Pacific OceanIndian Ocean: A body of water covering approximately one-fifth of the total ocean area of the earth, extending amidst Africa in the west, Australia in the east, Asia in the north, and Antarctica in the south. Including the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, it constitutes the third largest ocean after the ATLANTIC OCEAN and the PACIFIC OCEAN. (New Encyclopaedia Britannica Micropaedia, 15th ed, 1990, p289)Sea Urchins: Somewhat flattened, globular echinoderms, having thin, brittle shells of calcareous plates. They are useful models for studying FERTILIZATION and EMBRYO DEVELOPMENT.Seawater: The salinated water of OCEANS AND SEAS that provides habitat for marine organisms.Oceans and Seas: A great expanse of continuous bodies of salt water which together cover more than 70 percent of the earth's surface. Seas may be partially or entirely enclosed by land, and are smaller than the five oceans (Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, and Antarctic).Mediterranean SeaSea Anemones: The order Actiniaria, in the class ANTHOZOA, comprised of large, solitary polyps. All species are carnivorous.North SeaMarine Biology: The study of the origin, structure, development, growth, function, genetics, and reproduction of organisms which inhabit the OCEANS AND SEAS.Phytoplankton: Free-floating minute organisms that are photosynthetic. The term is non-taxonomic and refers to a lifestyle (energy utilization and motility), rather than a particular type of organism. Most, but not all, are unicellular algae. Important groups include DIATOMS; DINOFLAGELLATES; CYANOBACTERIA; CHLOROPHYTA; HAPTOPHYTA; CRYPTOMONADS; and silicoflagellates.Sea Cucumbers: A class of Echinodermata characterized by long, slender bodies.Water Movements: The flow of water in enviromental bodies of water such as rivers, oceans, water supplies, aquariums, etc. It includes currents, tides, and waves.Antarctic Regions: The continent lying around the South Pole and the southern waters of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. It includes the Falkland Islands Dependencies. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p55)Ecosystem: A functional system which includes the organisms of a natural community together with their environment. (McGraw Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)Atmosphere: The gaseous envelope surrounding a planet or similar body. (From Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)Plankton: Community of tiny aquatic PLANTS and ANIMALS, and photosynthetic BACTERIA, that are either free-floating or suspended in the water, with little or no power of locomotion. They are divided into PHYTOPLANKTON and ZOOPLANKTON.Arctic Regions: The Arctic Ocean and the lands in it and adjacent to it. It includes Point Barrow, Alaska, most of the Franklin District in Canada, two thirds of Greenland, Svalbard, Franz Josef Land, Lapland, Novaya Zemlya, and Northern Siberia. (Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p66)Ice Cover: A thick mass of ICE formed over large regions of land; RIVERS; LAKES; ponds; or SEAWATER.Geologic Sediments: A mass of organic or inorganic solid fragmented material, or the solid fragment itself, that comes from the weathering of rock and is carried by, suspended in, or dropped by air, water, or ice. It refers also to a mass that is accumulated by any other natural agent and that forms in layers on the earth's surface, such as sand, gravel, silt, mud, fill, or loess. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed, p1689)Prochlorococcus: A genus of marine planktonic CYANOBACTERIA in the order PROCHLOROPHYTES. They lack PHYCOBILISOMES and contain divinyl CHLOROPHYLL, a and b.Phylogeny: The relationships of groups of organisms as reflected by their genetic makeup.Aquatic Organisms: Organisms that live in water.Euphausiacea: An order of pelagic, shrimplike CRUSTACEA. Many consume ZOOPLANKTON and a few are predacious. Many antarctic species, such as Euphausia superba, constitute the chief food of other animals.Animal Migration: Periodic movements of animals in response to seasonal changes or reproductive instinct. Hormonal changes are the trigger in at least some animals. Most migrations are made for reasons of climatic change, feeding, or breeding.Geological Phenomena: The inanimate matter of Earth, the structures and properties of this matter, and the processes that affect it.Black Sea: An inland sea between Europe and Asia. It is connected with the Aegean Sea by the Bosporus, the Sea of Marmara, and the Dardanelles.Anthozoa: A class in the phylum CNIDARIA, comprised mostly of corals and anemones. All members occur only as polyps; the medusa stage is completely absent.Biodiversity: The variety of all native living organisms and their various forms and interrelationships.Geography: The science dealing with the earth and its life, especially the description of land, sea, and air and the distribution of plant and animal life, including humanity and human industries with reference to the mutual relations of these elements. (From Webster, 3d ed)Diatoms: The common name for the phylum of microscopic unicellular STRAMENOPILES. Most are aquatic, being found in fresh, brackish, and salt water. Diatoms are noted for the symmetry and sculpturing of their siliceous cell walls. They account for 40% of PHYTOPLANKTON, but not all diatoms are planktonic.Fisheries: Places for cultivation and harvesting of fish, particularly in sea waters. (from McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)Fishes: A group of cold-blooded, aquatic vertebrates having gills, fins, a cartilaginous or bony endoskeleton, and elongated bodies covered with scales.Climate: The longterm manifestations of WEATHER. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th ed)Water Microbiology: The presence of bacteria, viruses, and fungi in water. This term is not restricted to pathogenic organisms.Global Warming: Increase in the temperature of the atmosphere near the Earth's surface and in the troposphere, which can contribute to changes in global climate patterns.Hydrothermal Vents: Hot springs on the ocean floor. They are commonly found near volcanically active places such as mid-oceanic ridges.Wind: The motion of air relative to the earth's surface.Baltic States: The collective name for the republics of ESTONIA; LATVIA; and LITHUANIA on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea. (Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p111)Climate Change: Any significant change in measures of climate (such as temperature, precipitation, or wind) lasting for an extended period (decades or longer). It may result from natural factors such as changes in the sun's intensity, natural processes within the climate system such as changes in ocean circulation, or human activities.Perciformes: The most diversified of all fish orders and the largest vertebrate order. It includes many of the commonly known fish such as porgies, croakers, sunfishes, dolphin fish, mackerels, TUNA, etc.Calcium Carbonate: Carbonic acid calcium salt (CaCO3). An odorless, tasteless powder or crystal that occurs in nature. It is used therapeutically as a phosphate buffer in hemodialysis patients and as a calcium supplement.Carbonates: Salts or ions of the theoretical carbonic acid, containing the radical CO2(3-). Carbonates are readily decomposed by acids. The carbonates of the alkali metals are water-soluble; all others are insoluble. (From Grant & Hackh's Chemical Dictionary, 5th ed)Comoros: A group of Indian Ocean Islands, the islands of Great Comoro, Anjouan, Mayotte, and Moheli, lying between northeast Mozambique and northwest Madagascar. The capital is Moroni. In 1914 they became a colony attached to Madagascar administratively and were made a French overseas territory in 1947. Except for Mayotte which remained French, Comoros became an independent republic in 1975. Comoros represents the Arabic qamar, moon, said by some scholars to be linked with the mystical Mountains of the Moon said to be somewhere in equatorial Africa. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p283 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p122)Carbon Cycle: The cycle by which the element carbon is exchanged between organic matter and the earth's physical environment.Echinodermata: A phylum of the most familiar marine invertebrates. Its class Stelleroidea contains two subclasses, the Asteroidea (the STARFISH or sea stars) and the Ophiuroidea (the brittle stars, also called basket stars and serpent stars). There are 1500 described species of STARFISH found throughout the world. The second class, Echinoidea, contains about 950 species of SEA URCHINS, heart urchins, and sand dollars. A third class, Holothuroidea, comprises about 900 echinoderms known as SEA CUCUMBERS. Echinoderms are used extensively in biological research. (From Barnes, Invertebrate Zoology, 5th ed, pp773-826)Zooplankton: Minute free-floating animal organisms which live in practically all natural waters.Gastropoda: A class in the phylum MOLLUSCA comprised of SNAILS and slugs. The former have coiled external shells and the latter usually lack shells.RNA, Ribosomal, 16S: Constituent of 30S subunit prokaryotic ribosomes containing 1600 nucleotides and 21 proteins. 16S rRNA is involved in initiation of polypeptide synthesis.Carbon Dioxide: A colorless, odorless gas that can be formed by the body and is necessary for the respiration cycle of plants and animals.Evolution, Planetary: Creation and development of bodies within solar systems, includes study of early planetary geology.Haptophyta: A group (or phylum) of unicellular EUKARYOTA (or algae) possessing CHLOROPLASTS and FLAGELLA.Coral Reefs: Marine ridges composed of living CORALS, coral skeletons, calcareous algae, and other organisms, mixed with minerals and organic matter. They are found most commonly in tropical waters and support other animal and plant life.Population Dynamics: The pattern of any process, or the interrelationship of phenomena, which affects growth or change within a population.Carbon: A nonmetallic element with atomic symbol C, atomic number 6, and atomic weight [12.0096; 12.0116]. It may occur as several different allotropes including DIAMOND; CHARCOAL; and GRAPHITE; and as SOOT from incompletely burned fuel.Reunion: One of the Indian Ocean Islands, east of Madagascar. Its capital is Saint-Denis. It was discovered in 1507 by the Portuguese and claimed by France in 1638. It was first colonized in 1662 as Isle de Bourbon but renamed Reunion in 1793. In 1946 it was made an overseas department of France. The name commemorates the reunion of the revolutionaries from Marseilles with the National Guard in Paris in 1792. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p1011; Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p454; French Embassy)Food Chain: The sequence of transfers of matter and energy from organism to organism in the form of FOOD. Food chains intertwine locally into a food web because most organisms consume more than one type of animal or plant. PLANTS, which convert SOLAR ENERGY to food by PHOTOSYNTHESIS, are the primary food source. In a predator chain, a plant-eating animal is eaten by a larger animal. In a parasite chain, a smaller organism consumes part of a larger host and may itself be parasitized by smaller organisms. In a saprophytic chain, microorganisms live on dead organic matter.Biomass: Total mass of all the organisms of a given type and/or in a given area. (From Concise Dictionary of Biology, 1990) It includes the yield of vegetative mass produced from any given crop.Strongylocentrotus purpuratus: A species of SEA URCHINS in the family Strongylocentrotidae found on the Pacific coastline from Alaska to Mexico. This species serves as a major research model for molecular developmental biology and other fields.Spheniscidae: The sole family in the order Sphenisciformes, comprised of 17 species of penguins in six genera. They are flightless seabirds of the Southern Hemisphere, highly adapted for marine life.Molecular Sequence Data: Descriptions of specific amino acid, carbohydrate, or nucleotide sequences which have appeared in the published literature and/or are deposited in and maintained by databanks such as GENBANK, European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), National Biomedical Research Foundation (NBRF), or other sequence repositories.Greenhouse Effect: The effect of GLOBAL WARMING and the resulting increase in world temperatures. The predicted health effects of such long-term climatic change include increased incidence of respiratory, water-borne, and vector-borne diseases.Salinity: Degree of saltiness, which is largely the OSMOLAR CONCENTRATION of SODIUM CHLORIDE plus any other SALTS present. It is an ecological factor of considerable importance, influencing the types of organisms that live in an ENVIRONMENT.TurtlesSequence Analysis, DNA: A multistage process that includes cloning, physical mapping, subcloning, determination of the DNA SEQUENCE, and information analysis.Bermuda: A British colony in the western North Atlantic Ocean about 640 miles east southeast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. It comprises a group of about 300 islands of which only about 20 are inhabited. It is called also the Bermuda Islands or the Bermudas. It was named for the Spanish explorer Juan Bermudez who visited the islands in 1515. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p140 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p61)Bacteria: One of the three domains of life (the others being Eukarya and ARCHAEA), also called Eubacteria. They are unicellular prokaryotic microorganisms which generally possess rigid cell walls, multiply by cell division, and exhibit three principal forms: round or coccal, rodlike or bacillary, and spiral or spirochetal. Bacteria can be classified by their response to OXYGEN: aerobic, anaerobic, or facultatively anaerobic; by the mode by which they obtain their energy: chemotrophy (via chemical reaction) or PHOTOTROPHY (via light reaction); for chemotrophs by their source of chemical energy: CHEMOLITHOTROPHY (from inorganic compounds) or chemoorganotrophy (from organic compounds); and by their source for CARBON; NITROGEN; etc.; HETEROTROPHY (from organic sources) or AUTOTROPHY (from CARBON DIOXIDE). They can also be classified by whether or not they stain (based on the structure of their CELL WALLS) with CRYSTAL VIOLET dye: gram-negative or gram-positive.Geology: The science of the earth and other celestial bodies and their history as recorded in the rocks. It includes the study of geologic processes of an area such as rock formations, weathering and erosion, and sedimentation. (From McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th ed)Ovum: A mature haploid female germ cell extruded from the OVARY at OVULATION.Conservation of Natural Resources: The protection, preservation, restoration, and rational use of all resources in the total environment.Chikungunya virus: A species of ALPHAVIRUS causing an acute dengue-like fever.Temperature: The property of objects that determines the direction of heat flow when they are placed in direct thermal contact. The temperature is the energy of microscopic motions (vibrational and translational) of the particles of atoms.Eutrophication: The enrichment of a terrestrial or aquatic ECOSYSTEM by the addition of nutrients, especially nitrogen and phosphorus, that results in a superabundant growth of plants, ALGAE, or other primary producers. It can be a natural process or result from human activity such as agriculture runoff or sewage pollution. In aquatic ecosystems, an increase in the algae population is termed an algal bloom.Seasons: Divisions of the year according to some regularly recurrent phenomena usually astronomical or climatic. (From McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th ed)Islands: Tracts of land completely surrounded by water.Gammaproteobacteria: A group of the proteobacteria comprised of facultatively anaerobic and fermentative gram-negative bacteria.Otters: Fish-eating carnivores of the family MUSTELIDAE, found on both hemispheres.Alphaproteobacteria: A class in the phylum PROTEOBACTERIA comprised mostly of two major phenotypes: purple non-sulfur bacteria and aerobic bacteriochlorophyll-containing bacteria.Tuna: Common name for various species of large, vigorous ocean fishes in the family Scombridae.DNA, Ribosomal: DNA sequences encoding RIBOSOMAL RNA and the segments of DNA separating the individual ribosomal RNA genes, referred to as RIBOSOMAL SPACER DNA.Satellite Communications: Communications using an active or passive satellite to extend the range of radio, television, or other electronic transmission by returning signals to earth from an orbiting satellite.Predatory Behavior: Instinctual behavior pattern in which food is obtained by killing and consuming other species.Alphavirus Infections: Virus diseases caused by members of the ALPHAVIRUS genus of the family TOGAVIRIDAE.Crenarchaeota: A kingdom in the domain ARCHAEA comprised of thermoacidophilic, sulfur-dependent organisms. The two orders are SULFOLOBALES and THERMOPROTEALES.Ecology: The branch of science concerned with the interrelationship of organisms and their ENVIRONMENT, especially as manifested by natural cycles and rhythms, community development and structure, interactions between different kinds of organisms, geographic distributions, and population alterations. (Webster's, 3d ed)Ships: Large vessels propelled by power or sail used for transportation on rivers, seas, oceans, or other navigable waters. Boats are smaller vessels propelled by oars, paddles, sail, or power; they may or may not have a deck.Species Specificity: The restriction of a characteristic behavior, anatomical structure or physical system, such as immune response; metabolic response, or gene or gene variant to the members of one species. It refers to that property which differentiates one species from another but it is also used for phylogenetic levels higher or lower than the species.Eukaryota: One of the three domains of life (the others being BACTERIA and ARCHAEA), also called Eukarya. These are organisms whose cells are enclosed in membranes and possess a nucleus. They comprise almost all multicellular and many unicellular organisms, and are traditionally divided into groups (sometimes called kingdoms) including ANIMALS; PLANTS; FUNGI; and various algae and other taxa that were previously part of the old kingdom Protista.Archaea: One of the three domains of life (the others being BACTERIA and Eukarya), formerly called Archaebacteria under the taxon Bacteria, but now considered separate and distinct. They are characterized by: (1) the presence of characteristic tRNAs and ribosomal RNAs; (2) the absence of peptidoglycan cell walls; (3) the presence of ether-linked lipids built from branched-chain subunits; and (4) their occurrence in unusual habitats. While archaea resemble bacteria in morphology and genomic organization, they resemble eukarya in their method of genomic replication. The domain contains at least four kingdoms: CRENARCHAEOTA; EURYARCHAEOTA; NANOARCHAEOTA; and KORARCHAEOTA.Phylogeography: A field of study concerned with the principles and processes governing the geographic distributions of genealogical lineages, especially those within and among closely related species. (Avise, J.C., Phylogeography: The History and Formation of Species. Harvard University Press, 2000)Humpback Whale: The species Megaptera novaeangliae, in the family Balaenopteridae, characterized by its huge flippers and the arching of their back when diving. They are also known for their breaching and singing.Animal Shells: The hard rigid covering of animals including MOLLUSCS; TURTLES; INSECTS; and crustaceans.Radiometric Dating: Techniques used to determine the age of materials, based on the content and half-lives of the RADIOACTIVE ISOTOPES they contain.Invertebrates: Animals that have no spinal column.Copepoda: A huge subclass of mostly marine CRUSTACEA, containing over 14,000 species. The 10 orders comprise both planktonic and benthic organisms, and include both free-living and parasitic forms. Planktonic copepods form the principle link between PHYTOPLANKTON and the higher trophic levels of the marine food chains.Seals, Earless: The family Phocidae, suborder PINNIPEDIA, order CARNIVORA, comprising the true seals. They lack external ears and are unable to use their hind flippers to walk. It includes over 18 species including the harp seal, probably the best known seal species in the world.Bass: Common name for FISHES belonging to the order Perciformes and occurring in three different families.Carbon Sequestration: Any of several processes for the permanent or long-term artificial or natural capture or removal and storage of carbon dioxide and other forms of carbon, through biological, chemical or physical processes, in a manner that prevents it from being released into the atmosphere.Cnidaria: A phylum of radially symmetrical invertebrates characterized by possession of stinging cells called nematocysts. It includes the classes ANTHOZOA; CUBOZOA; HYDROZOA, and SCYPHOZOA. Members carry CNIDARIAN VENOMS.Fossils: Remains, impressions, or traces of animals or plants of past geological times which have been preserved in the earth's crust.Polychaeta: A class of marine annelids including sandworms, tube worms, clamworms, and fire worms. It includes also the genus Myxicola infundibulum.Ice: The solid substance formed by the FREEZING of water.Bivalvia: A class in the phylum MOLLUSCA comprised of mussels; clams; OYSTERS; COCKLES; and SCALLOPS. They are characterized by a bilaterally symmetrical hinged shell and a muscular foot used for burrowing and anchoring.Acids: Chemical compounds which yield hydrogen ions or protons when dissolved in water, whose hydrogen can be replaced by metals or basic radicals, or which react with bases to form salts and water (neutralization). An extension of the term includes substances dissolved in media other than water. (Grant & Hackh's Chemical Dictionary, 5th ed)Volcanic Eruptions: The ash, dust, gases, and lava released by volcanic explosion. The gases are volatile matter composed principally of about 90% water vapor, and carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen. The ash or dust is pyroclastic ejecta and lava is molten extrusive material consisting mainly of magnesium silicate. (From McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)Calcification, Physiologic: Process by which organic tissue becomes hardened by the physiologic deposit of calcium salts.Foraminifera: An order of amoeboid EUKARYOTES characterized by reticulating pseudopods and a complex life cycle with an alternation of generations. Most are less than 1mm in size and found in marine or brackish water.Larva: Wormlike or grublike stage, following the egg in the life cycle of insects, worms, and other metamorphosing animals.Environment: The external elements and conditions which surround, influence, and affect the life and development of an organism or population.Seychelles: A group of Indian Ocean Islands, east of Tanzania. Their capital is Victoria. They were first claimed by the French in 1744 but taken by the English in 1794 and made a dependency of MAURITIUS in 1810. They became a crown colony in 1903 and a republic within the Commonwealth in 1976. They were named for the French finance minister, Jean Moreau de Sechelles, but respelled by the English in 1794. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p1102 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p496)Rivers: Large natural streams of FRESH WATER formed by converging tributaries and which empty into a body of water (lake or ocean).Synechococcus: A form-genus of spherical to rod-shaped CYANOBACTERIA in the order Chroococcales. They contain THYLAKOIDS and are found in a wide range of habitats.Genetic Variation: Genotypic differences observed among individuals in a population.Fresh Water: Water containing no significant amounts of salts, such as water from RIVERS and LAKES.Cnidarian Venoms: Venoms from jellyfish; CORALS; SEA ANEMONES; etc. They contain hemo-, cardio-, dermo- , and neuro-toxic substances and probably ENZYMES. They include palytoxin, sarcophine, and anthopleurine.Atlantic OceanSperm Whale: The species Physeter catodon (also called Physeter macrocephalus), in the family Physeteridae. The common name is derived from the milky wax substance in its head (spermaceti). The species also produces an intestinal secretion AMBERGRIS, which was previously used in perfumes. The sperm whale is the largest toothed MAMMAL in the world.Altitude: A vertical distance measured from a known level on the surface of a planet or other celestial body.Biota: The spectrum of different living organisms inhabiting a particular region, habitat, or biotope.Biological Evolution: The process of cumulative change over successive generations through which organisms acquire their distinguishing morphological and physiological characteristics.Sulfonium Compounds: Sulfur compounds in which the sulfur atom is attached to three organic radicals and an electronegative element or radical.DNA, Bacterial: Deoxyribonucleic acid that makes up the genetic material of bacteria.Environmental Monitoring: The monitoring of the level of toxins, chemical pollutants, microbial contaminants, or other harmful substances in the environment (soil, air, and water), workplace, or in the bodies of people and animals present in that environment.Sharks: A group of elongate elasmobranchs. Sharks are mostly marine fish, with certain species large and voracious.Naval Medicine: The practice of medicine concerned with conditions affecting the health of individuals associated with the marine environment.Fur Seals: A group comprised of several species of eared seals found in two genera, in the family Otariidae. In comparison to SEA LIONS, they have an especially dense wooly undercoat.Genes, rRNA: Genes, found in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes, which are transcribed to produce the RNA which is incorporated into RIBOSOMES. Prokaryotic rRNA genes are usually found in OPERONS dispersed throughout the GENOME, whereas eukaryotic rRNA genes are clustered, multicistronic transcriptional units.Hydrogen-Ion Concentration: The normality of a solution with respect to HYDROGEN ions; H+. It is related to acidity measurements in most cases by pH = log 1/2[1/(H+)], where (H+) is the hydrogen ion concentration in gram equivalents per liter of solution. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th ed)Dinoflagellida: Flagellate EUKARYOTES, found mainly in the oceans. They are characterized by the presence of transverse and longitudinal flagella which propel the organisms in a rotating manner through the water. Dinoflagellida were formerly members of the class Phytomastigophorea under the old five kingdom paradigm.Crustacea: A large subphylum of mostly marine ARTHROPODS containing over 42,000 species. They include familiar arthropods such as lobsters (NEPHROPIDAE), crabs (BRACHYURA), shrimp (PENAEIDAE), and barnacles (THORACICA).Metagenomics: The genomic analysis of assemblages of organisms.Strongylocentrotus: A genus of SEA URCHINS in the family Strongylocentrotidae. They possess more than three pore pairs per ambulacral plate. The species STRONGYLOCENTROTUS PURPURATUS is commonly used for research.Pinnipedia: The suborder of aquatic CARNIVORA comprising the WALRUSES; FUR SEALS; SEA LIONS; and EARLESS SEALS. They have fusiform bodies with very short tails and are found on all sea coasts. The offspring are born on land.History, Ancient: The period of history before 500 of the common era.Cyanobacteria: A phylum of oxygenic photosynthetic bacteria comprised of unicellular to multicellular bacteria possessing CHLOROPHYLL a and carrying out oxygenic PHOTOSYNTHESIS. Cyanobacteria are the only known organisms capable of fixing both CARBON DIOXIDE (in the presence of light) and NITROGEN. Cell morphology can include nitrogen-fixing heterocysts and/or resting cells called akinetes. Formerly called blue-green algae, cyanobacteria were traditionally treated as ALGAE.Tidal Waves: Water waves caused by the gravitational interactions between the EARTH; MOON; and SUN.Whales: Large marine mammals of the order CETACEA. In the past, they were commercially valued for whale oil, for their flesh as human food and in ANIMAL FEED and FERTILIZERS, and for baleen. Today, there is a moratorium on most commercial whaling, as all species are either listed as endangered or threatened.Salmon: Fish of the genera ONCORHYNCHUS and Salmo in the family SALMONIDAE. They are anadromous game fish, frequenting the coastal waters of both the North Atlantic and Pacific. They are known for their gameness as a sport fish and for the quality of their flesh as a table fish. (Webster, 3d ed).Diving: An activity in which the organism plunges into water. It includes scuba and bell diving. Diving as natural behavior of animals goes here, as well as diving in decompression experiments with humans or animals.Starfish: Echinoderms having bodies of usually five radially disposed arms coalescing at the center.Thorium: Thorium. A radioactive element of the actinide series of metals. It has an atomic symbol Th, atomic number 90, and atomic weight 232.04. It is used as fuel in nuclear reactors to produce fissionable uranium isotopes. Because of its radioopacity, various thorium compounds are used to facilitate visualization in roentgenography.Tropical Climate: A climate which is typical of equatorial and tropical regions, i.e., one with continually high temperatures with considerable precipitation, at least during part of the year. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)Nitrification: A process facilitated by specialized bacteria involving the oxidation of ammonium to nitrite and nitrate.Porifera: The phylum of sponges which are sessile, suspension-feeding, multicellular animals that utilize flagellated cells called choanocytes to circulate water. Most are hermaphroditic. They are probably an early evolutionary side branch that gave rise to no other group of animals. Except for about 150 freshwater species, sponges are marine animals. They are a source of ALKALOIDS; STEROLS; and other complex molecules useful in medicine and biological research.Population Density: Number of individuals in a population relative to space.Chlorophyll: Porphyrin derivatives containing magnesium that act to convert light energy in photosynthetic organisms.Decapoda (Crustacea): The largest order of CRUSTACEA, comprising over 10,000 species. They are characterized by three pairs of thoracic appendages modified as maxillipeds, and five pairs of thoracic legs. The order includes the familiar shrimps, crayfish (ASTACOIDEA), true crabs (BRACHYURA), and lobsters (NEPHROPIDAE and PALINURIDAE), among others.Time: The dimension of the physical universe which, at a given place, orders the sequence of events. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th ed)Base Composition: The relative amounts of the PURINES and PYRIMIDINES in a nucleic acid.Photosynthesis: The synthesis by organisms of organic chemical compounds, especially carbohydrates, from carbon dioxide using energy obtained from light rather than from the oxidation of chemical compounds. Photosynthesis comprises two separate processes: the light reactions and the dark reactions. In higher plants; GREEN ALGAE; and CYANOBACTERIA; NADPH and ATP formed by the light reactions drive the dark reactions which result in the fixation of carbon dioxide. (from Oxford Dictionary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 2001)Cold Climate: A climate characterized by COLD TEMPERATURE for a majority of the time during the year.Models, Theoretical: Theoretical representations that simulate the behavior or activity of systems, processes, or phenomena. They include the use of mathematical equations, computers, and other electronic equipment.Madagascar: One of the Indian Ocean Islands off the southeast coast of Africa. Its capital is Antananarivo. It was formerly called the Malagasy Republic. Discovered by the Portuguese in 1500, its history has been tied predominantly to the French, becoming a French protectorate in 1882, a French colony in 1896, and a territory within the French union in 1946. The Malagasy Republic was established in the French Community in 1958 but it achieved independence in 1960. Its name was changed to Madagascar in 1975. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p714)Petromyzon: A genus of primitive fish in the family Petromyzontidae. The sole species is Petromyzon marinus, known as the sea lamprey. The adult form feeds parasitically on other fish species.Seaweed: Multicellular marine macroalgae including some members of red (RHODOPHYTA), green (CHLOROPHYTA), and brown (PHAEOPHYTA) algae. They are widely distributed in the ocean, occurring from the tide level to considerable depths, free-floating (planktonic) or anchored to the substratum (benthic). They lack a specialized vascular system but take up fluids, nutrients, and gases directly from the water. They contain CHLOROPHYLL and are photosynthetic, but some also contain other light-absorbing pigments. Many are of economic importance as FOOD, fertilizer, AGAR, potash, or source of IODINE.Aquaculture: Cultivation of natural faunal resources of water. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)Nitrogen Cycle: The circulation of nitrogen in nature, consisting of a cycle of biochemical reactions in which atmospheric nitrogen is compounded, dissolved in rain, and deposited in the soil, where it is assimilated and metabolized by bacteria and plants, eventually returning to the atmosphere by bacterial decomposition of organic matter.Human Activities: Activities performed by humans.RNA, Ribosomal, 18S: Constituent of the 40S subunit of eukaryotic ribosomes. 18S rRNA is involved in the initiation of polypeptide synthesis in eukaryotes.Oxygen Isotopes: Stable oxygen atoms that have the same atomic number as the element oxygen, but differ in atomic weight. O-17 and 18 are stable oxygen isotopes.Sulfides: Chemical groups containing the covalent sulfur bonds -S-. The sulfur atom can be bound to inorganic or organic moieties.Water Pollutants, Chemical: Chemical compounds which pollute the water of rivers, streams, lakes, the sea, reservoirs, or other bodies of water.Silicic Acid: A hydrated form of silicon dioxide. It is commonly used in the manufacture of TOOTHPASTES and as a stationary phase for CHROMATOGRAPHY.Marine Toxins: Toxic or poisonous substances elaborated by marine flora or fauna. They include also specific, characterized poisons or toxins for which there is no more specific heading, like those from poisonous FISHES.Climatic Processes: Characteristic events occurring in the ATMOSPHERE during the interactions and transformation of various atmospheric components and conditions.Paleontology: The study of early forms of life through fossil remains.Rhizaria: A large supergroup of mostly amoeboid EUKARYOTES whose three main subgroups are CERCOZOA; FORAMINIFERA; and HAPLOSPORIDA. Nearly all of the species possess MITOCHONDRIA and historically many were considered ANIMALS.Meteorology: The science of studying the characteristics of the atmosphere such as its temperature, density, winds, clouds, precipitation, and other atmospheric phenomena and aiming to account for the weather in terms of external influences and the basic laws of physics. (From McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th ed)Embryo, Nonmammalian: The developmental entity of a fertilized egg (ZYGOTE) in animal species other than MAMMALS. For chickens, use CHICK EMBRYO.Fish Diseases: Diseases of freshwater, marine, hatchery or aquarium fish. This term includes diseases of both teleosts (true fish) and elasmobranchs (sharks, rays and skates).Gadiformes: An order of fish including the families Gadidae (cods), Macrouridae (grenadiers), and hakes. The large Gadidae family includes cod, haddock, whiting, and pollock.DNA, Mitochondrial: Double-stranded DNA of MITOCHONDRIA. In eukaryotes, the mitochondrial GENOME is circular and codes for ribosomal RNAs, transfer RNAs, and about 10 proteins.Extinction, Biological: The ceasing of existence of a species or taxonomic groups of organisms.Lytechinus: A genus of SEA URCHINS in the family Toxopneustidae possessing trigeminate ambulacral plating.Acclimatization: Adaptation to a new environment or to a change in the old.Ecological Parameter Monitoring: Ongoing collection, analysis, and interpretation of ecological data that is used to assess changes in the components, processes, and overall condition and functioning of an ECOSYSTEM.Rhodobacteraceae: A family in the order Rhodobacterales, class ALPHAPROTEOBACTERIA.Roseobacter: A genus of obligately aerobic marine phototrophic and chemoorganotrophic bacteria, in the family RHODOBACTERACEAE.Oceanography: The science that deals with the ocean and its phenomena. (Webster, 3d ed)Dolphins: Mammals of the families Delphinidae (ocean dolphins), Iniidae, Lipotidae, Pontoporiidae, and Platanistidae (all river dolphins). Among the most well-known species are the BOTTLE-NOSED DOLPHIN and the KILLER WHALE (a dolphin). The common name dolphin is applied to small cetaceans having a beaklike snout and a slender, streamlined body, whereas PORPOISES are small cetaceans with a blunt snout and rather stocky body. (From Walker's Mammals of the World, 5th ed, pp978-9)Nitrogen: An element with the atomic symbol N, atomic number 7, and atomic weight [14.00643; 14.00728]. Nitrogen exists as a diatomic gas and makes up about 78% of the earth's atmosphere by volume. It is a constituent of proteins and nucleic acids and found in all living cells.Symbiosis: The relationship between two different species of organisms that are interdependent; each gains benefits from the other or a relationship between different species where both of the organisms in question benefit from the presence of the other.Kelp: Large, robust forms of brown algae (PHAEOPHYCEAE) in the order Laminariales. They are a major component of the lower intertidal and sublittoral zones on rocky coasts in temperate and polar waters. Kelp, a kind of SEAWEED, usually refers to species in the genera LAMINARIA or MACROCYSTIS, but the term may also be used for species in FUCUS or Nereocystis.Birds: Warm-blooded VERTEBRATES possessing FEATHERS and belonging to the class Aves.Nitrogen Fixation: The process in certain BACTERIA; FUNGI; and CYANOBACTERIA converting free atmospheric NITROGEN to biologically usable forms of nitrogen, such as AMMONIA; NITRATES; and amino compounds.Homing Behavior: Instinctual patterns of activity related to a specific area including ability of certain animals to return to a given place when displaced from it, often over great distances using navigational clues such as those used in migration (ANIMAL MIGRATION).Water Pollution: Contamination of bodies of water (such as LAKES; RIVERS; SEAS; and GROUNDWATER.)Endangered Species: An animal or plant species in danger of extinction. Causes can include human activity, changing climate, or change in predator/prey ratios.Animal Distribution: A process by which animals in various forms and stages of development are physically distributed through time and space.Base Sequence: The sequence of PURINES and PYRIMIDINES in nucleic acids and polynucleotides. It is also called nucleotide sequence.Estuaries: A partially enclosed body of water, and its surrounding coastal habitats, where saltwater from the ocean mixes with fresh water from rivers or streams. The resulting mixture of seawater and fresh water is called brackish water and its salinity can range from 0.5 to 35 ppt. (accessed Processes: Events and activities of the Earth and its structures.Elasmobranchii: A subclass of cartilaginous fish comprising the SHARKS; rays; skates (SKATES (FISH);), and sawfish. Elasmobranchs are typically predaceous, relying more on smell (the olfactory capsules are relatively large) than sight (the eyes are relatively small) for obtaining their food.Fertilization: The fusion of a spermatozoon (SPERMATOZOA) with an OVUM thus resulting in the formation of a ZYGOTE.Stramenopiles: A common name (but used formally) for a group of organisms that are mostly kinds of algae including BACILLARIOPHYTA; OOMYCETES; PHAEOPHYCEAE; and CHRYSOPHYCEAE. They all contain CHLOROPLASTS that are thought to have been derived from the endosymbiosis of ancient RED ALGAE.Planets: Celestial bodies orbiting around the sun or other stars.Whale, Killer: The species Orcinus orca, in the family Delphinidae, characterized by its black and white coloration, and huge triangular dorsal fin. It is the largest member of the DOLPHINS and derives its name from the fact that it is a fearsome predator.Africa, Eastern: The geographical area of Africa comprising BURUNDI; DJIBOUTI; ETHIOPIA; KENYA; RWANDA; SOMALIA; SUDAN; TANZANIA; and UGANDA.Evolution, Molecular: The process of cumulative change at the level of DNA; RNA; and PROTEINS, over successive generations.Charadriiformes: An order of BIRDS including over 300 species that primarily inhabit coastal waters, beaches, and marshes. They are comprised of shorebirds, gulls, and terns.Anemone: A plant genus of the family RANUNCULACEAE that contains triterpene saponins. The root of Anemone raddeana is the source of a Chinese folk medicine, zhu jie xian fu. The common name of liverwort is also used with other plants. This genus is unrelated to SEA ANEMONES.Ectoparasitic Infestations: Infestations by PARASITES which live on, or burrow into, the surface of their host's EPIDERMIS. Most ectoparasites are ARTHROPODS.

