issue decreased from 60 pages in 1985 to 42 pages in 1996 (P<0.001), the number of pages devoted to calcium channel blocker advertisements nearly quadrupled. CONCLUSIONS: Increasing promotion of CCBs has mirrored trends in physician prescribing. An association between advertising and prescribing patterns could explain why CCBs have supplanted better-substantiated therapies for hypertension.  (+info)

(6/1217) Digital photography of digital imaging and communications in medicine-3 images from computers in the radiologist's office.

To fully take advantage of the widespread use of digital imaging systems and to update and eliminate redundant steps involved in medical radiographic publication, we present our experience of processing Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM)-3 digital images from the point of acquisition to the point of publisher-ready radiographic images without intervening hardcopies.  (+info)

(7/1217) Where do UK health services researchers publish their findings?

Health services research has emerged as the third vital requirement for understanding and improving health care, alongside basic science and clinical research. This has coincided with more stringent management of research, in particular by funding bodies. The latter are seeking to use bibliographic databases to aid the monitoring of the output of their investments. The principal source of data in the UK is the Research Outputs Database (ROD) set up by the Wellcome Trust primarily to monitor basic and clinical research. Health services researchers' output is difficult to monitor in view of the large number and wide variety of journals in which they publish. In addition, nearly half the journals (representing 35% of the articles) are not currently covered by the ROD. Funding bodies will underestimate the quantity of health services researchers' output unless they take these findings into account.  (+info)

(8/1217) The impact of functional analysis methodology on treatment choice for self-injurious and aggressive behavior.

Self-injurious behavior (SIB) and aggression have been the concern of researchers because of the serious impact these behaviors have on individuals' lives. Despite the plethora of research on the treatment of SIB and aggressive behavior, the reported findings have been inconsistent regarding the effectiveness of reinforcement-based versus punishment-based procedures. We conducted a literature review to determine whether a trend could be detected in researchers' selection of reinforcement-based procedures versus punishment-based procedures, particularly since the introduction of functional analysis to behavioral assessment. The data are consistent with predictions made in the past regarding the potential impact of functional analysis methodology. Specifically, the findings indicate that, once maintaining variables for problem behavior are identified, experimenters tend to choose reinforcement-based procedures rather than punishment-based procedures as treatment for both SIB and aggressive behavior. Results indicated an increased interest in studies on the treatment of SIB and aggressive behavior, particularly since 1988.  (+info)


  • MILITARY top brass have been accused of making 20,000 British soldiers, sailors and airmen terror targets by publishing their names online. (


  • APTA submitted the letter, which also was published online , in response to an August 7 article titled "Persistence Is Key to Treating Sexual Pain. (
  • such as any violation of ethical treatment of animal or human subjects or any considerable similarity between the previously published article and any reviewed manuscript. (
  • I have been given the go ahead to start writing a 1200 word article for American Nurse Today and was just wondering if anyone out there had been published recently. (


  • Fortunately," says HarperBusiness publisher Adrian Zackheim, "we don't have to publish the book about the Valley this week. (


  • The new app, Digital Publishing Suite Tips , is free in the App Store and covers the basics of publishing in the .folio file format - including an overview of the solution, how to get started laying out documents in InDesign , and step-by-step instruction to transform your content to the .folio format. (
  • Download the free Digital Publishing Suite Tips app from the App Store and let me know your comments below. (
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  • Don't have a free Royal Society of Chemistry publishing personal account? (


  • The work should not have been published elsewhere or submitted to any other journal(s) at the same time. (


  • He retired as Research Manager for the Colours Business of ICI/Zeneca in 1993 and since then has acted as a freelance consultant to international companies, publishing reviews and presenting papers at colour conferences, whilst maintaining an up to date knowledge of the subject area. (


  • The editor should maintain the transparency of the academic research & record, preclude professional needs from cooperating ethical standards, and always be willing to publish retractions, rectifications, and erratum when required. (


  • The Greater Orlando Chamber of Commerce's decision to publish a bimonthly business magazine has run into opposition from some of the area's other print media. (
  • Edward L. Prizer, president of Orlando Magazine Inc., which publishes Orlando Magazine, said at Thursday's chamber luncheon that Orbus is in direct competition with dues-paying members of the chamber. (


  • And its imprints Lynx Publishing ( and High Interest Publishing ( (H.I.P. Books). (


  • Publishing your posts to dozens or hundreds of social pages is easier than ever. (


  • In its concluding section, the presentation focuses on the two major discipline-based repositories for library and information science scholarship,_ DLIST Archive: Digital Library of Information Science and Technology_ ( and _E-LIS_ ( ), "an electronic open access archive for scientific or technical documents, published or unpublished, in Librarianship, Information Science and Technology, and related application activities. (


  • Harold R. Lifvendahl, president of Sentinel Communications Co., which publishes The Orlando Sentinel, said, ''I am less than enthusiastic with the project. (


  • For those of you unfamiliar with DPS, these are collection of plugins and AIR applications that allow InDesign CS5 to publish to the iPad and hopefully soon, to other tablets. (


  • Doresti sa primesti prin email noutati despre Custom Publishing? (


  • Yesterday, my colleague Bob Bringhurst published a new app that is chock-full of info on how to use Digital Publishing Suite . (
  • Bob has also embedded Colin Fleming's tutorial videos I posted a few days back into the app so you can view these how-to videos about Digital Publishing Suite right from within the app content. (
  • The app also includes a detailed look at the different interactivity types available in Digital Publishing Suite, including multi-state objects (slideshows), hyperlinks, buttons, audio, video, 360 viewers, pan and zoom images, Web views and more. (
  • In that spirit, I'd like to point out a few freebies for those of you interested in Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite tools. (


