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*  Lisa Ruddick | Department of English Language and Literature
Graduate: Cognitive Approaches to Modernism; Psychoanalytic Interpretation; Authenticity ... as well as psychoanalytic paradigms ranging from Freudian models to object relations ......
*  NPAP Publications | National Psychological Association For Psychoanalysis
Psychoanalytic Reflections on a Gender-Free Case: Into The Void. (2005). (Toronto, E.L.K ... Interpretation and Difference: The Strangeness of Care (2006). Stanford, CA: Stanford. ... Psychoanalytic Versions of the Human Condition: Philosophies of Life and Their. Impact on ... The Haunting Melody: Psychoanalytic Experiences in Life and Music (1953), New York:. ......
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... overlaid with a psychoanalytic interpretation of the subject's relationship with the ......
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"Psychoanalytic and Ideological Pleasures in Reading Joyce." Literature, Interpretation, ......
The interpretation system developed by Bellak draws upon the psychoanalytic theory of ......
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Two models of psychoanalytic investigation are considered - an empirical model for the ... Explanation and interpretation in psychoanalysis : a reading of Freud's introductory ... Explanation and interpretation in psychoanalysis : a reading of Freud's introductory ... It suggests that the legitimacy of that technique of interpretation depends upon a ......
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The program of invited speakers brings together different psychological/psychoanalytic ... a phrase open to various interpretations. ......
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... campus to watch a film and have a discussant present a psychoanalytic interpretation ... I retired in 2012 and the Movie Series continued with Psychoanalytic Candidate Kendell ... Coordinator, "Movie Mania - The Psychoanalytic Film Series at Emory", 2004-2012. The ......
*  The First Days of Spring. :: Visual Resources Center Digital Image Collection
... and that his presence justifies a psychoanalytic interpretation of the painting. A ......
*  Metamorphosis of Narcissus. :: Visual Resources Center Digital Image Collection
In this he was assisted by Freud's Three Essays on Sexuality and, particularly, 'Psycho-Analytic ... defined in The Interpretation of Dreams as 'the unbounded self-love of children') to ......

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(1/13) Emotional control theory and the concept of defense: A teaching document.

Defensiveness in intrapsychic and interpersonal activities is a generally accepted concept among psychodynamic theorists, but a theoretically grounded classification of emotional control processes is needed. As a result of intensive case-by-case clinical and empirical studies, such a system was assembled. The system is organized by three major categories of processes that can regulate emotions. These are sets of mental operations that control 1) content of thought and communications, 2) form of thought and communications, and 3) person schemas that organize beliefs and interpersonal expressions. Each category of defensive control processes is linked to observable outcomes at intrapsychic and interpersonal levels. This classification system can be used to formulate how patterns of avoidance and distortion are formed.(The Journal of Psychotherapy Practice and Research 1999; 8:213-224)  (+info)

(2/13) Inadequacy and indebtedness: no-fee psychotherapy in county training programs.

The nature of the fee arrangement has significant influence on the psychotherapeutic process even when there is no fee. Given the large number of psychiatrists who receive at least some part of their training in the public system, understanding the no-fee arrangement is vital to the psychodynamic training of future psychiatrists. Following a brief overview of the meaning of money and the fee arrangement, various scenarios are considered under the headings of "inadequacy" and "indebtedness. "Although similar dynamics may be present in other public and private settings, attention is given to the county training program, with the intent to assist psychiatry residents and supervisors in their awareness and understanding of the psychodynamics of psychotherapy without fee.  (+info)

(3/13) "Moving along" in psychotherapy with schizophrenia patients.

Current treatment of the schizophrenic patient relies primarily on psychopharmacological management, psychoeducation, and family work. If individual psychotherapy is an adjunct, it is generally supportive. Recent focus on determinants of change in classical psychoanalysis suggests that noninterpretive mechanisms may have an impact at least equivalent to that of the well-timed transference interpretation. The author argues that the same noninterpretive mechanisms may be even more important for change in patients in a supportive process. A case study is used to illustrate that such an application of psychoanalytic principles and developmental research can be used to help even the most disturbed patients.  (+info)

(4/13) Changing times, changing realities, a glimpse of the future: there is something more.