*  Ecosystem of the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre
... The North Pacific Subtropical Gyre NPSG is the largest contiguous ecosystem on earth. The NPSG is the largest of the gyres as well as the largest ecosystem on our planet. History of discovery Physical characteristics Nutrient cycling Microbial community Eukaryotic plankton community Mesopelagic community Benthic community Future and importance of the NPSG See also References Sources. Climate patterns such as the North Pacific Gyre Oscillation NPGO, El Nino/Southern Oscillation ENSO and the Pacific Decadal Oscillation PDO affect the interannual variability in primary productivity in the NPSG. Nitrogen must be available for life at the surface. Trichodesmium is one species capable of nitrogen fixation that is found in many surface plankton blooms. Microbial community. Based on analyses of the zooplankton community, the Central North Pacific has a high species diversity or high number of species and high equitability meaning relatively equal numbers of each exist. Some of the species found are restricted to...
*  Sheet1Sheet2Sheet3
Metzyme S1-12 LTQ July2012 Forpeptiderelease, Peptide report created on 07/10/2013StationPeptide sequenceMS/MS sample nameProtein nameProtein accession numbersOther ProteinsStn6MGPITTYCCGPNNRoutput metzyme st6 1 200 02 hotpsig.2013 07 09 15 33 00.t.xmlF10SI03100a 01573780 Glucose dehydrogenase [Marine microbial communities from the Eastern Subtropical North Pacific Ocean, Expanding Oxygen minimum zones, sample from Line P sample F 10 SI03 100 (sample F 10 SI03 100 June 2011 assem)]AAEDPEFETFYTKNP 893274 PMM1157 Photosystem II PsbD protein (D2) [Prochlorococcus marinus pastoris CCMP1986]637450176,637797784,640079053,640081008,640160938,MF PUH18301 1452,NCBI PEP 123198977,NCBI PEP 123200923,NCBI PEP 126543730,NCBI PEP 221538103,P9202 1332NCBI PEP 159888950,637687630,637447873,641285601,640546645,NCBI PEP 123962838,640084889,RF PEP 254422397,NCBI PEP 123961381,RF PEP 254412285,640086352,640545180GVNALWTQGGILYSPPFRA09P041000a 00208200 hypothetical protein [Marine microbial communities from the Eastern Subtropical...
*  The metal oxide fraction of pelagic sediment in the equatorial North Pacific Ocean: A source of meta
... ls in ferromanganese nodules. Contact USGS. USGS Publications Warehouse. Explore recent publications by USGS Authors. Browse all of Pubs Warehouse by Publication type and year. USGS Publications Warehouse. Explore recent publications by USGS Authors. Browse all of Pubs Warehouse by Publication type and year. The metal oxide fraction of pelagic sediment in the equatorial North Pacific Ocean: A source of metals in ferromanganese nodules Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta By:. In contrast to the major oxides, concentrations of Mn, Co, Cu, and Ni soluble in hydroxylamine hydrochlorideacetic acid are strongly different in the surface and subsurface Quaternary sediment. Mn and Ni exhibit pronounced depletions in the subsurface sediment, Ni slightly more than Mn. Cu is also depleted in the subsurface sediment, but less than Mn. The ratios of Ni:Mn, Cu:Mn, and Fe:Mn in these nodules approximate the corresponding ratios of the soluble fraction of surface sediment. Relatively high Cu/Mn, Ni/Mn, and low Fe/Mn ratios of...
*  Metal concentrations in pelagic seabirds from the North Pacific Ocean - Springer
... Metal concentrations in pelagic seabirds from the North Pacific Ocean. Affiliated with Department of Environment Conservation, Ehime University. Affiliated with Department of Environment Conservation, Ehime University Research Institute of North Pacific Fisheries, Faculty of Fisheries, Hokkaido University. Affiliated with Department of Environment Conservation, Ehime University. Affiliated with Department of Environment Conservation, Ehime University. Affiliated with Department of Environment Conservation, Ehime University Research Institute of North Pacific Fisheries, Faculty of Fisheries, Hokkaido University. The concentrations of Cd and Hg reported here, however, seem to be natural rather than due to environmental pollution. Share Share this content on Facebook Share this content on Twitter Share this content on LinkedIn. Res Inst North Pac Fish Hokkaido Univ, Spec Vol:191–206 Hamanaka T 1984 Heavy metals accumulation in seabirds. Bull Fac Fish Hokkaido Univ 35:171–178 Honda K, Tatsukawa R 1983 Distri...
*  Trashed: Across the Pacific Ocean, Plastics, Plastics, Everywhere CHARLES MOORE / Natural History v.
Air. Throughout the race our strategy, like that of every other boat in the race, had been mainly to avoid the North Pacific subtropical gyre-the great high-pressure system in the central Pacific Ocean that, most of the time, is centered just north of the racecourse and halfway between Hawaii and the mainland. In the week it took to cross the subtropical high, no matter what time of day I looked, plastic debris was floating everywhere: bottles, bottle caps, wrappers, fragments. My interest in marine debris did not begin with my crossing of the North Pacific subtropical gyre. And for the past fifty years or so, plastics that have made their way into the Pacific Ocean have been fragmenting and accumulating as a kind of swirling sewer in the North Pacific subtropical gyre. Plastics and other waste have accumulated in the region, which includes the foraging areas of Pacific bird colonies, such as that of the Tern Island albatross, shown in blue, and that of the Guadalupe Island albatross, shown in green. Those hi...
*  South Pacific Gyre
... NOTOC The 'Southern Pacific Gyre ' is part of the Earth’s system of rotating ocean currents, bounded by the Equator to the north, Australia to the west, the Antarctic Circumpolar Current to the south, and South America to the east. The center of the South Pacific Gyre is the site on Earth farthest from any continents and productive ocean regions and is regarded as Earth’s largest oceanic desert. 1 Sediment flux and accumulation Subseafloor biosphere Water color See also References. Sediment flux and accumulation. The low levels of nutrients in the region result in extremely low primary productivity in the ocean surface and subsequently very low flux of organic material settling to the ocean floor as marine snow. The low levels of biogenic and eolian deposition cause sediments to accumulate on the ocean floor very slowly. Subseafloor biosphere. Beneath the seafloor, the marine sediments and surrounding porewaters contain an unusual subseafloor biosphere. Despite extremely low amounts of buried organic...
*  South Pacific Ocean Passage Planning - Weather and Routing - World Cruising Club
... World Cruising Club. Members Area. Forum ARC. Rally Portugal. ARC Europe. World ARC. Classic Malts Cruise. Forum Home. recent topics. recent posts. search. Help. Home » Weather and Routing » South Pacific Ocean Passage Planning. Please login to create a post. Sue Richards United Kingdom Posts: 46 Cruising World Magazine have just published an excellent planning article for the South Pacific by Jimmy Cornell. Over the last 35 years, this three-time circumnavigator has undertaken four voyages to the Pacific Ocean, roaming its waters far and wide, from southern Chile to Alaska and from Easter Island to Papua New Guinea, with visits to every island group in between. Go to to read the article. permalink. 23/05/2013 13:16:59. Sue Richards United Kingdom Posts: 27 Informative planning advice for the South Pacific updated by the noonsite team 2013. Go to perma...
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Forum. Forum. Traxxas Maxx Trucks. View Profile. View Forum Posts. RC Racer. Join Date Apr 2012 Location Middle of the Pacific Ocean Posts 171. Parts: FLM chassis and braces FLM towers RPM tru track rear with traxxas rings for pillow mounts RPM front arms Traxxas cvds Hardcore titanium skids Proline bumpers Integy single wheel wheelie bar Steering is a double stock emaxx servo saver Diffs are stock emaxx This is all been run on a 2650 kv motor and 150a esc. JR servo and on 4s. Reply With Quote. View Profile. View Forum Posts. Reply With Quote. View Profile. View Forum Posts. Reply With Quote. 01-28-2013, 01:20 PM. View Profile. View Forum Posts. RC Racer. Join Date Apr 2012 Location Middle of the Pacific Ocean Posts 171. Originally Posted by turbo cat1. Join Date Apr 2012 Location Middle of the Pacific Ocean Posts 171. Join Date Apr 2012 Location Middle of the Pacific Ocean Posts 171. Join Date Apr 2012 Location Middle of the Pacific Ocean Posts 171. Join Date Apr 2012 Location Middle of the Pacific Ocean Pos...
*  Gadfly petrel
Split from 'Pterodroma arminjoniana' Pacific Ocean basin species 'Pterodroma externa', ' Juan Fernandez petrel ' Pacific Ocean basin species 'Pterodroma neglecta', ' Kermadec petrel ' Pacific Ocean basin species with eccentric breeding locality in the Indian Ocean-Round Island, Mauritius 'Pterodroma phaeopygia', ' Galapagos petrel ' Pacific Ocean basin species 'Pterodroma sandwichensis', ' Hawaiian petrel ' Pacific Ocean basin species 'Pterodroma atrata', ' Henderson petrel ' Pacific Ocean basin species 'Pterodroma alba', ' Phoenix petrel ' Pacific Ocean basin species 'Pterodroma feae', ' Fea's petrel ' Atlantic Ocean basin species 'Pterodroma desertae', ' Desertas petrel ' disputed Atlantic Ocean basin species 'Pterodroma madeira', ' Zino's petrel ' or 'Madeira petrel' Atlantic Ocean basin species 'Pterodroma' sp., ' Canary Islands petrel ', prehistoric possibly extirpated population of extant species 'Pterodroma mollis', ' soft-plumaged petrel ' Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean and margins of Western Pacific Oc...
*  Guide to the Identification of Larval and Early Juvenile Poachers (Scorpaeniformes: Agonidae) from
Guide to the Identification of Larval and Early Juvenile Poachers Scorpaeniformes: Agonidae from the Northeastern Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea - Aquatic Commons. Browse by Issuing Agency. Guide to the Identification of Larval and Early Juvenile Poachers Scorpaeniformes: Agonidae from the Northeastern Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea. 1998 Guide to the Identification of Larval and Early Juvenile Poachers Scorpaeniformes: Agonidae from the Northeastern Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea. NOAA/National Marine Fisheries Service, NOAA Technical Report NMFS, 137. Official URL: Abstract Developmental stages of 22 species representing 16 genera of agonid fishes occurring in the northeastern Pacific Ocean from San Francisco Bay to the Arctic Ocean are presented. Larval stages of nine species are described for the first time. Information on five other species is provided from the literature for comparative purposes. The primary objective of this guide is to present taxonomic character...
*  [USA] Congenital hypothyroid cases in 5 states on Pacific ocean increased by +28% from 3/17 to
Congenital hypothyroid cases in 5 states on Pacific ocean increased by +28% from 3/17 to 6/30/2011. Congenital hypothyroid cases in 5 states on Pacific ocean increased by +28% from 3/17 to 6/30/2011 0. Highest levels of I-131 and airborne gross beta were documented in the five US States on the Pacific Ocean. At the time of the analysis, data were only available up to October 4, 2011, and thus results for the periods January 1 to October 4 were com- pared for 2010 and 2011. To identify an “exposed” population, we selected 18 EPA stations in the five Pacific/West Coast States for which at least 20 gross beta measurements were made during both 2010 and 2011. The data show that in the 18 sites in the Pacific/West Coast “exposed” was 7.345 times higher in the March 15-April 30 period, compared to just 2.397 in the 31 other sites “controls”, a ratio of 3.06. 2013 Elevated airborne beta levels in Pacific/West Coast US States and trends in hypothyroidism among newborns after the Fukushima nuclear meltdown. Highest le...
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World Ocean Video. World Ocean Observatory. Newsletter Signup Create Account Log in. OCEAN TODAY. Ocean Climate. The Arctic Biodiversity CO2 Emissions Coastal Resources Disease Economic Effects Extreme Weather Fresh Water Fresh Water to Ocean Ocean Acidification Ocean Currents Small Island Nations Adaptation Invention Mitigation Participation. Ocean Literacy. One Big Ocean Shaping the Features of Earth Weather and Climate A Habitable Planet Diversity of Life Humans and the Ocean An Unexplored Landscape. The Physical Ocean. Census of Marine Life Circle of Blue. Fresh Water News Climate Change Institute Encyclopedia of Life EU Ocean Eye on Earth Google Ocean International Polar Year IOC/UNESCO Ocean Health Index Marine Protected Areas Millennium Ecosystem Assessment Milstein Hall of Ocean Life NOAA UNESCO UN World Ocean Assessment UN Atlas of the Oceans US Ocean Policy WoRMS. World Register of Marine Species. The Cultural Ocean. Magazines Journals Maritime History Ocean Art Maritime Traditions Publications. Cit...
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Trans Ocean MTY Monterey Border Area Rug, Ocean. Mon-Fri 4am-10pm PST Sat-Sun 5am-8pm PST Mon-Fri 4am-10pm PST Sat-Sun 5am-8pm PST Live Chat. > Trans Ocean MTY Monterey Border Area. Trans Ocean MTY Monterey Border Area Rug, Ocean Part of the Monterey Collection by Trans Ocean. Trans Ocean MTY Monterey Border Area Rug, Ocean. Trans Ocean MTY Monterey Border Area Rug, Ocean Part of the Monterey Collection by Trans Ocean. Select Size 1-ft 11-in x 2-ft 11-in 1-ft 11-in x 7-ft 6-in Runner 3-ft 3-in x 4-ft 11-in 4-ft 11-in x 7-ft 6-in 7-ft 10-in Square 7-ft 10-in x 9-ft 10-in 42463|364820|165388|165384|42506|42466. Items In This Collection. Item you're currently viewing: Trans Ocean MTY Monterey Border Area Rug, Ocean Select Option 1-Ft 11-In X 2-Ft 11-In 1-Ft 11-In X 7-Ft 6-In Runner 3-Ft 3-In X 4-Ft 11-In 4-Ft 11-In X 7-Ft 6-In 7-Ft 10-In Square 7-Ft 10-In X 9-Ft 10-In. Trans Ocean MTY Monterey Mums Area Rug, Sunset $24.50 to $248.50 You Save Up To $57.78. Trans Ocean MTY Monterey Mums Area Rug, Neutral $24.50 to...
*  Pacific Ocean Shelf Tracking Project
... the pacific ocean shelf tracking project post is a field project of the census of marine life that researches the behavior of marine animals through the use of ocean telemetry and data management systems this system of telemetry consists of highly efficient lines of acoustic receivers that create sections of the continental shelf along the coast of the pacific northwest the acoustic receivers pick up signals from the tagged animals as they pass along the lines allowing for the documentation of movement patterns the receivers also allow for the estimation of parameters such as swimming speed and mortality the trackers sit on the seabed of the continental shelf and in the major rivers of the world this method can be used to improve fishing skills and management http www coml org projects pacific ocean shelf tracking project post the program started in and was initially limited to the study of the movement and ocean survival of both hatchery raised and wild salmon in the pacific northwest after the successf...
*  Trans Ocean MTY Monterey Texture Stripe Area Rug, Green | ATG Stores
Trans Ocean MTY Monterey Texture Stripe Area Rug, Green. Mon-Fri 4am-10pm PST Sat-Sun 5am-8pm PST Mon-Fri 4am-10pm PST Sat-Sun 5am-8pm PST Live Chat. > Trans Ocean MTY Monterey Texture Stripe. Trans Ocean MTY Monterey Texture Stripe Area Rug, Green Part of the Monterey Collection by Trans Ocean. Trans Ocean MTY Monterey Texture Stripe Area Rug, Green. Trans Ocean MTY Monterey Texture Stripe Area Rug, Green Part of the Monterey Collection by Trans Ocean. Select Size 1-ft 11-in x 2-ft 11-in 1-ft 11-in x 7-ft 6-in Runner 3-ft 3-in x 4-ft 11-in 4-ft 11-in x 7-ft 6-in 7-ft 10-in Square 7-ft 10-in x 9-ft 10-in 42463|364820|165388|165384|42506|42466. Items In This Collection. Item you're currently viewing: Trans Ocean MTY Monterey Texture Stripe Area Rug, Green Select Option 1-Ft 11-In X 2-Ft 11-In 1-Ft 11-In X 7-Ft 6-In Runner 3-Ft 3-In X 4-Ft 11-In 4-Ft 11-In X 7-Ft 6-In 7-Ft 10-In Square 7-Ft 10-In X 9-Ft 10-In. Trans Ocean MTY Monterey Mums Area Rug, Sunset $24.50 to $248.50 You Save Up To $57.78. Trans Ocean MT...
*  .. Floating Islands in the Pacific Gyre .. Post navigation .. permaculture jobs .. @gaiapunk tweet
Floating Islands in the Pacific Gyre. January 5, 2009 January 6, 2009. For those of you who may not know the North Pacific Gyre is area in the Pacific Ocean twice the size of Texas that collects lots and lots of plastic junk from ocean currents all over the world. green building design, permaculture, permaculture design, Permaculture News. ecological solutions ecotecture floating islands michael barton Pacific Gyre permaculture permaculture punk permaculture theory permie punk permie punx plastic islands punk punk permaculture punk-rock-permaculture punkrock permaculture Reishee Sowa Rhizome Collective sustainability. Cascadia Guerrilla Gardening Brigade Couch Potato Revolution Cricket Bread DIY CITY Gaian Mind Collective Garden Punks Guerrilla Gardening Research Lab Perma Media Permaculture Activist Magazine Permaculture Earth Artisans Post Punk Kitchen Punk Rawk Labs Punk Rock Permaculture Store Raccoon Collective Radical Freeschool Radio The Hail Seizures Tiller – Olympia Web Design Trailer Park Girl. Punk...
*  Commission for Environmental Cooperation: Baja California to the Bering Sea
... Commission for Environmental Cooperation EN. North American Agreement On Environmental Cooperation. North American Portal on Climate Pollutants. North America's Marine Protected Areas. North American Partnership for Environmental Community Action NAPECA Enthusiastic response to CEC s call for proposals under its NAPECA grant program. Home Baja California to the Bering Sea Text size:. Marine ecosystems map viewer Baja California to Bering Sea Map. Marine ecosystems map viewer Baja California to Bering Sea Map From the Gulf of California, with its deep canyons, nutrient-rich upwellings and high levels of endemism, to the 20,000 kilometers of bays, inlets and inland drainage systems of the Pacific Northwest and the high productivity of the Bering Sea, the west coast of North America is home to unique and important shared marine environments. In 1995, 109 nations of the world adopted the United Nations Global Programme of Action for the Protection of the Marine Environment from Land Based Activities GPA Unit...
*  “Japan is in the Process of Contaminating the Entire Pacific Ocean” - USAHM Conspiracy
... Facebook snoops on people just like NSA – Belgian watchdog to court. Is The Virginia Shooting Hoax Blowing Up in the MSM’s Face. Home Featured News. Featured News. September 1, 2015. 0 Is The Virginia Shooting Hoax Blowing Up in the MSM’s Face. September 1, 2015. Is The Virginia Shooting Hoax Blowing Up in the MSM’s Face. August 26, 2015. August 25, 2015. Interesting News. “Japan is in the Process of Contaminating the Entire Pacific Ocean”. “Japan is in the Process of Contaminating the Entire Pacific Ocean” on May 2, 2012. It does seem that Japan is in the process of contaminating the entire Pacific Ocean via continued uncontrolled releases of radioactivity at Fukushima. I don’t think anyone was really ever that happy about nuclear power and nuclear weapons but a lot of money and power were concentrated in the nuclear industry. The story of the nuclear waste pools was just published in the Huffington Post. The prefectural government does say the depleted uranium is stored at the complex, but there has be...
*  'Living' battery on Pacific Ocean floor -
... Top News. News. World News. Entertainment. Odd News. Security Industry. Energy Industry. Sports. Science. Health. Photos. Latest Photos. News. Entertainment. Sports. Archives. Home / Science News 'Living' battery on Pacific Ocean floor. 9, 2011 at 8:00 PM Follow @upi. SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 9 UPI -- U.S. scientists say they've discovered a living battery at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, in microbes that live near hydrothermal vents. Like Us on Facebook for more stories from New microbes found on Pacific Ocean floor. Organic semiconductor crystals grown vertically for first time 1 day ago LOS ANGELES, Oct. 1 day ago WILLIAMSBURG, Va., Oct. Conservationists: Smog disrupting migratory birds in Malaysia 1 day ago JOHOR BAHRU, Malaysia, Oct. Scientists model the inside of an active volcano 1 day ago SEATTLE, Oct. NASA CubeSats to test laser communication, tandem orbit 1 day ago LOMPOC, Calif., Oct. ABOUT UPI United Press International is a leading provider of news, photos and information to millions ...
*  Pacific Ocean | The Diplomat
Pacific Ocean. The Diplomat. Advertise. Partners. Contact Us. The Diplomat. Central Asia. East Asia. Oceania. South Asia. Southeast Asia. Economy. Diplomacy. Environment. Politics. Security. Society. Blogs. China Power Flashpoints Asia Defense ASEAN Beat The Pulse The Koreas Tokyo Report The Debate Crossroads Asia The Rebalance Pacific Money Asia Life Oceania. Interviews. Photo Essays. Podcasts. Japan Affairs Asia Geopolitics Korea Talk. Magazine. Pacific Ocean. June 30, 2015. By Elizabeth Ferris for The Diplomat. June 30, 2015. Read Story. August 17, 2014. As Radioactive Water Accumulates, TEPCO Eyes Pacific Ocean As Dumping Ground. TEPCO is running out of space to store contaminated water. Read Story. As Radioactive Water Accumulates, TEPCO Eyes Pacific Ocean As Dumping Ground. June 27, 2014. On the Sidelines: Latin America's Pacific Security Interests. Read Story. On the Sidelines: Latin America's Pacific Security Interests. August 08, 2012. Read Story. purpose and power is more likely to deter than provok...
*  Pacific Ocean
... Acoustics Research Letters Online. AIP Conference Proceedings. American Journal of Physics. APL Materials. Applied Physics Letters. Applied Physics Reviews. Chinese Journal of Chemical Physics. Journal of Applied Physics. The Journal of Chemical Physics. Journal of Laser Applications. Journal of Mathematical Physics. Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data. Journal of Rheology 1929-1932 Journal of Rheology 1978-present The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. Journal of Vacuum Science Technology. Journal of Vacuum Science Technology A. Journal of Vacuum Science Technology B. Physics of Fluids 1958-1988 Physics of Fluids 1994-present Physics of Fluids A: Fluid Dynamics 1989-1993 Physics of Fluids B: Plasma Physics 1989-1993 Physics of Particles and Nuclei. Physics Today. Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics. Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Letters. Transactions of The Society of Rheology 1957-1977. Publications Topics Collections Librarians Authors. AIP Publishing AVS: Science Technolog...
*  DailyTech - SpaceX's Dragon Reaches Pacific Ocean, Ends Successful ISS Journey
... Science SpaceX's Dragon Reaches Pacific Ocean, Ends Successful ISS Journey Tiffany Kaiser. - May 31, 2012 7:33 PM. SpaceX's Dragon cargo capsule in the Pacific Ocean Source: Michael Altenhofen. SpaceX will now look forward to hearing from NASA about 12 additional missions to the ISS SpaceX's Dragon cargo capsule has successfully completed its first trip to the International Space Station ISS with a splash in the Pacific Ocean. After the space shuttle fleet's retirement, SpaceX stepped in with its Dragon cargo capsule and Falcon 9 rocket to lift supplies to the ISS. From there, the Dragon delivered 674 pounds of food, clothing and other supplies as well as 271 pounds of cargo bags, 46 pounds of science experiments, and 22 pounds of computer equipment to the ISS. With the Dragon mission being a success, SpaceX will now look forward to hearing from NASA about 12 additional missions to the ISS. The Heavy Falcon is a powerful rocket that represents SpaceX's entry into the heavy lift launch vehicle...
*  Kelly Classic Bootcut in Pacific Ocean - Denim - CITIZENS of HUMANITY
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*  Aleutian