  • Create all your posts within a sophisticated content calendar, route them for internal approvals, and schedule publishing across any number of social sites and networks in a few clicks. (
  • Your username and password will have been provided to you by your librarian/information professional to allow you to access subscriber content on the Royal Society of Chemistry publishing platform. (
  • There have been efforts to introduce identifiers for information rather than endpoints on internetworking level, e.g., the FP7 PSIRP and the PARC CCN project, the former based on an information-centric publish/subscribe model and the latter based on a content-centric overlay. (


  • This week, his first book of images, "Humans of New York," was published. (


  • An unspoken industry rule alleges that at least 50% of published studies from academic laboratories cannot be repeated in an industrial setting, wrote venture capitalist Bruce Booth in a recent blog post . (


  • There is nothing new yet on the table, but one source close to Gannett said the company might sweeten its offer for Tribune Publishing above the $15 a share now. (


  • How good is published academic research? (


  • Tronc - the former Tribune Publishing - is on the prowl for digital acquisitions in the sports, lifestyle, entertainment, financial and health niches, sources tell Media Ink. (


  • Orbus Off To Flying Start-up Zink Publishing, Chamber Team. (
  • My inkjet printer will be out at the bars tonight celebrating, because the Wikitravel team just announced that it has begun publishing hardcopy editions of various guides from the website. (


  • Save time and effort by publishing to multiple platforms and audiences at once across all social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Sina Weibo. (


  • The unspoken rule is that at least 50% of the studies published even in top tier academic journals - Science, Nature, Cell , PNAS, etc… - can't be repeated with the same conclusions by an industrial lab. (


  • In recent years, a number of innovations have emerged that seek to provide sustainable alternatives to the predominant publishing paradigm. (
  • It would only apply to the old, old morseites who inhabit the 'lower ends' of bands doing EXACTLY the SAME things that were done (according to instructions from the ARRL published for decades) 50 to 60 years ago, executed faithfully in EXACT protocol (abbreviations, Q-codes, jargon) of 'the service,' punishable by ex-communication if EXACTNESS was 'disobeyed. (


  • People take for granted what they see published," says John Ioannidis, an expert on data reproducibility at Stanford University School of Medicine in California, USA. (

How to find a writer to work with on book for publishing?

  • How do I even begin to find a female writer to possibly work on a book with me, with the end goal of publishing? It's a womens' health story / journey and I'm in Ontario, Canada.
  • it depends on how famous/accomplished you want them to be. it also depends on how famous/accomplished in your field you are. I happen to be a writer. Email me and we can talk details.

Do you think I can make a lot of money from publishing a recipe book?

  • I want to publish a recipe book on casseroles that I've created.
  • Honey I finished writing my cookbook manuscript in Jan and found out this morning that it will be publish in Sept. Email me and I'll send you the Publisher's contact info and my editorial director's email.

Do you guys think it would be ok to have a wrist tattoo while working in the publishing industry?

  • I want a small triskele tattoo (or heart...I haven't decided) on my inner wrist, but my mom keeps insisting that I won't get a job if I have a wrist tattoo. I just want people's opinons about wrist tattoos in places like publishing companies...will i be able to get a job if i do get the tattoo?
  • if it is small and not very noticeable it shouldn't be a problem. sounds like something my mom would tell me because she wouldn't want me to have a tat in the 1st place =) My manager has tattoos all up and down her arms- she just has to keep them covered during work hours. at any rate, you could wear a watch.

How can I find a publishing company called 101 Productions?

  • I think the company is located in San Francisco.
  • standard and poors should have them listed - look in your local public library

How would you respond to a sister who may cause more damage by publishing a book on broken family's pain ?

  • I have finally separated myself from a large, distressed and divided family after more than a decade of trauma and hard work. We were all shocked and suffered in different ways from adult claims of childhood sexual abuse by 3 of us.( divorces, shock therapy, breakdowns, cancer, separations etc) My father and eldest sister have not cared for those who suffered these experiences as they have been obsessed with a one sided aggressive and hopeless fight to clear my father’s reputation. I am at point zero & focusing on recovering my losses and aiming to make a beneficial contribution to the next generation in a new career. All good, good, good...except the eldest sister is poised to publish a book about it all. I agree that she made need that form of therapy to move on from the past herself ... but am concerned she may cause another round of damage as it may also be a form of revenge or(misleading) justification for bad behaviour. Would you try to intervene (&how?) or let it be ?
  • I'd let it be. She has a right to express herself. I've thought of writing a book about my family. But I would use a pen name, and never tell them. THis might be good. it might help your family see her side of things. Sometimes, people can gain a greater understanding of themselves and their flaws through another person like this. If it's truth, it should come out. I know it can be hurtful, and some people would rather not think about it anymore. Are you a middle child? You sound like someone who would like to keep the peace. Maybe this book can help others. Shutting your sister down gives her the message that she's wrong to call out what was done, that she should bottle. Not cool.

How do I go about publishing my cookbook?

Plz help, If I am publishing a cook book can I use some google pictures that resembles my recipes?

  • Or do they also have copy rights I mean do all the pictures for my recipes have to be my own.?
  • Even if you could that would be false advertising on your part. Why don't you cook the dishes and then take your own pictures?

What kind of outfit should I wear to a publishing interview in new york city?