Over the past 25 years, group analysis has been much influenced by new developments in psychoanalysis, developmental psychology, evolutionary neurobiology, and evolutionary psychology. Basic group-analytic concepts are now being validated and reinforced by new knowledge of developmental processes in infancy and childhood. The development of both our brain as the organ of sociality and our personality begins as early as in utero. A child first learns how and whether to trust others and how to manage its emotions through empathy and sensitive responsiveness of its parents. Infant mental and emotional development is indebted to good enough environmental responses. Understanding these early influences is important because, among other things, it makes us aware how difficult it may be to influence such early factors by psychotherapy.  (+info)

(5/13) Depression and internally directed aggression: genetic and environmental contributions.


(6/13) Effects of meaning or psychodynamic psycopharmacotherapy.

Despite advances in psychiatry, treatment outcomes are still a big problem, and are not always substantially better than it was in the past time. Treatment resistance remains a serious psychiatric problem. One of the reasons for that is that the pendulum has swung from a psychodynamic framework to a biological one, and the impact of meaning (i.e. the role of psychodynamic and psychosocial factors in treatment-refractory illness) has been relatively neglected. Dynamic factors in psychopharmacology play a pivotal role in pharmacological treatment responsiveness. There is a small but impressive evidence base that shows that psychological and interpersonal factors play that role. Psychodynamic psycho pharmacotherapy combines rational prescribing with tools to identify irrational interferences with effective use of medications, i.e. to resolve the problems of the pharmacological-treatment resistance. Psychodynamic psychopharmacology represents an integration of biological psychiatry and psychodynamic insights and techniques.  (+info)

(7/13) On decoding and rewriting genomes: a psychoanalytical reading of a scientific revolution.


(8/13) Practice Parameter for psychodynamic psychotherapy with children.


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What is your personal interpretation of a feather behind the ear tattoo?

I saw a girl in my class at college with a small feather tattoo behind her left ear. I know that the reason why she got the tattoo is her own personal meaning, and your interpretation would be different to mine and everyone else's, but I am in interested in how everyone personally interprets the tattoo :)
Sorry I forgot to mention, I am only asking this question because I thought her tattoo was very pretty :)

My interpretation is that she is of low intelligence

What is a good website for dream interpretation?

I had this really freaky dream, and though I don't usually pay any attention to dreams, I can't get this out of my head. Does anyone know of a good site or book for interpretation?

What is the normal range for CBC for every age & sex?also what is its interpretation for all deases?

I want to know the normal range for HB,RBC,PCV,MCV,MCH,MCHC,RDW,WBC,Neutrophils,Leukocyte,Monocyte,Esinophil & Basophil for every age,male and female.Also the interpretation for all abnormal range.

Stop being lazy and go buy a lab value book, you can find them at any book store.  to give you the answer would take about 100 pages

How effective and simple are ovulation predictors and basal temp tracking to use?

Is it complicated to use these (as far as timing and interpretation, not actually using them). How do you know when to use them?

When you buy a pack of ovulation sticks, it has info on the inside that tells you when to start testing, based on how long your cycle is. All you need to do is pee on the stick, just as you would a pregnancy test. What it basically does is give you a heads up on ovulation. When you get a positive opk, you will ovulate anywhere from 12-72 hours after the first positive, so it basically tells you when to have sex so you can time sex with ovulation. What they do is detect your LH surge, LH is the last hormone to surge before ovulation. Charting your basal body temp can be confusing for some. It takes a lot of dedication, as your temp needs to be taken pretty close to the same time each day, before getting out of bed, before drinking anything, etc. It takes a few months of charting before you notice any particular pattern. Charting will not give you a heads up on ovulation, or tell you when you are fertile like an opk or fertility monitor would, but it confirms ovulation for you. It also helps you to learn how long your luteal phase is, and helps you to become familiar with your fertile signs your body shows you. Some women use opks and charting together to be sure everything coincides. It may sound difficult or overwhelming, but it's not, it just may take some getting used to. Good luck to you!! :)

How many are willing to tell their weight?