... may refer to the aleut people the indigenous people of the aleutian islands the pribilof islands the shumagin islands and the far western part of the alaska peninsula in alaska and of kamchatka krai russia the aleut language the language of the aleut people the aleutian islands a chain of islands in alaska extending miles km west from the tip of the alaskan peninsula which separate the bering sea and north pacific ocean the aleutian range a mountain range in alaska the aleutian trench or aleutian trough a deep in the north pacific ocean at the western end of the aleutian islands the aleutian disease affecting mustelids caused by the aleutian disease virus the aleutian enterprise a factory trawler that capsized and sank in the bering sea due to violation of various safety measures...
*  Descriptions and articles about the Strawberry Corallimorpharian (Corynactis californica) - Encyclop
Descriptions and articles about the Strawberry Corallimorpharian Corynactis californica - Encyclopedia of Life. Learn more about this article. Source: Invertebrates of the Salish Sea. Trusted. Article rating from 1 person. Average rating: 3.0 of 5. comment on or rate this article. Learn more about this article. Rosario Beach Marine Laboratory. Source: Invertebrates of the Salish Sea. Trusted. Article rating from 0 people. Default rating: 2.5 of 5. comment on or rate this article. Learn more about this article. Trusted. Article rating from 1 person. Average rating: 1.0 of 5. comment on or rate this article. Learn more about this article. The Regents of the University of Michigan and its licensors. Source: Animal Diversity Web. Trusted. Article rating from 0 people. Default rating: 2.5 of 5. comment on or rate this article. Learn more about this article. Source: Invertebrates of the Salish Sea. Trusted. Article rating from 0 people. Default rating: 2.5 of 5. comment on or rate this article. Syntype for Corynact...
*  T.S. Lane joins Kristy in Pacific Ocean -
Lane joins Kristy in Pacific Ocean - Top News. News. World News. Odd News. Security Industry. Energy Industry. News. Home / Top News / U.S. News T.S. Lane joins Kristy in Pacific Ocean. 15 UPI -- Tropical Storm Lane was born in the Pacific Ocean Saturday, joining Kristy far off the coast of Mexico, U.S. Neither storm was a threat to land, the National Hurricane Center in Miami said in its 11 p.m. Lane was pumping out 40 mph winds reaching up to 60 miles from its center about 1,145 miles southwest of the southern tip of Baja California, Mexico. To the north and closer to Mexico, Kristy's winds were holding at about 40 mph. The storm was centered about 405 miles west of Baja California's southern tip as it moved to the northwest at 9 mph. With tropical storm winds pushing out 90 miles from its center, Kristy was creating potentially dangerous higher swells and rough surf along the southern Baja California coast. Related UPI Stories Nadine holds strength while Kristy weakens. Hurricane Lane weakening in...
*  Newport 5 br Ocean Front Vacation Rental Home: Awesome Views of the Pacific Ocean from this 5 Bedroo
... m Home. ID:10797. Traveler Login Owner Login. Search Plan with Friends Contact a Specialist List Property Deals Help. Vacation Rentals North America United States Oregon Newport Property ID: 10797. Awesome Views of the Pacific Ocean from this 5 Bedroom Home Newport 5 br Vacation Rental Home. Tweet. Print. Add note. Add favorite Details. Availability. Rates. Map. Property Summary Newport, Oregon, United States. Type Home. Bedrooms 5. Bathrooms 3. Sleeps 10. Rates $300 - $450 per night $2,100 - $2,800 per week $3,000 - $6,000 per month. Payment types accepted: Check and the ones shown above. Vacation Home Rental Description:. Bring the Family, Best Friends, Business Associates, or Plan a Reunion. This beautiful home has a Large Great Room on the 2nd Floor with a full view of the Pacific Ocean from every corner. The Kitchen is Huge and is Fully Stocked. There is a Large Diningroom Table, A Counter with Bar Stools, a Fireplace, Several Couches, T.V., DVD, VCR, Games, Puzzles and More. There...
*  Oxygen utilization and organic carbon remineralization in the Pacific Ocean - ePIC
... Browse. Author. Year. Platform. Organizations. Programs. Research Networks. Type. Search. Simple. Advanced. About. About. Policies. Citation Guide. Login. Alfred-Wegener-Institut Helmholtz-Zentrum für Polar- und Meeresforschung. Imprint. Contact. OAI. RSS 2.0. Home. Browse. Author. Year. Platform. Organizations. Programs. Research Networks. Type. Search. Simple. Advanced. About. About. Policies. Citation Guide. Login Login. Oxygen utilization and organic carbon remineralization in the Pacific Ocean. Edit Item. HTML Citation ASCII Citation EndNote BibTeX MODS OpenURL ContextObject in Span MPEG-21 DIDL EP3 XML Dublin Core EndNote Simple Metadata. General Information: Citation: Feely, R. A, Sabine, C. L, Schlitzer, R., Bullister, J. L, Mecking, S. and Greeley, D. 2004 : Oxygen utilization and organic carbon remineralization in the Pacific Ocean, Journal of oceanography, 60 1, pp,. pp. 45-52. Cite this page as: hdl: 10013/epic.19594 Contact Email: Related Data:. Dow...
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*  Nutrient and extracted chlorophyll data from the GLOBEC long-term observation program, 1997-2004 (re
Nutrient and extracted chlorophyll data from the GLOBEC long-term observation program, 1997-2004 revised 2012. mirage. mirage. mirage Nutrient and extracted chlorophyll data from the GLOBEC long-term observation program, 1997-2004 revised 2012. DSpace/Manakin Repository. Login. SA@OSU Home → College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences → Faculty Research Publications College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences → View Item. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Nutrient and extracted chlorophyll data from the GLOBEC long-term observation program, 1997-2004 revised 2012. Wetz, Jennifer Jarrell; Hill, Jon; Corwith, Holly L.; Wheeler, Patricia A. File Name: GLOBEC nutchl datareport 7 06 updated 120612 .pdf. Size: 1.431Mb. Format: PDF. Description: Nutrient and extracted chlorophyll data from the GLOBEC long-term observation program, 1997-2004 revised 2012 .pdf. View/ Open. URI: Date: 2004-02. Subject: Chemical ocea...
*  Into the Blue Serengeti | Natural History Magazine
Into the Blue Serengeti. Into the Blue Serengeti The migrations of Pacific predators resemble those of African wildlife. Leatherback turtles in the eastern Pacific were tagged at their nesting sites in Costa Rica and Mexico; western Pacific turtles were tagged at nesting sites in Indonesia and on their foraging grounds off the coast of California. That’s especially true in the marine ecosystem defined by the California Current, where whales, sharks, tuna, seals, seabirds, and turtles migrate each year. Like the African savanna, says Costa, the Pacific Ocean has a “Big Five”: he compares great white sharks to lions, bluefin tuna to leopards, blue whales to African elephants, leatherback sea turtles to black rhinos, and elephant seals to Cape buffaloes. Scientists see parallels between migration patterns of prey, predators, and scavengers in East Africa’s Serengeti region and movements of species in the Pacific. “The movements of marine species in the California Current are similar to those in the Serengeti,” s...
*  Category:Drainage basins of the Pacific Ocean
category drainage basins of the pacific ocean category drainage basins of the pacific ocean category bodies of water of the pacific ocean pacific...
*  Mānoa: HOT news: Pacific carbon pump speeds up in summer | University of Hawaii News
M noa: HOT news: Pacific carbon pump speeds up in summer. HOT news: Pacific carbon pump speeds up in summer University of Hawai i at M noa Contact: Cheryl Ernst, 808 956-5941. Photo 3 An international team of scientists led by University of Hawai i at M noa oceanographer David Karl has documented a regular, significant and unexpected increase in the amount of particulate matter exported to the deep sea in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre. Measuring the biological carbon pump Using 13 years of Hawai i Ocean Time-series HOT data from Station ALOHA A Long-term Oligotrophic Habitat Assessment about 100 miles north of O ahu, the scientists identified a rapid, predictable summer jump in the amount of total carbon, organic carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and biogenic silica transferred from sunlit surface waters to the ocean depths through what is called the biological carbon pump. This summer export pulse is approximately threefold greater than mean wintertime particle fluxes and fuels more efficient carbon sequestr...
*  Video: Animation of the temporal evolution of ocean acidification in the California Current System ~
... Frequency. Sign In Sign Up. Follow @OnFrequency. Guide. Message sent. Check your Phone. 21h ago. Top New. Add. Animation of the temporal evolution of ocean acidification in the California Current System. see also 3y ago. Oculus Toybox Promo. see also 21h ago. Artywell - Poing. see also 1d ago. Navy Fighters Chase UFO Over Hanford Atomic Plant in 1945. see also 1d ago. Galactic princess ALPHA 0.74 building presentation. see also 2d ago. Channel 4 Idents 2015 - Review. see also 3d ago. Rhino in action Marmon Herrington of Elie P. see also 3d ago. Hebocon in Yamaguchi 2015 - The robot competition for technically ungifted people. see also 3d ago. see also 3d ago. see also 5d ago. Virtual Robots & Cardboard - The Future of Augmented Reality in Education. see also 1w ago. Day Tripper Beatles Randy California Strange Brew Project. see also 1w ago. Oculus Medium. see also 1w ago. see also 1w ago. TUTORIAL: Fully Interactive Ocean with Blender 2.75. see also 1w ago. see also 2w ago. see also 2w ago. see also 2w a...
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The ocean was still there. On being left-handed, the ocean, God, and more than one toothbrush Year of the Ocean Two Oceans Lake being thrown into the ocean, if nothing else, will teach you how to swim Ocean Liner Lucky Starr and the Oceans of Venus Ocean Colour Scene Great Ocean Road Ocean acidification A Just Ocean Ocean Software ...And Oceans Ocean sunfish the ocean is never calm and still, but the depths are very different from the surface Pacific Ocean This New Ocean - Preface Ocean child Once upon a time there was an ocean but now there is a mountain range. Indian Ocean Billy Ocean Edge of the Ocean Life is an ocean. Ocean's Twelve South Atlantic Ocean Arctic Ocean Ocean Ranger Ocean Drilling Program oceans of lemonade You are a thousand people swimming in an ocean of light To feel the ocean of my dreams Pacific Ocean Islands Daniel Ocean user My body is an ocean, deep and rich, and the slow tides are my life mermaids never miss their legs in the sea because mermaids know that there are better ways to mo...
*  Improved near-real-time tracking of 2010 El Nino reveals marine life reductions
Earth. Earth Sciences. Sea surface temperature readings from November, December and January in degrees Celsius show warm water bands off Baja California and the Southern California Bight. Credit: NOAA DAAC The ongoing El Nino of 2010 is affecting north Pacific Ocean ecosystems in ways that could affect the West Coast fishing industry, according to scientists at NOAA and Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego. Researchers with the California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations CalCOFI at Scripps and NOAA's Southwest Fisheries Science Center report a stronger than normal northward movement of warm water up the Southern California coast, a high sea-level event in January and low abundances of plankton and pelagic fish — all conditions consistent with El Niño. Sea surface temperatures along the entire West Coast are 0.5 to 1 degree Celsius 0.9 to 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than normal and at points off Southern California are as much as 1.6 degrees Celsius 2.9 degrees Fahrenheit higher than...
*  .. Great Comment by EZ on about subjective interpretation of nuclear units.
« Carnival #165: Carnival of Nuclear Bloggers More Clarity about Fukushima from Rational Rod Adams ». Great Comment by EZ on about subjective interpretation of nuclear units. Rod Adam’s had a guest posting recently and I saw this comment as he often has brilliant comments of his own but one of his followers, Evan Zwack who uses EZ, made this great observation to the level of art. “The thing that has gone the farthest in convincing me that the fears about nuclear power are overblown is the difference between the way that anti nuclear people treat radiation from nuclear power, and radiation from all other sources. Your article did a good j o b of showing those differences. The oceans have Uranium in them. In the pacific ocean the radiation from Uranium is 22 EBq or 22,000,000 trillion becquerels. In the pacific ocean the radiation from Potassium 40 is 7,400 EBq or 7,400,000,000 trillion becquerels. The oceans have Carbon 14 in them. In the pacific ocean the radiation from Carbon 14 is 3 EBq o...
*  The Death Of The Pacific Ocean
... Fukushima Debris Soon To Hit American Shores. By Yoichi Shimatsu Exclusive To Hong Kong-Based Environmental Consultant. Former General Editor Japan Times Weekly In Tokyo. 12-16-11. An unstoppable tide of radioactive trash and chemical waste from Fukushima is pushing ever closer to North America. An estimated 20 million tons of smashed timber, capsized boats and industrial wreckage is more than halfway across the ocean, based on sightings off Midway by a Russian ship's crew. Safe disposal of the solid waste will be monumental task, but the greater threat lies in the invisible chemical stew mixed with sea water. This new triple disaster floating from northeast Japan is an unprecedented nuclear, biological and chemical NBC contamination event. Radioactive isotopes cesium and strontium are by now in the marine food chain, moving up the bio-ladder from plankton to invertebrates like squid and then into fish like salmon and halibut. Sea animals are also exposed to the millions of tons of biological ...
*  Could We Lose The Pacific Ocean? | High Existence
Could We Lose The Pacific Ocean. High Existence. Join. Sign In. Blog. Discuss. About. Mission. Tour. Contact. Write for HE. Advertise. 1. Posted by O'Reilly 13. Could We Lose The Pacific Ocean. 2 years, 1 month ago. I see this picture posted on facebook today. It would appear that the Fukushima Plant disaster is much worse than predicted. News stations aren t doing much in the way of reporting about it. The radiation appears to have spread out to the shores of North America. This could be something very big in the making. We could be about to face some very real consequences that affect everybody the world over. Am I just being paranoid here. August 26, 2013 at 8:04 pm. Want to reply. Sign In or Create an Account. Sort replies by: Votes Oldest Newest. 1. josephm 769. @josephm. 2 years, 1 month ago ago. 1. josephm 769. @josephm. 2 years, 1 month ago ago. play it as it lies. 1. Out Of Decaf 1. @ZeroCommercialInterruptions. 2 years, 1 month ago ago. I doubt the radiation has reached the shores at high levels, al...
*  Labslink - View Research News : Debris scatters in the Pacific Ocean, possibly heading to US
... Forum Institutions Lab Profiles Laboratory Jobs Laboratory Protocol Literature Projects Research Experts Research News Technologies. Laboratory Protocol. Sep 07, 2015 Conditional Double Gene Knockout Mice Study for Alzheimer’s Disease Aug 21, 2015 Creative Bioarray Now Supplies CABR™ Animal Probes for Bio-research Community Aug 17, 2015 New Products in Creative Proteomics is Mushrooming Jul 03, 2015 Recently BioMed, a real estate company, has announced that the sequencing giant Illu... Jul 01, 2015 Creative Bioarray Supplies Breast Tumor Cells for Biological Researchers Jun 23, 2015 SNP Microarray Service Is Available in CD Genomics Jun 15, 2015 Creative Biolabs Announces Bovine Antibodies with Ultralong CDR3s Jun 15, 2015 Creative Diagnostics will devote more to the research of Adjuvant May 30, 2015 Nutrition of pregnant women affects the health of the child throughout life May 27, 2015 Creative Diagnostics Partners with A New York University by Offering Students Resear... Post Research News. View Resea...
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Alzheimer's Association - eBay Giving Works. Alzheimer's Association The mission of the Alzheimer's Association® is to eliminate Alzheimer’s disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health. 10% of sale benefits Alzheimer's Association. 50% of sale benefits Alzheimer's Association. 15% of sale benefits Alzheimer's Association. 10% of sale benefits Alzheimer's Association. 10% of sale benefits Alzheimer's Association. 10% of sale benefits Alzheimer's Association. 10% of sale benefits Alzheimer's Association. 10% of sale benefits Alzheimer's Association. 10% of sale benefits Alzheimer's Association. 10% of sale benefits Alzheimer's Association. DV Silver print - Pacific Ocean - Young woman - circa 1930/50 Price $5.00. 10% of sale benefits Alzheimer's Association. DV Silver print - Pacific Ocean - Group - circa 1930/50 Price $5.00. ...
*  Sightseeing on the Pacific Coast Highway... | The Cub Reporter (TCR) | A Chicago Cubs Blog
Sightseeing on the Pacific Coast Highway... A Chicago Cubs Blog. MLB Roster Rules. Rule 5 Draft Eligibility Rule 5 Draft Restrictions Draft-Excluded Player MLB Disaster Plan Minor League Options. Minor League Rehabilitation Assignment Bereavement List Family Medical Emergency List Paternity List Temporary Inactive List Voluntary Retired List Restricted List Military List Suspended List Disqualified List Ineligible List Post-Season Roster Eligibility Amateur International Talent Acquisition. Rule 4 Draft. Cubs Minor League Rosters Minor League Free-Agency Arizona Fall League. You are here Home » Sightseeing on the Pacific Coast Highway... Sightseeing on the Pacific Coast Highway... Submitted by Mike Wellman on Fri, 04/11/2008 - 9:48am. Living here in Des Moines I've always gotten a kick out of the local team playing in the Pacific Coast League. I guess that makes the portion of the 'road to Wrigley' that runs through here the Pacific Coast Highway. * Matt Murton is hitting .368 with zero RBI's. Log in or regis...
*  Trans Ocean Imports Area Rugs | Rugs Direct
Trans Ocean Imports Area Rugs. Rugs Direct. Shop Rugs. SHOP BY: SHOP BY: Department reset Area Rugs 430 Clearance 63 Pillows 158 Show Less. Trans Ocean Imports Liora Manne - Seville Mosaic Stripe Blue 9625-03 $13.30 - $1,099.00. Trans Ocean Imports Liora Manne - Ravella Akumal Ocean 2257-04 $39.90 - $749.00. Trans Ocean Imports Liora Manne - Visions IV Wave Ocean 3126-04 $70.00 - $784.00. Trans Ocean Imports Liora Manne - Ombre Stripes Neutral 9620-12 $13.30 - $973.00. Trans Ocean Imports Liora Manne - Madrid Border Neutral 1300-12 $13.30 - $899.50. Trans Ocean Imports Liora Manne - Capri Coral Border Aqua 1620-04 $40.60 - $497.00. Trans Ocean Imports Liora Manne - Petra Oushak Brown 9062-19 $13.30 - $1,099.00. Trans Ocean Imports Liora Manne - Dunes Waves Sand 9102-11 $13.30 - $1,099.00. Trans Ocean Imports Liora Manne - Ombre Stripes Sunrise 9620-18 $13.30 - $973.00. Trans Ocean Imports Liora Manne - Seville Tiger Brown 9644-19 $13.30 - $1,099.00. Trans Ocean Imports Liora Manne - Ombre Horizon Aqua 9663-04... e/Trans-Ocean-Imports b1/
*  Aveda is Saving Oceans & Marine Life One Plastic Cap at a Time | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Inno
Aveda is Saving Oceans Marine Life One Plastic Cap at a Time. Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building. LOGIN. Lost your password. Connect with: Facebook. Twitter. Google. Logging In. SIGN UP. Create an Inhabitat account. Sign up for weekly newsletter. Connect with: Facebook. Twitter. Google. Signing Up. LOST PASSWORD. Checking for Account. twitter. facebook. pinterest. user. Log In. Sign Up. opener. News. Environment. Architecture. Design. Innovation. More. About. Mission. Submit a story. Advertise with us. Contact. Press. Legal. Privacy Policy. Cookie Policy. Log In. Sign Up. Aveda is Saving Oceans & Marine Life One Plastic Cap at a Time Share. Pin. Tweet. Comment. + Environment Aveda is Saving Oceans & Marine Life One Plastic Cap at a Time 6 years ago. under Environment, Green Graphics & Packaging, Innovation, New York City, Recycling. by Rebecca Paul 2 Comments. by Rebecca Paul Share on Facebook. Pin. Tweet +. Wondering how to turn all of those plastic bottle caps runnin...
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*  Boninite
high magnesium content MgO = 8-15% low titanium TiO 2 < 0.5% silica content is 57 - 60% high Mg/ Mg + Fe 0.55-0.83 Mantle-normal compatible elements Ni = 70-450 parts per million, Cr = 200-1800 ppm Ba, Sr, L REE enrichments compared to tholeiite Characteristic Ti/ Zr ratios 23-63 and La / Yb ratios 0.6-4.7. Boninite magma is formed by second stage melting in forearc s via hydration of previously depleted mantle within the mantle wedge above a subducted slab, causing further melting of the already depleted peridotite. The extremely low content of titanium, which is an incompatible element within melting of peridotite is the result of previous melting events that removed most of the incompatible elements from the residual mantle source. Boninite attains its high magnesium and very low titanium content via high degrees of partial melting within the convecting mantle wedge. The high degrees of partial melting are caused by the high water content of the mantle. With the addition of slab-derived volatiles, and inco...
*  Evinrude Ocean Pro - Evinrude Outboard Forums
... Boat Parts Accessories. Most Popular Categories. Boat Covers. Boat Propellers. Bimini Tops. Boat Motors Parts. Boat Motors. Boat Seats & Pontoon Furniture. All Categories. Boats for Sale. Boating Forums. Evinrude Ocean Pro Forum Topics Evinrude Parts. Evinrude Repair Manual. Outboard Motors for Sale. Evinrude Propellers. Lower Units. Evinrude Outboards : Ocean Pro. Replies. Thread Title. Forum Title. 1 225 Evinrude Ocean Pro lower unit oil Johnson Evinrude Outboards. 3 1997 Evinrude Ocean Pro 200HP Johnson Evinrude Outboards. 4 1994 Evinrude Ocean Pro -Tilt/Trim not working Johnson Evinrude Outboards. 6 1996 Evinrude 150 hp Ocean Pro Johnson Evinrude Outboards. 8 '98 Evinrude 200 Ocean Pro Won't go above 4,000 rpms Johnson Evinrude Outboards. 14 Impeller / water pump replacement Evinrude 150 Ocean Pro Johnson Evinrude Outboards. 2 1994 Evinrude Ocean Pro 150 Hp issues Johnson Evinrude Outboards. 6 Is a 1991 Evinrude 200 part of the Ocean Pro series. Johnson Evinrude Outboards. 3 1998 115 evinrude ocean p...
*  Atlanta echinogyra
... {{Taxobox name = 'Atlanta echinogyra' fossil range = Pliocene -Recent image = Atlanta cf echinogyra.png image caption = Apical view of the shell of 'Atlanta' cf. echinogyra' binomial = 'Atlanta echinogyra' binomial authority = Richter, 1972 Richter G. Description Distribution Fossil distribution. Richter named the species after the unique structure of the opercular gyre, with its raised spiral row of spines. The spire is low conical and consists of 3-3.25 whorls. The spire whorls have incised sutures and bear low spiral ridges on the second through most of the fourth whorls. The outer edge of the third and fourth whorls have a raised ridge seen best in the larval shell. The keel is moderately elevated with a slightly truncate leading edge. The keel does not insert between the last two shell whorls. The keel base is either clear or brown. Operculum is type c, with a gyre that bears a raised spiral row of strong, distally-tapering spines hence the specific epithet, "echinogyra". Description overview: Shell...
*  SFOS News: Journal: Auklet odor repels ectoparasites
... SFOS. News Home. Office of the Dean. Prospective Students. Current Students. Courses. People. Newsroom. News. Media Resources. Newsletters. Journeys. Seminars Events. Community Outreach. Publications. Research. Divisions. Research Vessel. Giving to SFOS. Employment. Contact Us. November 18, 2004. Journal: Auklet odor repels ectoparasites Fairbanks, Alaska Ph.D. student Hector D. Douglas III is the lead author of a scientific article published in a recent issue of the Journal of Chemical Ecology. The article clarifies the aldehyde chemical composition of volatile citrus-like odorants present in crested and whiskered auklets, two planktivorous seabird species abundant in the Bering Sea and North Pacific Ocean. The article shows that whiskered and crested auklets produce slightly different citrus-like odors. Crested auklets emit even-numbered aldehydes while whiskered auklets emit odd-numbered aldehydes. The article also cites evidence that the crested auklet odorant functions as a chemical defense against ...
*  MBNMS: Beached birds and physical forcing in the California Current System
... Overview. General Information. Explore Your Sanctuary. Permits, Regulations, Enforcement. Overview. General Information. Ecosystem-Based Management. Permits, Regulations, Enforcement. Conservation Working Group. Overview. General Information. Materials and Resources. Research Monitoring. Overview. General Information. Monitoring and SIMoN. Research Activity Panel. Sanctuary Currents Symposium. Overview. Overview. Conservation Working Group. Research Activity Panel. Sanctuary Education Panel. Materials Resources. Overview. Sanctuary Site Characterization. Research and Monitoring Overview General Information Natural Resources Monitoring and SIMoN Research Activity Panel Sanctuary Currents Symposium Research Publications Technical Reports Ecosystem Observations Site Characterization Bibliography. Beached birds and physical forcing in the California Current System Parrish, J.K., N. In addition to anthropogenic factors, such as oil spills, changes in the ocean-atmosphere can affect carcass beaching rate in 3 ...
*  South Atlantic Anomaly
... thumb|350px|The anomaly at an altitude of approximately 560 kilometers. 1 The 'South Atlantic Anomaly' SAA is an area where the Earth's inner Van Allen radiation belt comes closest to the Earth 's surface dipping down to an altitude of 200 km 124 mi. The effect is caused by the non-concentricity of the Earth and its magnetic dipole, and the SAA is the near-Earth region where the Earth's magnetic field is weakest relative to an idealized Earth-centered dipole field. Position and shape Effects See also References External links. The Van Allen radiation belts are symmetric about the Earth's magnetic axis, which is tilted with respect to the Earth's rotational axis by an angle of approximately 11 degrees. Because of this asymmetry, the inner Van Allen belt is closest to the Earth's surface over the south Atlantic ocean where it dips down to 200 km 124 mi altitude, and farthest from the Earth's surface over the north Pacific ocean. 2 thumb|350px|A cross-sectional view of the Van Allen radiation belts, noting ...
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*  ESRL : PSD : PSD News 2006
... Mike Alexander: "The Pacific Decadal Oscillation PDO : Mechanisms, Predictability and Impact on Climate Variability over the Americas," "Daily to Decadal Sea Surface Temperature Variability Driven by State-Dependent Stochastic Heat Fluxes," and "Decadal Variability in the North Pacific Ocean in a Coupled Physical-Ecosystem Model" Jian-wen Bao: "Air-Sea Fluxes in Hurricanes From GPS Dropsondes and a Fully Coupled Model," Diagnostic and Mechanistic Evaluations of MM5-CMAQ for the Summer 2000 Central California Ozone Study," "Parameterization of the Sea-Spray Effects in the Hurricane Atmospheric Boundary Layer," "A flow-following finite-volume icosahedral model," and "A Method to Illustrate and Measure the Relative sensitivity of RCMs to Uncertainties in the Physics Parameterizations and the Large-Scale Forcing" Henry Diaz: "As the West Warms: Watching Our Home Burn," and "Simulating Climate Change in Central America Using PRECIS Regional Modeling System" Chris Fairall: "Parameterization of the Sea-Spray Ef...
*  UNESCO-IOC Register of Marine Organisms (URMO) - Hydrodamalis gigas (Zimmerman, 1780) †
unesco ioc register of marine organisms urmo hydrodamalis gigas zimmerman introduction search taxa taxon tree literature statistics urmo taxon details hydrodamalis gigas zimmerman aphiaid classification biota animalia chordata vertebrata gnathostomata tetrapoda mammalia theria sirenia dugongidae hydrodamalis hydrodamalis gigas status accepted rank species parent hydrodamalis retzius source not documented environment marine brackish fresh terrestrial fossil range fossil only distribution from other sources north pacific ocean northern north pacific links to biodiversity heritage library publications to encyclopedia of life to genbank nucleotides proteins to iucn red list to itis image hydrodamalis gigas sk lsid urn lsid marinespecies org taxname taxonomic edit history date action by z created vanden berghe edward z changed self sullivan caryn citation self sullivan c hydrodamalis gigas zimmerman accessed through land j van der ed unesco ioc register of marine organisms urmo at http www marinespecies org urmo a...
*  Tristram's storm petrel
tristram s storm petrel tristram s storm petrel taxobox name tristram s storm petrel image tristams storm petrel jpg image caption fledgling status nt status system iucn status ref regnum animalia phylum chordata classis aves ordo procellariiformes familia hydrobatidae subfamilia hydrobatinae genus oceanodroma species o tristrami binomial oceanodroma tristrami binomial authority salvin synonyms the tristram s storm petrel oceanodroma tristrami is a species of seabird in the storm petrel family hydrobatidae the species common and scientific name is derived from the english clergyman henry baker tristram the species can also be known as also known as the sooty storm petrel the tristram s storm petrel has a distribution across the north pacific ocean predominately in tropical seas the tristram s storm petrel has long angular wings and is cm long the plumage is all over dark with a slightly pale rump and a pale grey bar on the upperwing the species is colonial nesting in the northwest hawaiian islands and in seve...'s_storm_petrel
*  Katsuko Saruhashi
... {{Infobox scientist name = Katsuko Saruhashi image = Katsuko Saruhashi.jpg image size = 240px caption = |birth date = March 22, 1920 birth place = |death date = |death place = Tokyo |nationality = Japan ese ethnicity = |field = Geochemistry |work institutions = Meteorological Research Institute, Japan Meteorological Agency |alma mater = the Imperial Women's College of Science predecessor of Toho University |doctoral advisor = |doctoral students = |known for = |influences = |influenced = |prizes = |religion = }}. Saruhashi was born in Tokyo and graduated from the Imperial Women's College of Science predecessor of Toho University in 1943. Then she joined the Meteorological Research Institute which belonged to the Central Meteorological Observatory later Japan Meteorological Agency, and worked in its Geochemical Laboratory with Yasuo Miyake who became her mentor. Yount, Lisa 1996 'Twentieth-Century Women Scientists', Facts On File, Inc., p. 1 Results of nuclear tests at Bikini Atoll. After the Bikini Atoll ...
*  ACP - Related Articles
... Journal cover. Journal topic. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics An interactive open-access journal of the European Geosciences Union EGU Journals. Contact. Imprint. About. Editorial & advisory board. Articles ACP. Recent final revised papers. Volumes and issues. Special issues. Full text search. Title and author search. Articles ACPD. Highlight articles. Subscribe to alerts. Peer review. For authors. For reviewers. User ID. Password. New user. Lost login. Journal metrics IF 5.053. IF 5-year 5.656. SNIP 1.574. IPP 5.054. SJR 3.022. h5-index 92. Definitions. Abstracted/indexed. Science Citation Index. Science Citation Index Expanded. Current Contents/PCE. Scopus. ADS. Cabell's. Chemical Abstracts. CLOCKSS. CNKI. DOAJ. EBSCO. Gale/Cengage. GeoBase. GeoRef. GoOA CAS. Google Scholar. J-Gate. Portico. ProQuest. World Public Library. Volume 13, issue GetIssuesNumber Error. Article. Metrics. Related articles. Atmos. Chem. Phys., 13, 411-428, 2013 doi:10.5194/acp-13-41...
*  NDP029
ndp carbonate chemistry of the north pacific ocean ndp data contributed by chen tung a chen michael r rodman ching ling wei and eric j olson college of oceanography oregon state university corvallis oregon and richard a feely and james f gendron pacific marine environmental laboratory national oceanic and atmospheric administration sand point seattle washington u s a contents of the documentation preface abstract background information source and scope of the data table list of the variables and units for the carbonate data from noaa s co dynamics cruises of the eastern and western north pacific and from the norpax hawaii tahiti shuttle experiment applications of the data limitations and restrictions quality assurance procedures references contents of the data data summary table file descriptions of the eight data files included in ndp table listing of the fortran retrieval program to read and print files ndp e dat ndp w dat and ndp n dat table listing of the first lines of ndp e dat table listing of the firs...
*  Wantage | Meridian - ITV News
Wantage. Meridian - ITV News. ITV. Toggle navigation Player. Shows. Guide. News. Sport. More. Shop. Games. Bingo. Jackpot. Search. Search. Top stories. Your area. National. Border. Tyne Tees. Calendar. Granada. Central. Anglia. London. Meridian. Wales. West Country E. West Country W. Channel. Topics. World. Politics. Election 2015. Business. Money. Health. Education. Entertainment. Royal. Technology. Sport. And Finally. Environment. Science. Travel. Religion. Economy. Weather. Countryside. Employment. Animals. Consumer. Weather. Main page content. Meridian Wantage. Live updates. 5:10 pm, Mon 06 Jul 2015. . A mother's despair as cost of looking after her disabled daughter increases fourfold. The cost of care for their sick daughter has gone up FOUR times under new government rules - and now family from Wantage in Oxfordshire say they're struggling to cope. 26 year old Jody Dickinson suffers from Charge Syndrome - which affects her eyes, ears, growth, heart and breathing A council care grant helps with...
*  Frankenstein: 1
... Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. DETACH NO HIGHLIGHTING. Frankenstein, or, the Modern Prometheus by Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin Shelley. Letter 1. Saville, England St. Petersburgh, Dec. You will rejoice to hear that no disaster has accompanied the commencement of an enterprise which you have regarded with such evil forebodings. I arrived here yesterday, and my first task is to assure my dear sister of my welfare and increasing confidence in the success of my undertaking. I am already far north of London, and as I walk in the streets of Petersburgh, I feel a cold northern breeze play upon my cheeks, which braces my nerves and fills me with delight. This breeze, which has travelled from the regions towards which I am advancing, gives me a foretaste of those icy climes. I try in vain to be persuaded that the pole is the seat of frost and desolation; it ever presents itself to my imagination as the region of beauty and delight. There--for with your leave, my sister, I will put some trust in preceding navigators-...
*  Northeastern Ocean Surface Temperatures at Highest in 150 Years: NOAA -
... Northeastern Ocean Surface Temperatures at Highest in 150 Years: NOAA. Ocean-surface temperatures from Maine to North Carolina have shot to their highest in 150 years, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA announced on April 25. "Sea surface temperatures SSTs in the Northeast Shelf Large Marine Ecosystem during 2012 were the highest ever recorded in both long-term observational and short-term remote sensing time series," said NOAA in a statement containing data from the agency's Northeast Fisheries Science Center. The next-highest temperature reading in this region was registered in 1951, NOAA said. A study published earlier this year in the journal Geophysical Research Letters discussed overall increasing ocean temperatures, noting that oceans absorb much more heat energy than air and could be another indicator of climate change.. Login or Register to post comments Fri, 04/26/2013 - 20:17. Read well and study on your. Read well and study on your own after you have read this. The day w...
*  Ocean Hero: Paul Nicklen -- National Geographic
... The Ocean Ocean Life. See All Topics Arctic Threats Exploration Extreme Deep Conservation Sea Creatures. Ocean Hero: Paul Nicklen. Photograph by Paul Nicklen, National Geographic Stock. Name: Paul Nicklen Place of B irth: Saskatchewan, Canada Current Home : Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada Occupation : Photojournalist and regular contributor to National Geographic magazine What did you want to be when you were growing up. I work 18 hours a day in the field in the Arctic or Antarctica because it is sunny 24 hours a day during their respective summers. More About Ocean Heroes Polar Obsession Photo Gallery See photos of Arctic and Antarctica landscapes and wildlife, such as polar bears, gentoo penguins, and leopard seals, by photographer Paul Nicklen. Secrets of Polar Wildlife Pictures Nicklen shares his thoughts about leopard seals—and other polar predators he has studied since he was a boy growing up in a small Inuit community in the Canadian Arctic. David Doubilet. Paul Nicklen. Deep-Sea Creatures. Colorful Sea...
*  Rocas Alijos
... thumb|390px|overview map with detail inset thumb|390px|Rocas Alijos from the East South Rock to the left. thumb|390px|Rocas Alijos - South Rock left and Middle Rock 'Rocas Alijos' or Escollos Alijos, in English also Alijos Rocks are a group of tiny, steep and barren volcanic islets or above-water as well as below-water rocks in the Pacific Ocean at. {{dead link. South Rock, the largest of the group, is 34 meters 111 ft high, with a diameter of only 14 meters 46 ft position. Middle Rock is 18 meters 59 ft high and about 10 meters 33 ft in diameter. North Rock, 200 meters 656 ft north of South Rock, is 22 meters 72 ft high, with a diameter of 12 meters 39 ft. The rocks seem to be known since the early Spanish history of Mexico; they can be found on a map from 1598. South Rock was climbed for the first time in 1990 by an expedition October 31 through November 7, 1990 under the leadership of Robert Schmieder, who edited a monograph about the rocks. dead link|date=November 2014. The group is located at the tr...
*  Ocean deoxygenation
... is a term that has been suggested to describe the expansion of oxygen minimum zone s in the world s oceans as a consequence of anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide oceanographers and others have discussed what phrase best describes the phenomenon to non specialists among the options considered have been ocean suffocation which was used in a news report from may ocean oxygen deprivation decline in ocean oxygen marine deoxygenation ocean oxygen depletion and ocean hypoxia implications see also references external links implications ocean deoxygenation poses implications for ocean productivity nutrient cycling carbon cycling and marine habitat ocean model simulations predict a decline of up to in the global ocean o content over the next hundred years the decline of oxygen is projected to continue for a thousand years or more see also anoxic event anoxic waters dead zone ecology ocean acidification references by l stramma et al biotic and human vulnerability to projected changes in ocean biogeochemistry...
*  Boyan Slat | Ocean Currents
Why the ocean matters. **Update: June 10, 2014** Ocean Conservancy has been a leader in beach cleanup efforts for nearly 30 years and we are dedicated to continuing these efforts. We applaud Boyan’s creativity and ideas for an ocean cleanup and recognize that he has conducted a feasibility study to further outline the ocean cleanup model. However, the majority of concerns previously voiced by ocean scientists, as well as Ocean Conservancy, regarding the ecological, economical and logistical components of the technology still remain unanswered. Cleanups are an important part of the solution, but Ocean Conservancy believes that in order to address the growing issue of plastic pollution in our ocean, we must also focus on preventing plastic from reaching the ocean in the first place. In addition to our Last Straw Challenge, we will be rolling out a series of efforts over the coming year that we hope you ll participate in, including the International Coastal Cleanup September 20th. Thank you for your feedback, an...
*  Halofolliculina corallasia
... genus = ' Halofolliculina ' binomial = 'Halofolliculina corallasia' binomial authority = Antonius and Lipscomb, 2001 }} 'Halofolliculina corallasia' is a heterotrich ciliate identified as a cause of the syndrome called Skeletal Eroding Band SEB. corallasia' is sessile and lives in a "house" called a lorica, into which the cell can retreat when disturbed. The mouth is flanked by a pair of wing-like projections that are fringed with polykinetid s, groups of cilia that work in groups to produce a current that draws food into the "mouth". This species is so far the only known agent causing Skeletal Eroding Band, the most common disease of coral s in the Indian and Pacific Ocean s, and also found in the Red Sea. A very similar disease was later discovered in the Caribbean Sea, but is caused by a different species of the same genus and occurs in a different type of environment. These are groups of cilia that work in groups to produce a current that draws food into the "mouth". Skeletal Eroding Band. Skeletal E...
*  Jackson Estuarine Laboratory - Facilities | School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering
Jackson Estuarine Laboratory - Facilities. School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering. Apply Contact Maps Directions Storm MyUNH Give A-Z Social UNH. School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering. Home Give to SMSOE UNH Home Contact Us Search. Ocean Discovery Day. Ocean Discovery Day - Public Open House Program Information. Ocean Discovery Day - Saturday Program. Ocean Discovery Day - Student Day. Student Day Tips. Ocean Discovery Day - Student Day Program. Ocean Discovery Day - Exhibitor Registration. Graduate Students. Graduate Studies. Facilities. Ocean Engineering. Facilities. Why Ocean Engineering at UNH. Facilities. Ocean Engineering. Shoals Marine Laboratory. Marine Immersion Photo Gallery. Research at Shoals Marine Laboratory. Photo Gallery. Give to Shoals Marine Laboratory. Shoals Marine Laboratory - Adult and Family Programs. Diving Program. Photo Gallery. Facilities. Jackson Estuarine Laboratory. Facilities. Chase Ocean Engineering Laboratory. Tours of the Chase Ocean Engineering Laboratory. P...
*  OC TRI SERIEs - Home
... Orange County. Weekend Schedule. OC Triathon Course. OC Duathlon Information. OC Duathlon Course. Volunteer. Pacific Coast. Weekend Schedule. Ocean Orientation/Safety Classes. PC Triathlon Course. PC Duathlon Course. Pacific Coast Parking. Volunteer. OC Swim Series. Contact. June 5th, 2016* Lake Mission Viejo Orange County, CA The bike courses make their way up El Toro Road and into Santiago Canyon where the turn around is in sight of Irvine Lake. Athletes will fly back to T2 located at intersection of El Toro Road and Marguerite. The run course starts off downhill but don't be fooled. Athletes will make their way back to Lake Mission Viejo via a mixture of roads, trails and walking paths. Hills for sure. Finish downhill into the parking lot at Lake Mission Viejo and sprint out along the beach to the finish line. September 11th, 2016* Crystal Cove Laguna Beach, CA Triathlon 1/2 Mile Swim - 12 Mile Bike - 3 Mile Run Duathlon 1/2 Mile Beach Run - 12 Mile Bike - 3 Mile Run The run up from the Pacific Ocean ...
*  Study of oceans' past raises worries about their future -
Study of oceans past raises worries about their future - About. Our Bloggers. Request a Blog. Topics. Brain Behavior. Earth, Energy Environment. Health. Life Non-humans. Physics Mathematics. Space. Technology. Get Science Blog by Email. Shop. Select Page. Study of oceans past raises worries about their future Jun 14, 2013. Earth, Energy Environment. The ocean the Titanic sailed through just over 100 years ago was very different from the one we swim in today. Global warming is increasing ocean temperatures and harming marine food webs. Nitrogen run-off from fertilizers is causing coastal dead zones. A McGill-led international research team has now completed the first global study of changes that occurred in a crucial component of ocean chemistry, the nitrogen cycle, at the end of the last ice age. The results of their study confirm that oceans are good at balancing the nitrogen cycle on a global scale. But the data also shows that it is a slow process that may take many centuries, or even mill...
*  To Revive Dying Oceans, Try Sinking a Bunch of Trees | Motherboard
To Revive Dying Oceans, Try Sinking a Bunch of Trees. Motherboard. Discoveries. Space. Futures. Gaming. Earth. Share. Motherboard. Motherboard. Discoveries. Space. Futures. Gaming. Earth. Discoveries. Space. Futures. Gaming. Earth. Motherboard. To Revive Dying Oceans, Try Sinking a Bunch of Trees. Sinking logs into the bottom of the ocean could provide nutrients in a similar fashion to the hydrothermal vents above via. A businessman from San Francisco named Russ George, for example, got in big trouble last year after conducting an unlicensed geoengineering experiment off the Canadian coast. George's idea was to use the nutrient-rich sulfate to stimulate the growth of plankton--a foundational part of the marine food chain--which would reinvigorate declining populations of the region's salmon while absorbing large amounts of carbon from the atmosphere and sequestering it at the bottom of the ocean. This week, a team of German researchers released a study suggesting that ocean fertilization can be assist...
*  PACIFICA : PACIFic ocean Interior CArbon
NOTE that the products below may be updated by change of source data and other reasons. PACIFICA Source Data PACIFICA source data cruise files following WHP-Exchange format are linked at PACIFICA cruise summary table. The original WOCE and CLIVAR repeat hydrography cruises files are stored in and disseminated by CDIAC and CCHDO CLIVAR and Carbon Hydrographic Data Office. zip archived and compressed Archived file of all PACIFICA source data files. PACIFICAsource BIGARRAY.mat Unified MAT file of all PACIFICA source data files using excread.m script on MATLAB. WHP-Exchange format compatible ODV can import as WHP Bottle ; SALNTY/CTDSAL, OXYGEN, NITRAT, PHSPHT, SILCAT, TCARBN and ALKALI are applied additvie or multiplicative PACIFICA recommended adjustment values; Data with quality code flag 2 Acceptable measurement and 6 Mean of replicate measurements are available and other flagged data are relaced with missing value, -999 and 9, and not used for derived parameters; NBS or SWS unit of PH is co...
*  .. Marine Science .. BY CATEGORY .. BY DATE .. Glowing Coral Proteins Aid Medical Research .. Stude
Marine Science. Publication: National Geographic News Date: January 12, 2005 View Article. Tags: Color, Light, Medicine, Protein, Reef Posted in Health, Marine Science. Publication: National Geographic News Date: December 6, 2004 View Article. Tags: Fish, Life, Microbe, Ocean Posted in Marine Science, Technology. Publication: National Geographic News Date: September 17, 2004 View Article. Tags: Antarctica, Desert, Life, Microbe Posted in Animals, Marine Science. Publication: National Geographic News Date: July 1, 2004 View Article. Tags: Deep Sea, Fish Posted in Marine Science, Technology. Publication: National Geographic News Date: June 24, 2004 View Article. The deep ocean floor is a dark, cold, remote, and seemingly lifeless place that until recently lay largely below the radar of science and exploration. “Typically the deep sea is very sparsely populated and at first glance it may appear as a vast, desolated plain of mud,” said Jeffrey Drazen, a marine biologist with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Ins...