How much do you weigh?
How tall are you?
What pant and top size?
On a scale of 1-10 what would you rate yourself?
Do you think you have a bad interpretation of body image?

I'm just curious about this.
Also what is your age?
I am 20 years old, weigh 128 pounds although i would be happy with 120 my goal is 115 pounds, I take a size 6 in pants medium in tops. I am 5'4-5'5. I would say I am a 6. I don't think I have good body image but I would like to.

I'm 21.
5'6" 135-140 lbs. (haven't weighed myself in a while)
Pant size: 6-8, depending on brand
Top size: S-M, depending on brand
My own rating? As in how I look? Eh...5 or 6

I think my interpretation is pretty accurate. I don't obsess about my or others' weight. I prefer to focus on what I'm giving my body for fuel and how I can be strong and full of energy -- if you don't take care of yourself, you can't take care of others. I want my body to take me through the long haul: working, having babies, caring for family and friends. I take care of it so that can hopefully happen.

People who abuse their bodies in order to look a certain way need to remind themselves what a gift the body is -- and how to serve the only one they'll ever have, so that it will carry them through the best (and worst) times of their lives.

What is your opinion of girls and boys aged 12 to 20 watching sexualy explicity material on tv / internet?

i.e.Porn, i suppose. Do you think it should not be done at all... in a strict way, or do you think it is a natural part of adolescence?

How about if the teen knew and understands it is an unrealistic interpretation of sex, and the examples shown are in no way what happens in real life-and are not to be taken note of?

I would just like to know some different opinions from teens, possibly professionals and parents.

Trying to learn sex from porn is like trying to learn science from science fiction.
If the teen is sexually experienced then they know porn is just cartoon drama, unless it is genuine amateur sex video.
How involved a teen should be in sexual activity is going to depend on the individual family and is a decision the teen's parents must make.
In general, it is not good to spend too much time watching anything instead of spending time in healthy and intelligent activity, but that is a value judgement that a family must make about its children.

Why do so many people who eat fish call themselves vegetarian?

A vegetarian does not eat dead animals. Fish are animals. Hence, fish is not 'vegetarian' food. It's not really open to interpretation... The word means what the word means. I do not intend to criticize people who eat fish. I just would really like to know why the insistence on using the word? It certainly causes a lot of problems for vegetarians (and fish!). What's the benefit to a fish-eater of calling him- or herself a vegetarian? Thanks!
Adalicia, Vicky and friends - fish are animals.  Vegetarians don't eat animals.  It is very simple.  

Of course, people are free to eat whatever they like, but eating fish and calling yourself a vegetarian is like having an apple and insisting it is an orange.  What's the benefit?

Are there any fish-eaters out there who can explain why they would ever call themselves vegetarians?

Like you said, vegetarians don't eat animals, so we don't eat fish. Many religions around the world have non-meat fasts that allow them to eat fish. I think this is the reason people get confused. I just tell them that they are a Pescetarian and not a vegetarian. 

Pescetarian Life

Why do so many people who eat fish call themselves vegetarian?

A vegetarian does not eat dead animals. Fish are animals. Hence, fish is not 'vegetarian' food. It's not really open to interpretation... The word means what the word means. I do not intend to criticize people who eat fish. I just would really like to know why the insistence on using the word? It certainly causes a lot of problems for vegetarians (and fish!). What's the benefit to a fish-eater of calling him- or herself a vegetarian? Thanks!

Like you said, vegetarians don't eat animals, so we don't eat fish. Many religions around the world have non-meat fasts that allow them to eat fish. I think this is the reason people get confused. I just tell them that they are a Pescetarian and not a vegetarian. 

Pescetarian Life