*  .. Oriole spring… .. About Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch .. Share this: .. Like this: .. Related
← A woman’s prerogative…. Rain, yes, but not in the eyrie… →. Oriole spring…. Posted on. March 21, 2014 by. Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch. Oriole deep in… Photo by Bob Isenberg. Oriole in the woody shrubs Photo by Bob Isenberg. I know spring is here, not by the calendar, but because I saw my first oriole at Morro Rock today. A beautiful male in breeding plumage. I got off a dozen shots of him with my Canon 70 D, but he was so elusive in the willow thicket all I got was a lot of foliage and a little color of him. When my “beach chair” birding buddies* arrive here from New York, they will take care of him. The south side falcons are in their fourth day of incubation. The female has lost her wide girth after laying this clutch of eggs, but she has been stuffing herself these last few days and at times, she looks as though she ate a tennis ball. A very full crop                    Photo by Cleve Nash. If our calculations are anywhere close, the chicks should hatch around the 20th of ...
*  .. Live Racing Set to Return to Ocean Downs .. Post navigation
Post navigation. ← Previous. Live Racing Set to Return to Ocean Downs. Posted on. DispatchAdmin. BERLIN- Live racing returns to Ocean Downs tomorrow night for the 58 th year with the first two days of what will be a 40-day live meet at the historic harness racing track near Berlin. The 40-day summer live meet at Ocean Downs will feature 10 races nightly with the first post-time each night at 7:35 p.m. Live racing will be held each Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday throughout the summer and the meet will end a little late this year on August 25. The only exception on the calendar is Wednesday, July 4, due to the Ocean Pines community fireworks show held at the track. Ocean Downs officials brought in nationally recognized track expert Greg Coon to revamp the track surface at the historic track on Route 589 near Ocean Pines. “It will help traction and there will be no cupping out. It’ll be very safe and probably one of the best half-mile tracks in the world.”. Opening night of the live meet will fea...
*  .. FrankOceanDadPast .. Frank Ocean, Father Troubles: Dad Wants to Sue Singer for $1 Million .. Pho
frankoceandadpast frankoceandadpast christopher polk getty images frank ocean father troubles dad wants to sue singer for million by brittany galla december after one of the most successful years of his career capped off with six grammy nominations a ghost from frank ocean s past has returned read more category hip hop r b tags frank ocean frank ocean dad frank ocean dad past frank ocean dad problems frank ocean father frank ocean father sued million frank ocean novel frank ocean sued frank ocean sued by dad frank ocean troubles frankocean frankoceandad frankoceandadpast frankoceandadproblems frankoceanfather frankoceanfathersued million frankoceannovel frankoceansued send to a friend share on facebook share on twitter pin it reddit this share on tumblr rappers born rich photo galleries lyrics from mariah carey s daydream album that will help you have one sweet day yesterday best lyrics from lil kim s the naked truth album days ago best lyrics from drake and future s what a time to be alive weeks ago will smi...
*  Ocean & Earth Surfboard Soft Car Racks (single)
Ocean Earth Surfboard Soft Car Racks single. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Skip to Store Area: Skip to Main Content. Skip to Footer. My Wishlist. My Cart. Checkout. About RIDER SHACK. Surfboard Rental Demo. Community. Customer Service. Ding Repair. Search Site. New Surfboards. Used Surfboards. Clearance Surfboards. Wax and Accesories. Surfboard Ding Repair. Surfboard Racks. Mens. Womens. Mens. Womens. Mens. Womens. Wetsuit Accesories. Ocean Earth Surfboard Soft Car Racks single. Ocean Earth Surfboard Soft Car Racks single. Ocean amp; Earth Surfboard Soft Car Racks single Email to a Friend These Ocean Earth soft surfboard car racks are an easy affordable option for transporting your surfboards if your car doesn't have an existing roof rack. These racks are great for travel. Soft Surfboard Rack Details:. Ocean Earth Single holds 1-3 surfboards Rust proof metal cam buckle with neoprene padding includes carry bag Great for Travel Works with any 4 do...
*  John Martin (meteorologist)
john martin meteorologist john martin meteorologist john martin m d was a british meteorologist and physician known now for his writing on tonga life martin practised for some years as a physician in the city of london and died at lisbon on july works the athenæum reported on martin s meteorological investigations for pressure temperature and moisture he made meteorological charts from daily observations he noted ozone as well as factors thought to affect cholera and yellow fever martin edited an account of tonga from william mariner it appeared as an account of the natives of the tonga islands in the south pacific ocean with an original grammar and vocabulary of their language compiled and arranged from the extensive communications of mr william mariner several years resident in those islands vols london nd edit it was also reprinted as vol xiii of constable s miscellany a french translation appeared at paris in november mariner had been detained in tonga from to notes attribution category births category de...
*  pacific coast highway | Salt Lake Magazine
pacific coast highway. Salt Lake Magazine. SUBSCRIBE/RENEW. ON THE TABLE. NEWSLETTER. GIVE A GIFT. FOOD & DINING. Dining Guide. On The Table. Dining Awards. Mary’s Recipe. SL SCENE. In The Hive. A E. Kid Friendly. Contest. Outdoors. Getaway. Shop Talk: Fashion Beauty. At Home. Deals. Sundance. Calendar. BLOGS. On The Table. In The Hive. Shop Talk: Fashion Beauty. Outdoors. A E. Deals. PC Life. Web Extras. PHOTOS. VIDEOS. GUIDES. Dining Guide. Venue Guide. Special Sections. Viewing posts tagged pacific coast highway. Sep 09th 2012. Fall Break: Coasting Along California's Central Coast. Hey, it's off-season. Now is the perfect time to enjoy the sea, scenery and serenity of California's Central Coast along the iconic, 550-mile Pacific Coast Highway. Read More. Page 1 of 1:. 1 Tweets by @SLmag. Events Calendar. October '15. Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat. 1 2 Plein Air Moab 2015 OuterBike - Ride 2016 Mtn Bike Models. 3 4 5 la Petite Plein Air Moab 2015. 6 Underfunded Film Festival. 7 8 9 Lyra Lynn De...
*  Valenciennea strigata
... the blueband goby is a species of goby native to the indian ocean and the western pacific ocean where it can be found in outer lagoons and the seaward side of reefs it inhabits a variety of substrates sand rubble hard at depths of from to usually at less than m this species can reach a length of cm tl it can also be found in the aquarium trade aquarium keeping the golden headed sleeper goby blueband goby or pennant glider are not only pretty fish but are great for a marine environment where you want the substrate to constantly be sifted through these fish really use their mouths they are constantly digging and turning over the sandy substrate besides this ongoing activity of chewing the sand these gobies can communicate with each other by producing signals with their mouths maintenance difficulty the golden headed sleeper goby blueband goby or pennant glider are moderately difficult to keep considered good for a more experienced aquarist with a larger system where they can find plenty to eat like other m...
*  1000 Oceans dalszöveg + Mongol fordítás
Select your language. Add your language. Új dalszöveg fordításának kérése. Angol 1000 Oceans Empty streets I follow every breath into the night The wind so cold The sun is frozen The world has lost its light I carry your picture deep in me Back to you over thousand seas Back to us Don't you lose your trust and your belief Just trust me. We have to go 1000 oceans wide 1000 dark years when time has died 1000 stars are passing by We have to go 1000 oceans wide 1000 times against an endless tide We'll be free to live our life. I know somewhere We'll find a little place for you and me It all turned out a different way Can't feel the pulse in our veins So weak today Let our heartbeats guide us through the dark Just trust me. We have to go 1000 oceans wide 1000 dark years when time has died 1000 stars are passing by We have to go 1000 oceans wide 1000 times against an endless tide We'll be free to live our life. There's nothing and no one we'll miss And one day we'll look back with no regrets. 1000 oceans wide 1000 ...
*  Alofi Island
... thumb px hoorn islands futuna and alofi with alofi island in the southeast alofi is an island in the pacific ocean belonging to the french overseas collectivity collectivité d outre mer or com of wallis and futuna overview it is virtually uninhabited population as of census of in the village of alofitai in the west and under the chief of alo on futuna but in pre european times it was as densely populated as futuna which would have had a population of almost former villages were sologa north sa avaka southeast alofitai west and mua northwest some maps also show a village of gaino in the north alofi island is only kilometres southeast of futuna futunians who have plantations on alofi go there at least every saturday to tend their gardens a popular crop is tobacco and they take enough leaves with them to be able to smoke for the rest of the week the island has an area of km and mont kolofau also called mont bougainvill e reaches to an height of m it is also known as one of the two horne islands futuna being...
*  A History of the International Date Line - introduction
a history of the international date line introduction introduction postage stamp issued by new zealand celebrating the start of the new millennium a hundred leagues from manila town the san gregorio s helm came down round she went on her heel and not a cable s length from a galliot that rocked on the waters just abreast of the galleon s course which was west sou west then said the galleon s commandante general pedro sobriente that was his rank on land and main a regular custom of old spain my pilot is dead of scurvy may i ask the longitude time and day the first two given and compared the third the commandante stared the first of june i make it second said the stranger then you ve wrongly reckoned i make it first as you came this way you should have lost d ye see a day lost a day as you plainly see on the hundred and eightieth degree lost a day yes if not rude when did you make east longitude on the ninth of may our patron s day on the ninth you had no ninth of may eighth and tenth was there but stay too late...
* Snapshots and Comments on "091102 Arroyo Burro Hendry beach bluffs Pacific Ocean Santa Barbara collage of pans PScs4 SD790"
*  Scientists Find Ocean 'Dead' Zones Teeming with Life | U.S. DOE Office of Science (SC)
Scientists Find Ocean 'Dead' Zones Teeming with Life. DOE Office of Science SC. DOE Home ». DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY. Office of Science Search. DOE Phonebook DOE Site Search. Library of Energy DOE R D Results US Gov. Basic Energy Sciences. Fusion Energy Sciences. You are here: SC Home » News » Featured Articles » 2009 » Scientists Find Ocean 'Dead' Zones Teeming with Life. 11.23.09 Scientists Find Ocean 'Dead' Zones Teeming with Life Scientists find microorganisms thrive in hostile environments where oxygen is rare. In regions of the ocean where water circulation is constrained and nutrient input is high the consumption of organic carbon results in severe oxygen depletion producing an oceanic feature known as an oxygen minimum zone OMZ. Photo Credit: Steven Hallam Postdoctoral student David Walsh preparing to deploy instrument to collect water samples. In the absence of oxygen, these microbial communities use nitrate to break down the organic carbon. Microbes in the dead zone literally breathe nitrate, sulfur and...
*  The genesis of deep ocean engineering
... andreas b rechnitzer ph d viking oceanographics wednesday july p m pacific forum andreas b rechnitzer will share his personal experiences as the scientist in charge of world s deepest dive meters feet in the mariana trench in before coining of the term ocean engineering the lecture will present visual examples of undersea discoveries realized by explorers utilizing advanced technologies and the application of techniques originally developed for scientific fields other than the primary field of the investigator also presented will be examples of oceanographers who have advanced their research and prestige by taking advantage of new ocean engineering developments to investigate areas that were unreachable with previous technology this seminar will have something of interest to engineers scientists post docs research technicians administrative support aquarium staff and the general public next methane hydrate reservoir instability...
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... m. Garden of Life - Oceans 3 Healthy Hormones with OmegaXanthin - 90 Softgels By Garden of Life 5. 10 Reviews Item #: 78001 MSRP: $48.61 Usually: $34.03 $30.63 you save 37% free shipping orders over $49. Overview Back to top Garden of Life - Oceans 3 Healthy Hormones with OmegaXanthin - 90 Softgels Item# : 78001 UPC# : 658010113861. Garden of Life - Oceans 3 Healthy Hormones with OmegaXanthin - 90 Softgels Garden of Life Oceans 3 Healthy Hormones with OmegaXanthin supports the hormonal and emotional health for women of all ages by providing all the benefits of a high potency Omega-3 supplement plus the following amplified range of targeted benefits unmatched by ordinary Omega-3 formulations. OmegaXanthin: Oceans 3 formulas are the only Omega-3 supplements available with OmegaXanthin, a synergistic blend of ultra pure, high potency fish oil rich in Epa and DHA, and two ocean-based antioxidants: astaxanthin and fucoxanthin. This in turn, helps inhibit stress-related overeating and helps control carb craving...
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Please enter an email. Wish List. 2 View All. Boyd Enterprises. Cobalt Aquatics. Continuum Aquatics. Poly Bio Marine. Acquamarine ADHI AE Tech ETSS API Aqua Medic Aquarium Technology Blue Life USA Boyd Enterprises CaribSea Cobalt Aquatics. Continuum Aquatics Coral Vue Custom Aquatic Danner MFG Dolphin Products EcoSystem Aqua. Aqua Pacific Coast Poly Bio Marine Precision Marine. Refine by Price. Price. Air Vent With O-Ring For Ocean Clear Filters List Price: $3.29 Our Price:. $2.19 save $1.1 , 33%. O-Ring For Ocean Clear Canister Filter List Price: $8.24 Our Price:. $5.49 save $2.75 , 33%. O-Ring For Ocean Clear, For Old Style Canister List Price: $8.24 Our Price:. $5.49 save $2.75 , 33%. Replacement Media For Merlin Fitler List Price: $16.49 Our Price:. $10.99 save $5.5 , 33%. Flow Grid - Media Grid For Ocean Clear List Price: $23.09 Our Price:. $15.39 save $7.7 , 33%. Replacement Poly Strand For Ocean-Clear Filter 319 List Price: $26.39 Our Price:. $17.59 save $8.8 , 33%. Ocean Clear Replacement Thread Ring ... Sea/~srt=3
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Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell finally sell Malibu mansion. by Terri Schwartz. at 11:07 AM on Jul 25, 2013. Share this:. Facebook Twitter Tumblr Reddit Email. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have finally offloaded their Malibu mansion. The estate has been up for sale numerous times since 1995, and was listed two years ago for $14.749 million. Hawn and Russell had to take a hit with the sale, as the home ultimately went for $9.5 million, The Los Angeles Times reports. The longtime Hollywood couple first purchased the home in the mid-’80s. The 4,200-square-foot mansion sits on the Pacific Ocean and was redesigned as recently as 2005. Recently Hawn and Russell had been renting out the home for $90,000 a month. The lucky new homeowners can look forward to enjoying a house with a three-car garage, private deck over the beach, media room and designer kitchen. The guesthouse has a gym and meditation room. Filed in News Features. Post navigation. Previous Story. 'Big Brother 15': Head of Household competition preview and ...
*  KIAMA の The Sebel Kiama Harbourside の美術館や歴史的建造物めぐり、レジャー
... ホテル検索. ホテル一覧に戻る ホテル検索. ホテル カイアマ. The Sebel Kiama Harbourside. The Sebel Kiama Harbourside. 参加ホテル Le club Accorhotels. このホテルはLe Club AccorHotelsロイヤリティプログラム参加ホテルです Le Club AccorHotelsロイヤリティプログラムのメンバーの特典を利用して、素敵な滞在をお楽しみください. 車いすによるアクセス 身体の不自由なお客様のための客室: 4. イベントおよびビジネスでの滞在. ホテルの住所 31 Shoalhaven Street 2533 KIAMA オーストラリア ホテルへのアクセス GPS : S 34 40' 9.02' E 150 51' 19.18'. reservations お気に入りのホテルを追加する. 周辺のホテル Mercure Gerringong Resort: 7.76 km. The property overlooks beautiful Kiama Harbour and the Pacific Ocean. Ideal for a weekend getaway, this resort is located within a short walking distance to the famous Kiama Blowhole, historic terrace shops and the beach. 1 ベストレートをお約束します S 表示されている料金は、現在の日付から7日先までの最安値 1名または2名利用で1部屋あたり です. 国によって、この料金に税金が含まれない場合や付加価値税のみが含まれる場合、その他の税金 付加価値税および旅行者税 が含まれる場合があります. 客室料金が確定するのは、予約完了時のみとなります。 2. 有料 ホテルの分類 フランス国内の1つ星から5つ星までのホテルランク は、現地の法令によって制定された基準に合致しています. Fran ais. English. Deutsch. Espa ol. Portugu s. Italiano. Deutch. Polski. Portugu s Brazil. Bahasa Indon...
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... Back. Ph.D. student Billy Brazelton from the University of Washington processing samples of microbes in a specially designed glove bag filled with nitrogen gas. Image courtesy of Lost City 2003. Related Links The Lost City 2005 The Lost City: Sampling Technology NOAA Ocean Explorer Gallery Download high-resolution Processing microbes in a glove bag jpg, 643 Kb. E-mail Updates. User Survey. Contact Us. Report Error On This Page. Privacy Policy. Disclaimer. Site Info. Site Index Revised August 26, 2010 by the NOAA Ocean Explorer Webmaster Office of Ocean Exploration and Research. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. U.S. Department of Commerce
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NRC NUETECH NYC Choppers O'Neal OBS ODI Odyssey Batteries Ogio Ohlins Omega Oneal OnGuard Locks Optrix Orbital Orginal Bike Spirts Oury Grips Outerwears Performance Products Pacific Coast Pacific Coast Star Pack Rack Paragon Powersports Park Tool Park Tool USA Parts Unlimited Patrick Racing Pauchco Paugcho Paughco Paul Yaffe Paul Yaffe Designs Paul Yaffe Orginals Paul Yaffe Originals Paul Yaffe's Paul Yaffe's Bagger Nation PBI PC Racing PCS Pegasus Perf-Form Products Performance Machine Performance Tool Performance Tools Permatex Petrochem Phat Performance Parts Phoenix Products Phoneshield PIAA Pingel Pinion Pinlock Pirelli Pistor Pivot Pegz Pivot Works PJ1 Plano Platinum Air Suspension Plexus POD Pokerun Polaris Polisport Polisport Plastics Polly Heaters Power Products Power-Trip Powerlet Powerlink Powermadd Powerstands Powertye PPI Pro Pad, Inc....
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News, opinions, photos and facts from Ocean Conservancy Mon, 28 Sep 2015 20:19:14 +0000...
*  12-Year-Old Girl Takes Part In Amazing Ocean Rescue
*  Coral Reef sedimentation on Rodrigues and the Western Indian Ocean and its impact on the carbon cyc
... le - ePrints Soton. ePrints Soton Policies Latest Additions Download Statistics Browse by Year Browse by Subject Browse by School. Coral Reef sedimentation on Rodrigues and the Western Indian Ocean and its impact on the carbon cycle. 2005 Coral Reef sedimentation on Rodrigues and the Western Indian Ocean and its impact on the carbon cycle. Description/Abstract Coral reefs in the southwest Indian Ocean cover an area of ca. 18530 km2 compared with a global reef area of nearly 300000 km2. The mass of calcium carbonate stored within Holocene neritic sediments is a number that we are only now beginning to quantify with any confidence, in stark contrast to the mass and sedimentation rates associated with pelagic calcium carbonate, which have been relatively well defined for decades. The absence of elevated Pleistocene reef deposits on the island indicates that the island has not been uplifted. Most Holocene reefs are between 15 and 20 m in thickness and those in the southwest Indian Ocean appear to be consisten...
*  Indian Ocean
... OceanDocs Home. REGION - AFRICA. Indian Ocean. OceanDocs Home. REGION - AFRICA. Indian Ocean. Indian Ocean. By Issue Date Authors Titles Subjects. Search within this community and its collections:. WIOMSA. Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association, 2008. Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association, 2004-12-30. WIOMSA, 2005. WIOMSA, 2004. WIOMSA, 2005. WIOMSA, 2004. WIOMSA, 2004. We report on the occurrence and diversity of cyanobacteria in intertidal seagrass meadows at Ocean Road and Mjimwema, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. WIOMSA, 2005. WIOMSA, 2005. Reproductive cycle of edible echinoderms from the South-Western Indian Ocean: II. WIOMSA, 2005. Reproductive cycle of edible echinoderms from the Southwestern Indian Ocean: I. Distribution and community structure of butterflyfishes Pisces: Chaetodontidae in southern Mozambique. Even though Mozambique has the greatest reported diversity of butterflyfishes 24 species of the continental states of the Western Indian Ocean region, aspects of the ecology and...
*  Influence of environmental variables on planktonic and phytobenthic communities in earthen ponds at
... Makoba, Zanzibar. Toggle navigation. English. fran ais. espa ol. English. English. fran ais. espa ol. Login. Toggle navigation. View Item. OceanDocs Home. REGION - AFRICA. Indian Ocean. WIOMSA. Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Science - Archive. View Item. OceanDocs Home. REGION - AFRICA. Indian Ocean. WIOMSA. Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Science - Archive. View Item. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Influence of environmental variables on planktonic and phytobenthic communities in earthen ponds at Makoba, Zanzibar. View/ Open. 2004. Author. Status. Refereed Status. Non-Refereed. Show full item record. A study was conducted between July 2002 and June 2003 to assess the role of salinity, temperature, pH and dissolved oxygen on the abundance of planktonic phyto- and zooplankton and phytobenthic algal mats communities in shallow 40 cm depth earthen ponds at Makoba, Zanzibar. Among the zooplankton, rotifer abundance peaked during the rainy period salinity of 27 42 while protozoa and c...
*  BG - Abstract - Indian Ocean Dipole and El Niño/Southern Oscillation impacts on regional chlorophyl
... l anomalies in the Indian Ocean. Indian Ocean Dipole and El Niño/Southern Oscillation impacts on regional chlorophyll anomalies in the Indian Ocean J. Maury 4,7 1 Biological Sciences Department, Marine Research Institute, University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa 2 Egagasini Offshore Node, South African Environmental Observation Network, Cape Town, South Africa 3 Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, Laboratoire d'Océanographie et du Climat: Expérimentation et Approches Numériques, UMR7617, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France 4 Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, UMR212 EME IRD, IFREMER, Université Montpellier II, Sète cedex, France 5 Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, Laboratoire de Physique des Océans, UMR6523, Brest, France 6 CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography, Dona Paula, Goa, India 7 Department of Oceanography, Marine Research Institute, University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa Received: 25 Feb 2013. The Indian Ocean Dipole IOD and the El Niño...

Ecosystem of the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre: The North Pacific Subtropical Gyre (NPSG) is the largest contiguous ecosystem on earth. In oceanography, a subtropical gyre is a ring-like system of ocean currents rotating clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and counterclockwise in the Southern Hemisphere caused by the Coriolis Effect.South Brother (Chagos Bank): South Brother, also known as Île du Sud, is a 23 ha coral island on the Great Chagos Bank atoll of the Chagos Archipelago in the British Indian Ocean Territory. It is one of the three islands in the Three Brothers group on the western side of the atoll, and forms part of the Chagos Archipelago strict nature reserve.Sea urchin injury: Sea urchin injuries are caused by contact with sea urchins, and are characterized by puncture wounds inflicted by the animal's brittle, fragile spines.Deep chlorophyll maximum: A deep chlorophyll maximum (DCM) is a subsurface maximum in the concentration of chlorophyll in the ocean or a lake. A DCM is not always present--sometimes there is more chlorophyll at the surface than at any greater depth--but it is a common feature of most aquatic ecosystems.Anoxic event: Oceanic anoxic events or anoxic events (anoxia conditions) refer to intervals in the Earth's past where portions of oceans become depleted in oxygen (O2) at depths over a large geographic area. During some of these events, euxinia develops - euxinia refers to anoxic waters that contain hydrogen sulfide.List of drainage basins by area: The list of drainage basins by area identifies basins (also known as watersheds or catchments), sorted by area, which drain to oceans, mediterranean seas, rivers, lakes and other water bodies. All basins larger than are included as well as selected smaller basins.Anthopleurin: Anthopleurin is a toxin from the venom of the sea anemones Anthopleura xanthogrammica and Anthopleura elegantissima. These anemones use anthopleurin as a pheromone to quickly withdraw their tentacles in the presence of predators.Middle North Sea Group: The Middle North Sea Group (abbreviation: NM) is a group of geologic formations in the Dutch subsurface, part of the North Sea Supergroup. The three formations of this group form a thick sequence of sediments in the Dutch subsurface, they crop out in parts of the southern Netherlands.Bodega Marine Reserve: Bodega Marine Reserve is a nature reserve and marine reserve on the coast of northern California, located in the vicinity of the Bodega Marine Laboratory on Bodega Head. It is a unit of the University of California Natural Reserve System, that is administered by the University of California, Davis.PhytoplanktonIsostichopus badionotus: Isostichopus badionotus, also known as the chocolate chip cucumber or the cookie dough sea cucumber, is a species of sea cucumber in the family Stichopodidae. This species is common in the western Atlantic Ocean.Hydraulic action: Hydraulic action is erosion that occurs when the motion of water against a rock surface produces mechanical weathering. Most generally, it is the ability of moving water (flowing or waves) to dislodge and transport rock particles.Chaenocephalus aceratus: Chaenocephalus aceratus, the blackfin icefish, is a species of crocodile icefish known from around Bouvet Island and the northern Antarctic Peninsula where it occurs at depths of . This species grows to a length of TL.EcosystemStratosphere: The stratosphere is the second major layer of Earth's atmosphere, just above the troposphere, and below the mesosphere. It is stratified in temperature, with warmer layers higher up and cooler layers farther down.Continuous Plankton Recorder: The Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR) survey is one of the longest running marine biological monitoring programmes in the world. Started in 1931 by Sir Alister Hardy, the CPR has provided marine scientists with their only measure of plankton communities on a pan-oceanic scale.Circumpolar Health Bibliographic DatabaseList of glaciers in the Antarctic: A-H: This is a list of glaciers in the Antarctic with a name starting with the letters A–H. This list does not include ice sheets, ice caps or ice fields, such as the Antarctic ice sheet, but includes glacial features that are defined by their flow, rather than general bodies of ice.Nankai Trough gas hydrate site: Nankai Methane Hydrate Site (or Japanese Methane Hydrate R&D Program at Nankai, Nankai Trough Methane Hydrate Site) is located in the Nankai Trough, Japan.Cyanobacterial non-coding RNA: In molecular biology, Cyanobacterial non-coding RNAs are non-coding RNAs which have been identified in species of cyanobacteria. Large scale screens have identified 21 Yfr (cYanobacterial functional RNAs) in the marine cyanobacterium Prochlorococcus and related species such as Synechococcus.Branching order of bacterial phyla (Gupta, 2001): There are several models of the Branching order of bacterial phyla, one of these was proposed in 2001 by Gupta based on conserved indels or protein, termed "protein signatures", an alternative approach to molecular phylogeny. Some problematic exceptions and conflicts are present to these conserved indels, however, they are in agreement with several groupings of classes and phyla.Artigas BaseGeolocation software: In computing, geolocation software is used to deduce the geolocation (geographic location) of another party. For example, on the Internet, one geolocation approach is to identify the subject party's IP address, then determine what country (including down to the city and post/ZIP code level), organization, or user the IP address has been assigned to, and finally, determine that party's location.List of geological phenomena: A geological phenomenon is a phenomenon which is explained by or sheds light on the science of geology.Black Sea (Christian Fennesz album)White band disease: White band disease is a coral disease that affects acroporid corals and is distinguishable by the white band of dead coral tissue that it forms. The disease completely destroys the coral tissue of Caribbean acroporid corals, specifically elkhorn coral (Acropora palmata) and staghorn coral (A.Alliance for Zero Extinction: Formed in 2000 and launched globally in 2005, the Alliance for Zero Extinction (AZE) comprises 100 non-governmental biodiversity conservation organizations working to prevent species extinctions by identifying and safeguarding sites where species evaluated to be Endangered or Critically Endangered under International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) criteria only exist at one location on earth."Zero Extinction - Home.Health geography: Health geography is the application of geographical information, perspectives, and methods to the study of health, disease, and health care.Navicula: Navicula is a genus of boat-shaped algae — primarily aquatic, eukaryotic, photosynthetic organisms, ranging in size from a single cell.Sustainable Fisheries Act of 1996: The Sustainable Fisheries Act of 1996 is an amendment to the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, a law governing the management of marine fisheries in the United States. Another major amendment to this legislation was later made under the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Reauthorization Act of 2006.Baltic sculpin: The Baltic sculpinBaltic sculpin (Cottus microstomus) at EOL (Cottus microstomus) is a species of sculpin, a European freshwater fish in the Cottidae family. It is widespread in the Dniester drainage (Black Sea basin), Odra and Vistula drainages (southern Baltic basin), most likely extending further east to Gulf of Finland.Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research: 140px|rightFecal coliform: A fecal coliform (British: faecal coliform) is a facultatively anaerobic, rod-shaped, gram-negative, non-sporulating bacterium. Coliform bacteria generally originate in the intestines of warm-blooded animals.Indian Ridge Hospital Open Invitational: The Indian Ridge Hospital Open Invitational was a PGA Tour satellite event that played for one year at the Indian Ridge Country Club in Andover, Massachusetts. The tournament, which was held in August 1969 and organized by Indian Ridge head club pro Ross Coon, benefited the Children's Hospital of Boston.Mountaineer Wind Energy Center: Mountaineer Wind Energy Center is a wind farm on Backbone Mountain in Preston and Tucker counties in the U.S.Tadas Karosas: Tadas Karosas (born 1963 in Vilnius) is a businessman, serial entrepreneur, the founder and developer of e-commerce enterprises,the owner of holding company "LTk Capital", the founder and owner of restaurants chain "Čili Holdings".Climate change in the United Kingdom: Climate change in the United Kingdom has been a subject of protests and controversies, and various policies have been developed to mitigate its effects. It is estimated to demand at least 80-85% emission reductions in the EU during 2008-2050 with reductions as soon as technically possible.Pink skunk clownfish: Amphiprion perideraion also known as the pink skunk clownfish or pink anemonefish, is a species of anemonefish from the skunk complex that is widespread from northern Australia through the Malay Archipelago and Melanesia. Like all anemonefishes it forms a symbiotic mutualism with sea anemones and is unaffected by the stinging tentacles of the host anemone.Amorphous calcium carbonate: Amorphous calcium carbonate (ACC) is the amorphous and least stable polymorph of calcium carbonate. ACC is monohydrate and is so unstable under normal conditions that aside from several specialized organisms it is not found naturally.Natron: Natron is a naturally occurring mixture of sodium carbonate decahydrate (Na2CO3·10H2O, a kind of soda ash) and about 17% sodium bicarbonate (also called baking soda, NaHCO3) along with small quantities of sodium chloride and sodium sulfate. Natron is white to colourless when pure, varying to gray or yellow with impurities.China–Comoros relations: People's Republic of China – Comoros relations refers to the current and historical relationship between the People's Republic of China and the Comoros. Relations were established by Comorian President Ali Soilih on 13 November 1975 and have been described as "friendly and cooperative".Carbon fixation: Carbon fixation or сarbon assimilation refers to the conversion process of inorganic carbon (carbon dioxide) to organic compounds by living organisms. The most prominent example is photosynthesis, although chemosynthesis is another form of carbon fixation that can take place in the absence of sunlight.Aaglacrinus: Carboniferoushttp://strata.geology.Respiratory system of gastropods: The respiratory system of gastropods varies greatly in form. These variations were once used as a basis for dividing the group into subclasses.List of countries by carbon dioxide emissionsLunar magma ocean: According to the giant impact hypothesis a large amount of energy was liberated in the formation of the Moon and it is predicted that as a result a large portion of the Moon was once completely molten, forming a lunar magma ocean. Evidence for the magma ocean hypothesis comes from the highly anorthositic compositions of the crust in the lunar highlands, as well as the existence of rocks with a high concentration of the geochemical component referred to as KREEP.CoccolithophoreAfrican coral reefs: African coral reefs are coral reefs mainly found along the south and east coasts of Africa. The east coast corals extend from the Red Sea to Madagascar in the south, and are an important resource for the fishersmen of Kenya, Tanzania and Madagascar.Matrix population models: Population models are used in population ecology to model the dynamics of wildlife or human populations. Matrix population models are a specific type of population model that uses matrix algebra.Carbon–carbon bond: A carbon–carbon bond is a covalent bond between two carbon atoms. The most common form is the single bond: a bond composed of two electrons, one from each of the two atoms.Adoption reunion registry: An adoption reunion registry is a formal mechanism where adoptees and their birth family members can be reunited. Registries may be free or charge fees, be facilitated by non-profit organizations, government agencies or private businesses.Microbial food web: The microbial food web refers the combined trophic interactions among microbes in aquatic environments. These microbes include viruses, bacteria, algae, heterotrophic protists (such as ciliates and flagellates).Flightless birdColes PhillipsIPCC Second Assessment Report: The Second Assessment Report (SAR) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), published in 1996, is an assessment of the then available scientific and socio-economic information on climate change. It was superseded by the Third Assessment Report (TAR) in 2001.Soil salinity control: Soil salinity control relates to controlling the problem of soil salinity and reclaiming salinized agricultural land.Turtle farming: Turtle farming is the practice of raising turtles and tortoises of various species commercially. Raised animals are sold for use as gourmet food, traditional medicine ingredients, or as pets.DNA sequencer: A DNA sequencer is a scientific instrument used to automate the DNA sequencing process. Given a sample of DNA, a DNA sequencer is used to determine the order of the four bases: G (guanine), C (cytosine), A (adenine) and T (thymine).Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study: The Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study (BATS) is a long-term oceanographic study by the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS). Based on regular (monthly or better) research cruises, it samples an area of the western Atlantic Ocean nominally at the coordinates .Exogenous bacteria: Exogenous bacteria are microorganisms introduced to closed biological systems from the external world. They exist in aquatic and terrestrial environments, as well as the atmosphere.Index of geology articles: This is a list of all articles related to geology that cannot be readily placed on the following subtopic pages:Sarah R, Lotfi: Sarah R. Lotfi (b.Meramec Conservation AreaPermissive temperature: The permissive temperature is the temperature at which a temperature sensitive mutant gene product takes on a normal, functional phenotype.http://www.Eutrophication: Eutrophication (Greek: eutrophia—healthy, adequate nutrition, development; ) or more precisely hypertrophication, is the ecosystem's response to the addition of artificial or natural nutrients, mainly phosphates, through detergents, fertilizers, or sewage, to an aquatic system.Schindler, David and Vallentyne, John R.Four Seasons Baltimore and Residences: Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore is currently a 22 story highrise hotel complex building which opened on November 14, 2011. The building's construction began back in 2007 and went through several changes.Pyrites Island: Pyrites Island () is the largest of three small islands lying northeast of Gam Point and forming the east side of Esther Harbor, off the north coast of King George Island in the South Shetland Islands. In 1913–14, the rocky extremity of Gam Point and the adjoining islands to the northwest and southeast were named Esther, Pyritis (sic) or Pyritic Islands by Scottish geologist David Ferguson, who reported they were composed of pyrites and vein quartz.Alkalimonas: Alkalimonas is a genus in the phylum Proteobacteria (Bacteria).Lontra, Minas GeraisPelagibacter ubique: Pelagibacter, with the single species P. ubique, was isolated in 2002 and given a specific name, although it has not yet been validly published according to the bacteriological code.Pacific bluefin tunaAmplified Ribosomal DNA Restriction Analysis: Amplified rDNA (Ribosomal DNA) Restriction Analysis is the extension of the technique of RFLP (restriction fragment length polymorphism) to the gene encoding the small (16s) ribosomal subunit of bacteria. The technique involves an enzymatic amplification using primers directed at the conserved regions at the ends of the 16s gene, followed by digestion using tetracutter Restriction enzymes.Landsat 4Intraguild predation: Intraguild predation, or IGP, is the killing and eating of potential competitors. This interaction represents a combination of predation and competition, because both species rely on the same prey resources and also benefit from preying upon one another.Alphavirus infection: Alphavirus infection may be caused by a Sindbis virus infection, and result in a cutaneous eruption of multiple, erythematous, 4- to 4-mm papules.Spatial ecology: Spatial ecology is a specialization in ecology and geography that is concerned with the identification of spatial patterns and their relationships to ecological phenomena. Ecological events can be explained through the detection of patterns at a given spatial scale: local, regional, or global.List of shipwrecks in March 1918: The list of shipwrecks in March 1918 includes ships sunk, foundered, grounded, or otherwise lost during March 1918.Oxymonad: The Oxymonads are a group of flagellated protozoa found exclusively in the intestines of termites and other wood-eating insects. Along with the similar parabasalid flagellates, they harbor the symbiotic bacteria that are responsible for breaking down cellulose.Domain (biology): In biological taxonomy, a domain (also superregnum, superkingdom, empire, or regio) is the highest taxonomic rank of organisms in the three-domain system of taxonomy designed by Carl Woese, an American microbiologist and biophysicist. According to the Woese system, introduced in 1990, the tree of life consists of three domains: Archaea (a term which Woese created), Bacteria, and Eukaryota.Phylogeography: Phylogeography is the study of the historical processes that may be responsible for the contemporary geographic distributions of individuals. This is accomplished by considering the geographic distribution of individuals in light of the patterns associated with a gene genealogy.Salt Cay, Turks Islands: Salt Cay is the second largest of the Turks Islands, one of the two island groups forming of the British territory Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean. Its size is 6.Pinna carneaRhodolithBrachiopodEllobiopsis: Ellobiopsis is a genus of alveolae parasitic protozoa.Gynaephora groenlandica: Gynaephora groenlandica, the Arctic woolly bear moth, is a lymantriid moth found within the Arctic circle, in Greenland and Canada. It is best known for its very slow rate of development.Shadow bassCarbon dioxide removal: Carbon dioxide removal (CDR) methods refers to a number of technologies which reduce the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Among such technologies are bio-energy with carbon capture and storage, biochar, direct air capture, ocean fertilization and enhanced weathering.Sea pansyLarge ornamented Ediacaran microfossil: Large ornamented Ediacaran microfossils (LOEMs) are microscopic acritarchs, usually over 100 μm in diameter, which are common in sediments of the Ediacaran period, . They largely disappear from the Ediacaran fossil record before , roughly coeval with the origin of the Ediacara biota.Chaetopterus: Chaetopterus or the parchment worm or parchment tube worm is a genus of marine polychaete worm that lives in a tube it constructs in sediments or attaches to a rocky or coral reef substrate. The common name arises from the parchment-like appearance of the tubes that house these worms.

(1/1633) Channeling of carbamoyl phosphate to the pyrimidine and arginine biosynthetic pathways in the deep sea hyperthermophilic archaeon Pyrococcus abyssi.

The kinetics of the coupled reactions between carbamoyl-phosphate synthetase (CPSase) and both aspartate transcarbamoylase (ATCase) and ornithine transcarbamoylase (OTCase) from the deep sea hyperthermophilic archaeon Pyrococcus abyssi demonstrate the existence of carbamoyl phosphate channeling in both the pyrimidine and arginine biosynthetic pathways. Isotopic dilution experiments and coupled reaction kinetics analyzed within the context of the formalism proposed by Ovadi et al. (Ovadi, J., Tompa, P., Vertessy, B., Orosz, F., Keleti, T., and Welch, G. R. (1989) Biochem. J. 257, 187-190) are consistent with a partial channeling of the intermediate at 37 degrees C, but channeling efficiency increases dramatically at elevated temperatures. There is no preferential partitioning of carbamoyl phosphate between the arginine and pyrimidine biosynthetic pathways. Gel filtration chromatography at high and low temperature and in the presence and absence of substrates did not reveal stable complexes between P. abyssi CPSase and either ATCase or OTCase. Thus, channeling must occur during the dynamic association of coupled enzymes pairs. The interaction of CPSase-ATCase was further demonstrated by the unexpectedly weak inhibition of the coupled reaction by the bisubstrate analog, N-(phosphonacetyl)-L-aspartate (PALA). The anomalous effect of PALA suggests that, in the coupled reaction, the effective concentration of carbamoyl phosphate in the vicinity of the ATCase active site is 96-fold higher than the concentration in the bulk phase. Channeling probably plays an essential role in protecting this very unstable intermediate of metabolic pathways performing at extreme temperatures.  (+info)

(2/1633) Sex-biased dispersal in sperm whales: contrasting mitochondrial and nuclear genetic structure of global populations.

The social organization of most mammals is characterized by female philopatry and male dispersal. Such sex-biased dispersal can cause the genetic structure of populations to differ between the maternally inherited mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and the bi-parental nuclear genome. Here we report on the global genetic structure of oceanic populations of the sperm whale, one of the most widely distributed mammalian species. Groups of females and juveniles are mainly found at low latitudes, while males reach polar waters, returning to tropical and subtropical waters to breed. In comparisons between oceans, we did not find significant heterogeneity in allele frequencies of microsatellite loci (exact test; p = 0.23). Estimates of GST = 0.001 and RST = 0.005 also indicated negligible if any nuclear DNA differentiation. We have previously reported significant differentiation between oceans in mtDNA sequences. These contrasting patterns suggest that interoceanic movements have been more prevalent among males than among females, consistent with observations of females being the philopatric sex and having a more limited latitudinal distribution than males. Consequently, the typical mammalian dispersal pattern may have operated on a global scale in sperm whales.  (+info)

(3/1633) RecD function is required for high-pressure growth of a deep-sea bacterium.

A genomic library derived from the deep-sea bacterium Photobacterium profundum SS9 was conjugally delivered into a previously isolated pressure-sensitive SS9 mutant, designated EC1002 (E. Chi and D. H. Bartlett, J. Bacteriol. 175:7533-7540, 1993), and exconjugants were screened for the ability to grow at 280-atm hydrostatic pressure. Several clones were identified that had restored high-pressure growth. The complementing DNA was localized and in all cases found to possess strong homology to recD, a DNA recombination and repair gene. EC1002 was found to be deficient in plasmid stability, a phenotype also seen in Escherichia coli recD mutants. The defect in EC1002 was localized to a point mutation that created a stop codon within the recD gene. Two additional recD mutants were constructed by gene disruption and were both found to possess a pressure-sensitive growth phenotype, although the magnitude of the defect depended on the extent of 3' truncation of the recD coding sequence. Surprisingly, the introduction of the SS9 recD gene into an E. coli recD mutant had two dramatic effects. At high pressure, SS9 recD enabled growth in the E. coli mutant strain under conditions of plasmid antibiotic resistance selection and prevented cell filamentation. Both of these effects were recessive to wild-type E. coli recD. These results suggest that the SS9 recD gene plays an essential role in SS9 growth at high pressure and that it may be possible to identify additional aspects of RecD function through the characterization of this activity.  (+info)

(4/1633) Bacillus marismortui sp. nov., a new moderately halophilic species from the Dead Sea.

A group of 91 moderately halophilic, Gram-positive, rod-shaped strains were isolated from enrichments prepared from Dead Sea water samples collected 57 years ago. These strains were examined for 117 morphological, physiological, biochemical, nutritional and antibiotic susceptibility characteristics. All strains formed endospores and were motile, strictly aerobic and positive for catalase and oxidase. They grew in media containing 5-25% (w/v) total salts, showing optimal growth at 10% (w/v). Eighteen strains were chosen as representative isolates and were studied in more detail. All these strains had mesodiaminopimelic acid in the cell wall and a DNA G + C content of 39.0-42.8 mol%; they constitute a group with levels of DNA-DNA similarity of 70-100%. The sequences of the 16S rRNA genes of three representative strains (strains 123T, 557 and 832) were almost identical (99.9%), and placed the strains in the low G + C content Gram-positive bacteria. On the basis of their features, these isolates should be regarded as members of a new species of the genus Bacillus, for which the name Bacillus marismortui sp. nov. is proposed. The type strain is strain 123T (= DSM 12325T = ATCC 700626T = CIP 105609T = CECT 5066T).  (+info)

(5/1633) Climate and satellite indicators to forecast Rift Valley fever epidemics in Kenya.

All known Rift Valley fever virus outbreaks in East Africa from 1950 to May 1998, and probably earlier, followed periods of abnormally high rainfall. Analysis of this record and Pacific and Indian Ocean sea surface temperature anomalies, coupled with satellite normalized difference vegetation index data, shows that prediction of Rift Valley fever outbreaks may be made up to 5 months in advance of outbreaks in East Africa. Concurrent near-real-time monitoring with satellite normalized difference vegetation data may identify actual affected areas.  (+info)

(6/1633) The diving physiology of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus). I. Balancing the demands of exercise for energy conservation at depth.

During diving, marine mammals must rely on the efficient utilization of a limited oxygen reserve sequestered in the lungs, blood and muscles. To determine the effects of exercise and apnea on the use of these reserves, we examined the physiological responses of adult bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) trained to breath-hold on the water surface or to dive to submerged targets at depths between 60 and 210 m. Changes in blood lactate levels, in partial pressures of oxygen and carbon dioxide and in heart rate were assessed while the dolphins performed sedentary breath-holds. The effects of exercise on breath-hold capacity were examined by measuring heart rate and post-dive respiration rate and blood lactate concentration for dolphins diving in Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaii. Ascent and descent rates, stroke frequency and swimming patterns were monitored during the dives. The results showed that lactate concentration was 1.1+/-0.1 mmol l(-1) at rest and increased non-linearly with the duration of the sedentary breath-hold or dive. Lactate concentration was consistently higher for the diving animals at all comparable periods of apnea. Breakpoints in plots of lactate concentration and blood gas levels against breath-hold duration (P(O2), P(CO2)) for sedentary breath-holding dolphins occurred between 200 and 240 s. In comparison, the calculated aerobic dive limit for adult dolphins was 268 s. Descent and ascent rates ranged from 1.5 to 2.5 m s(-1) during 210 m dives and were often outside the predicted range for swimming at low energetic cost. Rather than constant propulsion, diving dolphins used interrupted modes of swimming, with more than 75 % of the final ascent spent gliding. Physiological and behavioral measurements from this study indicate that superimposing swimming exercise on apnea was energetically costly for the diving dolphin but was circumvented in part by modifying the mode of swimming.  (+info)

(7/1633) Bacterial swimming strategies and turbulence.

Most bacteria in the ocean can be motile. Chemotaxis allows bacteria to detect nutrient gradients, and hence motility is believed to serve as a method of approaching sources of food. This picture is well established in a stagnant environment. In the ocean a shear microenvironment is associated with turbulence. This shear flow prevents clustering of bacteria around local nutrient sources if they swim in the commonly assumed "run-and-tumble" strategy. Recent observations, however, indicate a "back-and-forth" swimming behavior for marine bacteria. In a theoretical study we compare the two bacterial swimming strategies in a realistic ocean environment. The "back-and-forth" strategy is found to enable the bacteria to stay close to a nutrient source even under high shear. Furthermore, rotational diffusion driven by thermal noise can significantly enhance the efficiency of this strategy. The superiority of the "back-and-forth" strategy suggests that bacterial motility has a control function rather than an approach function under turbulent conditions.  (+info)

(8/1633) Are there mechanical limits to size in wave-swept organisms?

Hydrodynamic forces imposed by ocean waves are thought to limit the size of nearshore plants and animals, but it has proved difficult to determine the mechanism. Explanations based on the scaling mismatch between hydrodynamic accelerational forces and the strength of organisms do not work. Mechanisms that incorporate the allometry of drag and strength accurately predict the maximal size of intertidal algae but not of animals, and internally imposed inertial forces may explain the limits to size in large kelps. The general question of size in wave-swept organisms remains open and intriguing.  (+info)

Is it bad to drink water with sea salt added?

I know why it's bad to drink water from the ocean/sea, but is it bad to drink water with sea salt added? A good quality sea salt has many, many trace minerals that are supposedly good for the body, so is it okay to add to water and drink it? Will it dehydrate you like water from the ocean/sea would, instead of hydrate you? Thanks in advance.

It depends on the concentration, the problem with ocean water (besides pollution) is that it contains way too high a concentration of salts.

IF you add it to your water, add a VERY small amount (like 5-10 small crystals per glass of water). IF the salt is the size of bath salts or the kind you put on your driveway, only add 1-3 crystals.

What does it mean when I dream of my closest guy friend wrapping his arms around my waist?

We were on a big ferry or something like that. 
We were standing on the deck staring out into the ocean/sea while he was wrapping his arms around my waist.
What does my dream mean? I want to know, Thanks!
Lmao.. Uhm.. No I didn't watch Titanic, but your answers are quite amusing to read..

It's a protective type dream.  It means you feel safe and comfortable with him.  A good sign for your friendship :)

The most obvious point is that the contact is close but comforting rather than sexual.

Are there large-scale fishing operations in inland freshwater bodies?

From what I gather, the fishing industry is mostly focused on salt water bodies: oceans, seas, bays, gulfs, etc.
I know there are freshwater fish, and that recreational fishing is popular in freshwater lakes, rivers, and streams.
My question is: are there any large-scale commercial/industrial fishing operations in inland freshwater bodies of water like rivers, streams, and lakes? Not necessarily even "large scale", but also just plain commercial fisherman. If so, please provide some examples. Examples from places other than the United States are also welcome. Thanks.

Fresh water sources are not large enough to sustain "fishing" of the commercial type done in oceans. Most fresh water commerical fish supplies are from "farms".

What are some children names that have the meaning ocean/sea?

My wife and I have always loved to sail and we're expecting our first child! Its a boy and for the first name we're thinking either Jack or Jamie. Since we're such lovers of the sea though we thought it would be nice to give him a middle name after the sea but we don't know any names, so if you know any that have the meaning sea/ocean I would love to know!

heres more

Cordelia "Of the sea" 
Coventina "Water goddess" 
Genevieve "White wave" 
Jennifer "White wave" 
Jenny "White wave" 
Jennyfer "White wave" 
Jennyver "White wave" 
Marella "Shining sea. Variant of Muriel." 
Marilla "Shining sea. Variant of Muriel." 
Meredith "Protector of the sea" 
Morgan "Dweller of the sea" 
Morgana "Dweller of the sea" 
Morgance "Dweller of the sea" 
Morgane "Dweller of the sea" 
Muriel "Shining sea" 
Ula "Sea jewel" 
Una "White wave"
Aerwyna "Friend of the sea" 
Beverlee "Beaver stream" 
Beverley "Woman from the beaver meadow. Beaver stream." 
Beverly "Woman from the beaver meadow. Beaver stream." 
Brook "Water; stream" 
Brooke "Water; stream" 
Brooklyn "Water; stream" 
Brooklynn "Water; stream" 
Brooklynne "Water; stream" 
Diona "From the sacred spring" 
Diondra "From the sacred spring" 
Dione "From the sacred spring" 
Dionna "From the sacred spring" 
Dionne "From the sacred spring 
Earwine "Friend of the sea" 
Earwyn "Friend of the sea" 
Earwyna "Friend of the sea" 
Eathelin "Noble waterfall" 
Eathelyn "Noble waterfall" 
Ebba "Flowing tide" 
Edlen "Noble waterfall" 
Edlin "Noble waterfall" 
Edlyn "Noble waterfall" 
Erwina "Friend of the sea" 
Erwyna "Friend of the sea" 
Genna "Variant of Jenny. "White wave" 
Genny "Variant of Jenny. "White wave" 
Irvetta "Friend of the sea" 
Irvette "Friend of the sea" 
Lin "Waterfall" 
Lyn "Waterfall" 
Lynn "Waterfall" 
Meriel "Variant of Muriel "shining sea" 
Orabel "Beautiful seacoast" 
Orabelle "Beautiful seacoast" 
Rilletta "Stream" 
Rillette "Stream" 
Tyna "River" 
Tyne "River" 
Vivian "In Malory's Mort d'Arthur Vivien was the Lady of the Lake" 
Viviana "In Malory's Mort d'Arthur Vivien was the Lady of the Lake" 
Vivianna "the Lady of the Lake" 
Vivianne The Lady of the Lake"

Meri "Sea"

Adreanna "A woman from Adria (the Adriatic sea region). Also means "dark" 
Adriane "A woman from Adria (the Adriatic sea region). Also means "dark" 
Adrianna "A woman from Adria (the Adriatic sea region). Also means "dark" 
Adrianne "A woman from Adria (the Adriatic sea region). Also means "dark" 
Adriene "A woman from Adria (the Adriatic sea region). Also means "dark" 
Adrienne "A woman from Adria (the Adriatic sea region). Also means "dark" 
Chenelle "Canal; channel" 
Delmare "Of the sea" 
Fontanne "Fountain; spring" 
Genevieve "Of the race of women. White wave" 
Riva "From the shore" 
Rive "From the shore" 
Viviane "Variant of Vivian "The Lady of the Lake" 
Vivien "Variant of Vivian "The Lady of the Lake"

Amphitrite "A sea goddess" 
Ceto "Goddess of the sea" 
Dorea "Of the sea" 
Doria "Of the sea" 
Dorian "Of the sea. Descendant of Dorus." 
Doriana "Of the sea. Descendant of Dorus." 
Dorianna "Of the sea. Descendant of Dorus." 
Dorianne "Of the sea. Descendant of Dorus." 
Dorien "Of the sea. Descendant of Dorus." 
Dorienne "Of the sea. Descendant of Dorus." 
Eldoris "Of the sea" 
Halimeda "Thinking of the sea" 
Lethe "River of oblivion" 
Leucothea "A sea nymph" 
Leucothia "A sea nymph" 
Naida "Water nymph" 
Narissa "Sea nymph" 
Nereida "Sea nymph" 
Nereyda "Sea nymph" 
Nerice "From the sea" 
Nerida "Sea nymph" 
Neried "The sea nymphs" 
Nerina "The sea nymphs" 
Nerine "The sea nymphs" 
Nerissa "From the sea" 
Nerita "From the sea" 
Nireta "From the sea" 
Pelagia "Dweller by the sea" 
Scylla "A sea monster" 
Styx "A river of the under world" 
Tethys "Wife of Oceanus" 
Thalassa "From the sea"

Kai "The sea" 
Kaia "The sea" 
Kailani "Sea and sky" 
Lana "Afloat; calm as still waters" 
Puakai "Ocean flower, sea blossom"

Adva "Rippling water" 
Dalis "Drawing water" 
Dalit "Drawing water" 
Galit "Fountain" 
Moselle "From the water" 
Tal "Dew of heaven" 
Talia "Dew of heaven" 
Talora "Morning's dew" 
Talori "Morning's dew" 
Talya "Dew of heaven" 
Yardenah "From the river Jordan"

Jeevika "Water" 
Jharna "A spring"

Assana "Waterfall"
Assane "Waterfall" 
Avonmora "From the great river" 
Leena "Wet meadow" 
Marella "Shining sea. Variant of Muriel." 
Marilla "Shining sea. Variant of Muriel." 
Morgayne "Medieval form of Welsh "Morcan" meaning "bright sea" 
Muiel "Knows the sea" 
Muirgheal "Knows the sea" 
Murel "Knows the sea"

Geneva "White wave"

Hama "Shore, beach" 
Hamako "Child of the shore" 
Kishi "Beach, seashore" 
Kishiko "Child of the seashore" 
Mizuko "Water child (pure character)" 
Nagisa "The seashore" 
Nami "Surf, wave" 
Ran "Water lily" 
Shizue "Quiet inlet" 
Taura "Many lakes; many rivers." 
Umiko "Child of the sea"
Lage "From the sea"

and congrads! another idea is  the name of your boat or the boat that it is..or what body of water you love to sail on the most...

When the temperature of the ocean or sea changes does the taste of fish change?

I live in an area where we experience large variations in the temperature of the sea, so winter is quite cold and summer is very hot. The sea temperature becomes like a bath tub and most of the fish seem to leave.
But we do catch some grouper.
I would like to know if in summer when the water is warm does this make the fish taste more 'fishy'?
Could this be a reason why most fish that are caught commercially are sourced from colder waters and not tropical seas?

It's not so much that they taste fishier or less fishy depending on water temp. The larger fish are farther in the ocean because there is more room, so commercial fishermen try to get the larger fish. The smaller fish will stay in shallower, warmer water because they don't need as much room and they can avoid predators/larger fish there.

Also, some fish can only live in certain conditions (temperature), so they leave when it becomes warm to avoid dying. The grouper most likely can stand a higher temperature than the other fish.

What is comparable to John Frieda Beach Blonde Line of Hair Care?

John Frieda used to make Beach Blonde line of hair products, what is comparable to these items? BEACH BLONDE COOL DIP Shampoo? Ocean Waves Sea Spray?

Regarding the Ocean Waves Sea Spray, I found this online at and
                        Sedu Beach Beauty Sea Salt Spray 

I haven't tried it yet, but I will be ordering it too. The reviews seem to be positive and it's only $8.99, which isn't too bad compared to the $50 some dollars it is going for on ebay. Good luck.

What do you think: Ocean and Sapphire for twin girls?

So, my sister is having twin girls!
She loves nature names, JUST LIKE ME.
I gave her these options and she loved them!

Sapphire for sure, but she is between Ocean and Sea.

Which one is better?
Sapphire and Ocean
Sapphire and Sea

Give opinions, and please no rude comments.

I am sure your neices will be absolutely beautiful no matter what you name them.

I have my wrist pierced and the skin around it seems to be rising around it which means what?

it looks like its sinking in. what does that mean? im taking antibiotics and cleaning it 3-6 times a day with the H2O ocean spray sea salt for aftercare piercings. will this help the skin go down and not rise around and above the piercing?

Apply ice to keep the swelling down. Go to the store and buy a gallon of distilled water and some non iodized fine sea salt. Add 2 teaspoons to the gallon and shake. Keep room temp. Pour some into a shot glass and microwave for 3 or 4 seconds. Submerge piercing. Hold for about 10 mins. Do this 2-3 times a day.